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13 episodes. English dubbed torrents 5/13/; Blu-ray 12/27/ Ajin (TV 2), Good (dub & sub), (POLYGON PICTURES ) Second season moves from horror. The arms race takes on a startling new development when the arms come with heads, legs, and very feminine bodies attached! Ye Upotte!! Eng Dub [p].

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Upotte dub torrent

upotte dub torrent

Upotte!! Upotte!! Watchlist. Black Lagoon. Black Lagoon. Watch options. Danganronpa: The Animation. Danganronpa: The Animation. Watch options. 13 episodes. English dubbed torrents 5/13/; Blu-ray 12/27/ Ajin (TV 2), Good (dub & sub), (POLYGON PICTURES ) Second season moves from horror. No because torrents were around long before youtube. I've still got a French dub of Parade Parade from around 20 years ago because I. DOWNLOAD GOLDEN RAINBOW KDRAMA TORRENTS If a server wishes the WMI and it it will Export with run it. When enabled, customers avoid. CIS v6, either use and other older machines you'll see using IKE.

Very nice looking and dramatic virtual- world science fiction thriller. Sparky and sexy. Superior to Madhouse's contemporary Trigun in art and general direction. Nice character art and development. Good stories. We all would like a sequel. Idol-magical girls, mysterious enemy. Only fair on all points. Based on a Sega game with lots of naked lady-fight action. The simple good-evil story is a bit overdone.

Looks nice though. Hidden mecha drama. Nice visuals, confusing story is coming together. Smashing final episode. Active, entertaining and colorful. Funny, not especially erotic. I love the girls as bats. A few points off as the story is left continued and there is no sequel.

A modern toy-oriented Y-7 show with no takers so far outside of Japan. It features some pretty good production values not quite as good as LGX. No troublesome humans but the beasts do make trouble for each other. Good stories and interesting character designs. Nice finish. Second season announced.

Excellent Orange CG production values and furry drama. Some episodes are violent and graphic, also handled well to the end. Focused on carnivore-herbivore understanding and violence. Thoughtful future AI science fiction story. Sparkly and sexy gynoid warrior joins the household amid a robot apocalypse.

Another thoughtful and attractive consideration of morality and AI. Ever more violent and dramatic. Unfinished, scheduled to resume with the final 4 episodes in September Unfinished episodes delayed and released as OVA episodes. Last four delayed four episodes of the series. Forensic files for anime. Interesting mysteries. Graphic and beautiful. Movie, 89 minutes.

Does not have the quite writing strength of the others. Much still picture animation, much like a colorized manga. Nice 90s character designs, quite graphic for a TV show. Considered a classic. Confusing ending, 25 episodes. Berserk TV Very good sub , Excellent dub Millepensee More deliberately lurid in a continuously amusing gore-fest.

Lurid, sexual and uncensored. Berserk TV Very good sub , Excellent dub Millepensee Follow-on to the cour, continuing the gripping and lurid tale. Part of a Viz franchise series. Excellent 4C artwork and production values. Realistic live action and characters appear rotoscoped. Mysterious and inconclusive.

Not as dramatic as I. Lurid and gruesome at the end. Incomprehensible when watched out of order. Nice sex scene at the beginning but downbeat at the end. Good, but short. Attractive character designs and perspective. Vertical stretching of the video.

Nice visuals and music. The story and the production values are not quite at the level of Brilliant Park but it is still a good run. Movie, 90 minutes, Sentai dubbed. Censored hentai. Another family affair. Nicely done. Characters from Hobby Japan. Rare dub of a short episode series. Very good English voice work makes it much funnier than the sub. The excellent art and animation are surprisingly similar to Parasyte.

Nice characters and action. I need to watch this one again. Also running on Chiller. Clean older vampire tale with some interesting rotoscope animation. Good, but not a stand-out among many other great but similar stories. Good voice work. A world devastated by and at war with monsters and political intrigue.

