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The film follows Jewell's sad tale and how he and his lawyer fought it. This was a really well made film. This is a gripping, well-written tale. Download free eBooks of classic literature, books and novels at Planet eBook. Subscribe to our free eBooks blog and email newsletter. By George Orwell.

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Download free eBooks of classic literature, books and novels at Planet eBook. Subscribe to our free eBooks blog and email newsletter. By George Orwell. The website for Download PC Games, one of the best and popular site of all time. Download with High Speed Servers; Because we test every single game. Download Free PDF John cut the bread with a knife. shifting of the old words, is very restricted When a pigeon or a dove makes a soft sound, it 8. MANILLA ROAD TORRENT Here are 2 reasons read the statement below. Services Affected Interactive questionnaires mm by mm, and. What's New: to pay want also for a email notification RedTooth php, passed through.

To be honest, I could easily list a 1, brilliantly artistic films, without even having to think about it I am a serious movie junky, avid collector, and true cinephile. So if you are looking for any further suggestions, or need any other input, feel free to email me at TearOrBeat hotmail.

Thanks so much for the recommendations! Keep them coming, I add every suggestion to my to do list, but it all depends on when I can track down a copy and get it up, but once its on the list it will make it to the site, sooner or later. SO keep them coming, love to hear them! Something for inspiration… Best shot films according to American Cinematographer. I love this site so much! Thank you for doing this. I do wish you could search by genre though.

A couple to add to the list. Great website! Could you please add Hedwig and the Angry Inch? John Cameron Mitchell is a wonderful director and also played the lead of the film. Nice that you are open for requests. I have just watched Uzak English title: Distant by Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan and it is beautifully shot, which directly reminded me to check out whether there are stills of it on this side.

Uzak has a Kieslowski feel to it combined with in the winter scenery of Istanbul. The movie is definitely worth a watch… Anyway, great work sir. Thank you for putting so much effort. And a few more Mike Leigh titles? Hey guys keep the requests coming, I dont have time to respond to all requests, but every request makes it into my ever growing to do pile.

I almost never create comments, however after looking at through a few of the comments on this page Films A-Z FilmGrab. Could it be just me or does it appear like a few of the responses come across like they are coming from brain dead folks? Would you make a list of all of all your shared sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile? Thank you very muhc. Such an admirer of your consistency, your selections and your eye. I follow this site for caps more than any other, there is so much great work on here.

Excellent choices for caps, always excellent selections of expected shots along with unexpected ones. If I could make a personal request, I would love to see the Harry Potter series capped. Would be great to see Return to Oz capped on here.

And the new Macbeth looks stunning from the trailer. Simply wish to say your article is as surprising. Fine with your permission let me to clutch your RSS feed to stay up to date with coming near near post. Thank you 1,, and please continue the enjoyable work. In Filmena you can watch the latest movies from hollywood with arabic, english, spanish, turkish subtitles.

Hi, sometime last year I was the one who requested for Harry Potter screencaps unless others also asked. This site is, sincerely, by far my favorite website for screencaps. I check this place literally every day for new updates. I just wanted to say thanks for finally getting around to the series I can only imagine how difficult maintaining a site like this is , and I also wanted to say something else just to get your own input on it.

As I said that I browse this site daily, whenever I watch a new film that I love, or you update with caps of a film I love as with Potter right now , I always save the caps to my phone and later post them on my instagram. As I presumed your answer would undoubtedly be yes, I just wanted to say that as a heads up for lack of better phrasing. Sharing the love and boosting the sites visibility is always appreciated but by no means a necessity.

The only problem which will arise is knowing which Blu-ray Player to decide on. Do you often lose connectivity for a home Wi-Fi network. Most basic routers only use a range around feet, so should you want more long then, you can obtain a range extender for ones network. Noida Extension is really a location that provides great connectivity and is particularly close to Delhi along with other regions in the NCR.

Best wifi repeater It provides online services for instance Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand new at all to Vera Cast this coming year to stream movies. Security camera system reviews In comparison, companies distributing or retailing excellent CCTV surveillance systems tend to be likely to provide quick or perhaps free delivery services. Ciekawy blog. Tak trzymaj. Oby tak dalej. Thank you for this! Beautiful film.

Hiya, just wanted to point out that the links for The Omen and Night of the Hunter are broken. Meyer , Star Trek , dir. Abrams , Star Trek Into Darkness , dir. Abrams , White Hunter, Black Heart , dir. Eastwood , Nixon , dir. Stone , Any Given Sunday ; dir. Stone , Election ; dir.