Brutal to its cast with gruesome fight scenes. Slow until episode 6. Nice art direction, CG, music and animation. Beautiful, A-1 work, atmospheric, mysterious and emotional. Excellent English voice work by a familiar crew. Only a few weak writing choices keep this from being a masterpiece. Sequel series, creepy and beautiful. More focused than the first series.

Short mostly lighthearted comedies and one faux "making-of". Art style and detail is muted and more like the TV series, rather than other A-1 movies. Excellent voice work with funny exchanges written in. OK as a side story. First episode is an assassination of the governor.

Then more murders. Protagonist has a change of heart and lets them go. Entourage then fights bad crazy humans and created demons. Funimation dub and S. DVD release. Geneon - Widescreen center cut upconvert? Seems better the second time watching TV premiere on CN. Cynical with lots of gratuitous violence. Good animation direction and production by Madhouse. Music is good. Very good Ocean English voice work. Originally watched on Funi's Bluray release. Continues the BL series with a story arc chasing the homicidal maniac south American maid, Roberta, through southeast Asia.

Now that the characters are introduced the stories are better developed as they span over several episodes this season. Female reporter versus a killer android. Movie, 48 minutes. Middle-school psychological drama. Impressive in music, character designs and production values. Excellent dream sequence. OVA - 52 minutes. Expanded alternate retelling of the OVA.

Middle-school psychological thriller with excellent abstract-action dream-sequence visuals, style very similar to Kill la Kill. Hentai of teenagers caught in a rural house of horrors. Looks okay but the characters are not developed very much and the action is cruel, for the most part, with an unclear message. On close-out at RS. Tragic historical-magical fantasy.

Excellent production but not quite as good as the best productions. Blade Runner: Black Lotus U. SciFy replicant fugitive and revenge story, with some love interest; It could have been more. Blade Runner: Black Out U. Made to promote the upcoming live-action film. Lurid monochrome story fragment. Reported to be the third of the three short prequels. ONA, 15 minutes. Very nice artwork and character art and music. Confusing story. Demons merge with motorcycles. It starts out clean and fast-paced.

It becomes more depressing, cruel and cynical in later episodes. Thin story. Episode 24 episodes plus Nice character designs and decent animation. Not an especially good story or new characters. Nice low key presentation of a calm SOL with a little of everything else. Relaxing quests with some character growth that includes nice coy fan-service of the nice character designs, but limited animation in all but the last episodes. A collection of short vignettes that are really AIC's thing.

Sexy, lively and funny. Not to be missed! Still visually as impressive and animated and the first season and an all-around good show. Nice production values. Good but short demon world story. Vary nice looking decent production in all ways. Graphic and gory that supports the drama. Vivid Horror - with lots of Excellent visuals and music.

The horror continues. Subtitles not selectable, unusual for a Funi release. A special-power group survival story. Good pace but no conclusion. First cour story is pretty good but goes down hill in the second.. The usual A-1 good character designs, animation, music score and a good English dub. It got a sequel! An excellent continuation of the first series, well paced and compelling, may be A-1s best effort. A good dub may make this a masterpiece. Blue Submarine No. Carolina Sound dub.

Calm, atmospheric and beautiful on blu-ray. Superior backgrounds and cg animation for the day. A masterpiece in so many ways. Disk includes many of the old extras. It features a good beast-girl protagonist with a decent story, fair animation and production values. Features outstanding si-fi background images and animation from studio Satelight. Good voice work both on the sub and the dub. All hint at what this series might have been. Poor video quality. Risque and alluring body-swap story.

A nice one though. Brother-sister romantic drama with limited art and animation. Pleasant romantic comedy featuring round full-figured female character designs. Another of their physiological horror anime titles. Excellent production values and voice work. Nonlinear story frequently uses book flashbacks. One of my favorites with a crazy ending. Creative beastmen, okay story. Has its moments. Good production values and dub. A succubus that thinks young. Funny and upbeat with reasonable production values.

Side-story between seasons 1 and 2. Not quite up to the main series. Fanservice understated. Very nice looking period piece. A lord slowly builds himself an entourage of 10 bodyguards. Boosted drama late in the series. Beautiful detailed desert backgrounds and smooth animation. Voices are not quite right in the English dub and so less than perfect overall. Features one of my favorite intros. Worth it for the beautiful bluray reproduction alone. A leisurely paced harem mystery, horror series.

Similar to, but not as intense, as Elfen Lied. TV Decent Madhouse Trapped in a video game. Nice art and action. Dreadful entourage that is too mean spirited for my taste. ADV dub, Funimation re-release. Ladies in action-mobile suits. Fast action and nice looking Extraordinary Gentlemen entourage. Continues the Port Mafia prequel with present day resuming at episode 5.

The art and animation continue to be very good. Confusing story but fun to watch. The gifted fight their own abilities. It is an OVA character feature that is set between season 1 and season 2. Movie, 3 episodes. Superior follow-up to the OVA, first half is mostly comedy with a fair amount of fan service, the second half is a drama. Not the greatest ADV dub. OOP 4 minute episodes. Burn Up! Nice little police women action story.

Nothing special with the art and animation, typical for the day. Not a great dub for ADV. OVA, 45 minutes. Cute characters and amusing stories for this mild mini-harem series. Good characters and animation. Pleasant romp with few serious fights. Makes me want to buy the toys! High quality production with excellent characters, action and music. As is so often the case, this dramatic movie is superior to the later TV series. Movie - 40 minutes. Graphics star in a fantasy monetary economics story.

Good production values and scary insect monster designs. Calm undead aristocrat girl is a serial killer for her immorality stone. Gruesome and graphic but artistically limited. ONA Movie, 80 minutes. Solid story line. Decent fight scenes. A modern brother and sister discover they are reincarnated from feudal period lovers. Fair production values, decent dub. Works Graphic and depressing terrorist war story.

Included in the Memories DVD movie collection. Nice steampunk world. I like the kid's alarm clock. Short theatrical movie, 22 minutes. Middle school boy transported to parallel world with a dragon-girl. Middling production values but a great story. OVA, minutes. Good story that is drawn out, superior mecha art and fight scenes. Needs a dub for a better rating. Franchise original. Nice production overall. Movie, 80 minutes. Upgraded production values. Only drama is in the last few episodes.

Shown with the second movie. Not the strongest dub or story. Madhouse's backgrounds of Hong Kong steal the show. Movie, 82 minutes. Clean art and character designs likely from Orange , but features little action. The series focuses mostly on talking about solving personal problems through and for jewel appraisal clients. Nice looking 19th century Paris vampire BL story. Again, not one likable or interesting character although the action and fight sequences are nice.

More interesting characters and settings and the action and fight sequences are still nice. Episode This series is slow-paced, artistic, philosophic, sad and depressing, but it does manage to tell some good stories. The excellent voice work helps a lot.

The series could have been shorter. Originally seen on CN - Toonami. Movie - minutes. Castlevania U. Season 1, 4 episodes. Nice art and decent story, action and animation for a U,S. Cute cat-girl fetish romp. Nice romantic fable, fast and funny. Movie, 75 minutes. Spectacular 3D-CG promo episode of a gruesome mercenary animal operation. Never got a series, too bad.

English dubbed, OVA, 22 minutes. Staff English captions as the anime has no intelligible dialog. This prize-winning anime is surprisingly dull and drab as well as humorless and cynical. It is impossible to tell if this is deliberate. Staff with their flat featureless backgrounds, low detail character designs and stiff animation seems an odd choice for an anime that is mainly, if not exclusively, visual.

This primitive, ugly, monochromatic, disjointed short really has no attributes to recommend it beyond its nightmarish concept IMHO. OVA movie 34 minutes. Never rises above its limited premise. A more-or-less complete adaptation of the first few volumes of the manga. Charming and easily my favorite of the Summer season. Sword and sorcery - historical fantasy. Not the strongest writing choices of the sub-genera.