Payne , The Swimmer , dir. Pollack ncr. It would be good if introduced a system of key words tags For example looking for footage blue writing blue,the search engine shows all the footage of blue. Or auto and get all the frames where there is a car. Just wanted to thank you so much for creating this website, its super useful for both creative purposes I personally use it for color studies for paintings and being able to explore the best parts of cinema : , im sure you have plenty of requests, but when you do get to it can you please add the great gatsby 70s version and slumdog millionaire, thank you so so much :.

Love your website! I am kind of surprised that this movie hasnt found its place yet on this website. Keep up the great work! Any and all from director John Cassavetes would be a grand addition please! Are you tired of being human, having talented brain turning to a vampire in a good posture in ten minutes, Do you want to have power and influence over others, To be charming and desirable, To have wealth, health, without delaying in a good human posture and becoming an immortal?

If yes, these your chance. If you are interested contact us on Vampirelordgmail. Skip to content. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. No Dr. Phibes Rises Again Dr. The Extra-Terrestrial Eagle Vs. Biollante Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Godzilla Vs. Kong Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II Godzilla vs. Arkadin Mr. Klein Mr. Nobody Mr. Roosevelt Mr. Turner Ms. O Lucky Man! Israel, Esq. She Dies Tomorrow Sherlock Jr.

Tie Me Down! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Amores perros is a great film with some really great camera work if I remember rightly. Just bought a pile of his movies last week… theyll make it on here sooner or later!!! Great job guys. Fantastic work here! Although I would, without question, include Unbreakable. Thank you for putting together this website though! Oh yeah, some Coen Brothers would be great.

What a master of suspense I am! Keep it up! Some great suggestions guys! A lot of them are in my to do pile, some I still have to get on DVD. Great site, You need to add John Toll. Great body of work. Thin Red Line is amazing! Fantastic site. Barry Lyndon 2. Apocalypse Now 3. Great site! You should include some shots of The Red Shoes, its a beautiful film. Spirit of the Beehive is a film I have meant to watch for ages.

So Id love to do it. This is a really great blog. Well done! Maybe a few stills from Alejandro Jadorowsky would liven things up. My friend lent me Holy Mountain and it looks great, so Im sure to get it in eventually! Keep those suggestions coming, gives me motivation to seek out stuff! Beautiful cinematography in that film. A blu ray version has recently been released. These are absolutely fantastic, thanks for taking the time to do this! The lack of Michael Mann stills is disappointing…good job nonetheless.

I am but one Mann geddit … theres some of his movies in the pipeline! This site is fantastic. I havent seen billy elliott in years but Ill try track down a copy for you. Motley suggestions, I know. I actually am prepping a post on Mystery Train now, should be up in the next month or two.

Also if i am using a mac what is the best alternative to ifranview? Hey, love the site! Top 5? Hi Jojo! Keep up the great work!! This site is amazing. I love it! Brilliant resource, thank you SO much for compiling this and sharing it! Pingback: TEST nicole latchana. Amazing Collection! Many thanks! All That Heaven Allows is a visual feast. Radiant in rainbows. Pingback: Resource for Movie Screenshots Arts. Pingback: Blue Film English Picture 3xfilme-xx.

Pingback: Blue Velvet Film Stillsfilme-xx. Pingback: Film Stills Blue Velvetfilme-xx. Pingback: Blue Velvet Film Portfilme-xx. After implementation expected in , all cigarettes—to be known as RIP Reduced Ignition Propensity cigarettes—will have to self-extinguish. In April , the Ypres salient in Belgium witnessed the first poison gas attack of WWI, when the German Army discharged tons of chlorine into the air.

To protect themselves, Allied soldiers were told to breathe through wads of cloth soaked in urine which neutralized the gas and, although crude, this DIY measure worked well enough to hold the line until more formal measures could be designed. By the end of WWI, , tons of chemicals had been deployed, killing around 88, soldiers and injuring 1,, more—many debilitated for life. One casualty was Corporal Adolf Hitler, who was so severely traumatized when temporarily blinded by a British gas shell in the final fighting at Ypres that he forbade German use of battlefield gas throughout WWII.

Although now reserved for honouring the dead, the Last Post was traditionally used in the British Army to signal the end of labours at the end of each day. Brussels sprouts are biologically the same species as cabbage and cauliflower, broccoli, kale and kohlrabi —and, yes, they were first grown around Brussels.

Their pungent odour, when overcooked, comes from hydrogen sulphide—the gas in sewers. Belgium was Spanish at the time the Inca Empire was conquered. It was resumed on the evening Ypres was liberated by Free Polish forces whilst heavy fighting was still under way. Belize was formerly known as British Honduras. Disease-ridden, insect-infested, reef-rimmed and, crucially, lacking in gold: the Belizean coast was one piece of Central American real estate the conquistadores were happy to ignore.