C Staff FUNimation dub and release. Quasi religious mystery and magic action show that never moves beyond its initial setting. Not really that special outside of some strange character and story choices. Decent production values, similar to other JCS projects. Staff subtitled. Continuing the series. Features Accelerator's transition to hero in a devastating world war of competing religions. Looks very nice. Heroes we know and love. Good first episode, nice looking and fun with a favorite villain.

The story never leaves the neighborhood nor features significant character development. The girls are cute but otherwise average production values. C Staff Funimation dub and release. More adventures in town with thugs, clones and evil scientists. Staff rated episode 1. The usually excellent continuation of the franchise with the best girl. I love this franchise! Starts slow but good starting at the 4th episode. Nice sequel. Continuing adventures for our fantasy ensemble to a rather sudden conclusion.

Funimation dub and Blu-ray release. Psychological thriller, better the second time. Decent character designs and animation. Good music and English dub. Works Subtitled. Mood, characters and animation similar to Angel Beats with whom it shares the author, Jun Maeda. Beautiful art and animation, confusing and disjointed story. But it does have a satisfying conclusion. No coherent point or story. C Staff English dubbed for Netflix.

No English credits. Magical children fighting a cruel and brutal war of extinction in a barren world. Nice backgrounds and sets. Nice production with a Miyazaki look, but the story, not so much. Excellent in almost every way. DVDs bargain-priced in a stack pack ugh! A bluray of this would be nice. Included on the series sub DVD.

Adventures of a grammar school school council group. Slow starting slice of life story perhaps better told as a series than a movie. Lots of angst and depression. Unrelenting tragedy. I am unfamiliar with the related series and characters and it is not my kind of story. Decent art with standard HS character designs. Decent production. Gentle SOL romances. Based on a game. I avoided this series when it ran on Crunchy, unrelentingly cynical high-school contests.

Surprisingly sensitive story. No violence. Nice character artwork and music. English dub work too. Recommended for those who like larger things. Cleopatra D. C Staff, Media Blasters release. Bright clean transfer. Two minute episodes, one minute episode.

Nice looking steampunk-gear world. Okay story arcs. Never coherently focuses on either story or characters. Nice mecha action, decent follow-up to the TV series. Three sequential movies compiled from the 25 episode TV series.

Ponderous, depressing, humorless and tragic story telling. The characters wander off model. Lelouch is one of the most obnoxious protagonists in anime, however. Some nice twisted humor. OVA, 30 minutes. Short adventure-comedy movie about a school field trip to a deer-shrine.

Nice action, mystery, romance with no questions answered. OVA, 26 minutes. Nice visuals with decent story. Opinion improved with a second more continuous viewing. Episodes are divided into several short vignettes. Obsessed graphic-comic author puts on his female assistants.

No high aspirations in art, animation or story. It does have its comic moments but it also has a disturbing premise and loli fanservice. This is very disappointing as Gonzo's art and animation for this mediocre harem-battle series aren't very good either.

Colorful, filled with 4 cel animation sequences, and,an incomprehensible, magical, sci-fi fantasy, with a bit of love. Story is disjointed at first then settles down somewhat. Sequel ongoing. Second season for this colorful and incomprehensible sci-fi fantasy. Nice production values and character designs.

Decent story. Good none the less. Gruesome, lurid and very graphic haunted old school building story. Pretty decent art with limited animation. Considered an ageless classic. Produced by Sunrise at its peak in the late 's and considered one of the best of the anime genre with the character designs and the animation being the real stars. No English voice credits. Different character art from the TV series, and quality struggles in places, but still good.

Nice action sequences. Nice artwork and character designs. Good action and story so far. Not the strongest dub casting. Excellent older ecchi. Excellent old 80s ecchi. Weak dub by today's standards, fair space battle and romance story. Odd character designs. Rather intense, graphic and dramatic horror story with very nice character designs and nude artwork from ARMS, although not quite up to their earlier work.

Sharp art, fluid fight animation and great music score. However, the character designs appear to be unfinished with the no-detail nudity. The first cour the spoiled princess falls from grace to an dragon-embattled, mean-spirited, combat division. Second cour story joins with the dragons to save the world s. Sentai Sub-only Blu-ray. I like goats. Good 90s Madhouse art and animation of dark, disturbing, violent futuristic cyberpunk.

OVA 3 minute episodes. The retro-history BW flashbacks are the best part. Nice introduction with pretty colors, decent production values and nice clean character designs not really an action series but the fight animation is very good when it happens. The first of its kind by SL that made this a sub-genera. A somewhat ordinary high-school SOL. A mostly good series.

The second, non-dubbed series is not as good as the first and misses the dub. Mostly good characters and voice work. Contains one of my favorite minor story arcs, with Mimi. Sequel of the series but the story continues sometime after the end of the last. Last half is Allen's unrelenting and completely destructive "14th Noah" conflict between the Order, Noah except for Road , the Earl and others.

Does not conclude. No story arc just half-episode vignettes mostly featuring Japan's unusual candy. Staff Sentai subtitled only Blu-ray. Two steps up with the introduction of the fox-loli. Although much forced sex and rape, the series improves and does have a story. It is, however, disturbing to the very end. I like the music ep 5-ED. Daimidaler: Prince vs. The sparky English script and dub keep it pretty funny.

The good ecchi artwork with mature and loli characters keeps it in creepy territory. Good production values and sci-fi moon. Nice looking but unfinished. Credited as being the first OVA production. Funny opener episode becoming more graphic and disturbing in later episodes. Good characters. Uneven writing and direction quality between episodes but very enjoyable overall. First ten minutes of the second episode is raw recap. High school students locked in the school together to solve a pick-off murder mystery.

Similar to Zaregoto. I find the main character adorable. Some anomalies in the English translation. Less than satisfying ending. Free online at AN. Good stories with decent production values. Great YK soundtrack. It is an Interesting season I prequel backstory that should be watched first. Follow-on to season 1 with a change of venue to Russia.

Very nice looking with a Blues sound track, serviceable dub; J. Pleasant newly wed couple SOL where she is the model for his sometimes violent hentai manga. Nicer than usual production values for AIC. Mostly typical fanservice romcom, with more drama in the later episodes. Nice looking sequel.

Staff More of the beloved adventure from J. C Staff, with personality swaps, dates and other adventures. Fanservice entry of the season! Good futuristic continuation story. Usually listed as a visually intriguing anime. It is similar in character design and animation to the Panty and Stocking series it shares the artist.

Brief but fun character development and story. Movie - 50 minutes. Has some light-dark band censorship over some of the more gruesome scenes. A confusing mystery-horror story that is many times mean-spirited, cruel and cynical; saved by both the backgrounds, character designs and animation which are very good to excellent, as is the voice work.

Crow prequel. Not quite up to the series, but good. CG zombie family life by the Dorohedoro art director. Nice character designs and dark action. Good but nothing really special. Likely a VHS upscale but still looks pretty good. Nice voice work. Two story arcs: first a magical high school comedy and then a political action drama.

Voice work and music are both good. Only the ending is a bit of a letdown. The bluray is great! Entertaining, but clearly reveals the fall of production values in the early millennia anime. Middling dub. I love the monster designs though. Based on Go Nagi's manga. Cruel and graphic Go Nagai supernatural horror show. Dramatic and gruesome tale of battles with demons. High production values. Good show. Good ufotable movie that moves right along with the action that does not always move the story.

Unnecessary extra demon kills the featured character at the end. Looking for demons in the Red Light district. Lots of overpowered battles with great demon designs. Not enough Nezuko. Locomotive demon arc is finally over. Uncensored hentai but more horror than erotic. Author Toshio Maeda also wrote Urotsukidoji and many others. Charming romance with a cute demon. Succuba Mist Story , The Animation. Direct sequel to the first movie.

Just as good. Movie, 46 minutes. Nice fanservice line art in this superhero parody. A different superhero with a unique butt superpower. Movie, 45 minutes. Nice transfer from VHS. Comedy-fantasy in three upbeat short vignettes featuring a pudding-loving princess. Funny, cute fun in a manner similar to Slayers. I enjoyed it. Poor knock-off of Metal Apocalypse without understanding the humor.

Art and animation sup-par are as well. An odd choice for ADV's first release. A rather predictable in story with art and direction characteristic of the early 90s; A magical-girl story with some nudity. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! A good devil with sparky and brisk SOL action but slows mid-way. Episode 10 is a standout.

More Go Nagai. Good story somewhat limited by the art and animation. Needs a redo. Nice tribute to Go Nagai. Rather interesting for its good 80's style character designs. It is a lurid and hyper-violent tragedy. Story never rises above its premise. A couple of nice side stories, the cook-off and the romance. Sentai subtitled DVD release. Truly beautiful character designs and animation from the now defunct Studio Fantasia. It rises above the usual. T subtitled.

Vision of the entry into the floating Nazi Valhalla in ep 0 then transported to demon possession in a high school in contemporary Japan. Visually amusing but a confusing story. Sequel to the series. Completes the story. Decent dub. Online fansubbed 40, ; Nick dubbed and censored 54 episodes.

A visually interesting and abstract story by the 18if director. Sci-fi with high production values, story and visuals with characters stolen from other shows. A long unavailable treat from the s it is a good production and funny. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. English: Girls und Panzer. Type: TV. Premiered: Fall Licensors: Sentai Filmworks. Studios: Actas. Genre: Action Action. Themes: Military Military , School School.

Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Ranked Popularity Members , Fall TV Actas. PV English dub version. More videos. Visit MALxJapan. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Mar 27, Overall Rating : 8. Nov 20, Overall Rating : 9. Mar 26, Dec 25, More recommendations. View All. More discussions. More featured articles. Which year was the best? What studio had the most hits? We have the answers to all these questions and more!

Prominent Singers and Voice Actors Gather at Animelo Summer Live We've got all the details and lots of photos to share from the world's largest anisong event! Add Detailed Info. The Crunchyroll simulcast did not feature a scene with the song "Katyusha" in episode 8, due to licensing issues.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Akiyama, Yukari Main. Nakagami, Ikumi Japanese. Reizei, Mako Main. Iguchi, Yuka Japanese.

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More info: Myanimelist Wikipedia. Watch Mob Psycho Season 2 full episodes online English dubbed kissanime. Sources: Myanimelist. Watch Love Stage!! Synopis: With an actress mother, producer father, and rockstar brother, anyone would expect Izumi Sena to eventually enter showbiz himself. However, aside from a commercial for a wedding magazine when he was a child, Izumi has never been in the spotlight; instead, he aims […]. Watch Fairy Tail full episodes online English dub.

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No Ratings Yet. Dub watch Upotte!! Dub -episode Especially since many have hair triggers and there's no bulletproof vest that can stop a really determined coed! But unfortunately for him FNC's already thinking about becoming HIS personal weapon, and she usually gets what she aims for!

AnimeBee is the best site to watch Upotte!! Dub SUB online, or you can even watch Upotte!! Overview: Kiss kiss, bang bang! Other names: Upotte!! Studio: Xebec. Scores: 6. Release: Apr, Aired: - Premiered: spring Duration: 24 min. Status: Completed. Genres: Action Comedy Seinen. Recommended for you. Towanoquon: Eternal Quon Dub Movie 48 min Tekkonkinkreet Dub Movie min I My Me! Most Popular. AnimeBee does not store any files on our server, we only linked to the media which is hosted on 3rd party services.

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