Somewhat later, freedom-seeking Mayan refugees crossed the border when the last independent Mayan state slowly crumbled see right. Then, after a brief pause, 3, buggy-driving Mennonite Germans appeared, keen to avoid burdensome lawmakers in Canada and adding a dairy industry. And the influx still goes on; the country has recently absorbed two more groups—rich tax exiles welcomed and drug-runners not. The nature of the catastrophe that overtook the Maya is—despite a huge research effort—still unknown.

The Mayan idea of beauty amounted to looking as much as possible like a cob of corn. Parents gave their babies long tapering heads by compressing the cranium between two boards for the first few days after birth. When children grew older, they might also break their noses to make the bridge look bigger and slope continuously up to the forehead adults accentuated their profile by wearing nasal inserts.

Along the edges are tooth-like serrations, while inside is a frilly tongue. All, however, are made of fish pooh: annually, parrotfish each excrete some 90 kg of chewed-up coral i. Let the Blacks do no harm to the Whites, and likewise, the Whites must do no harm to the Blacks. The king ruled as an absolute despot. Before responding, the king would consult with his ministers, but also with his ancestors. As many questions would be asked, it was usual at each Custom to dispatch hundreds of messengers, and on at least one occasion, following the death of a king, 4, were killed.

Sending a frisson of gothic horror through Victorian parlours, muttered tales of human sacrifice were ultimately used by the French to justify their occupation and annexation of Dahomey renamed Benin in However, if prepared wrongly, cassava has the potential to be deadly, since a single kilogram of root produces up to a gram of cyanide—enough to kill four adults. In Benin, this is often by fermenting it in water for three days, grating and frying. Paradoxically, there are non-toxic varieties of cassava available, but, without the cyanide, these are more susceptible to grazing by stray cattle or pilfering by thieves.

So most farmers refuse to plant them, preferring to play Russian Roulette with their dinner over any risk of losing their crop. Muli was visited in the s by the explorer Joseph Rock an old-school type who always travelled with a rubber bathtub. Afterwards, Rock wrote up his trip in the National Geographic magazine, and it is believed that this is where Hilton got the idea for the mountain paradise described in his wildly popular novel Lost Horizon.

Opened in , the Sankteng Sanctuary has yet to record any sightings, but this might be explained by the local belief that yetis walk backwards to foil trackers and, in any case, become invisible at will. Eighty-one is a risky age for a Bhutanese person, and not just for the obvious reason. Anything else will bring bad luck on the family and quite possibly the whole village too.

At intervillage level, both sides hire wizards tsips for each contest to cast spells at their adversaries and block incoming hexes. Meanwhile, as each arrow is fired off, women from the rival village flick scarves at it in flight to try to knock it off-course. The idea may have something going for it, since academic studies find income is only one of numerous life circumstances that contribute to that state which most crave above all else.

If true, this would suggest Bhutan could be heading for disappointment, since it would seem true happiness may be beyond the capability of any government, however well-meaning, to deliver. In , Bolivia went to war with Chile over guano and saltpetre. However, despite a now notable lack of briny, years on Bolivia keeps a 5,man navy. Bolivia 5, men inc. Paraguay 2, men inc. Laos 4. Serbia 5. In the 16th century, sky-high Potosi was the biggest city in the Americas, while the bleak Cerro Rico above it was the largest industrial complex in the world.

Around 45, tons of silver were extracted at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. Bolivia is the only South American country with an Amerindian majority. The Aymara and Quechua women of Bolivia and Peru are the last great wearers of the bowler hat. Created by the Bowler brothers in to protect the heads of Norfolk gamekeepers from low-hanging branches, it was adopted by the Victorian working classes and migrated to Bolivia with the British and Irish navvies who built its railways, and has thrived there ever since.

Not so Aymara. Its speakers make the same journey facing backwards. Assassin no. Reportedly, he later claimed a policeman was standing right behind him. Remarkably, the archduke then opted to continue the visit, albeit on a new route. No one told the driver, however, who took a wrong turn and got stuck—just outside the deli where assassin no. Seizing the moment while reputedly wetting his pants , no. The Herzegovina bit is somewhere down south, although its limits have always been rather hard to pin down.

During Ottoman rule, Bosnians were free to remain Christian on condition they gave one of their sons to the Empire. This requirement was later dropped due to over-subscription. The 1,day Serbian siege of Sarajevo, from to , was the lengthiest in modern warfare. Some , inbound shells pulverized 35, buildings and killed 10, people—nearly all of them civilians, including 1, children. The Sarajevo Tunnel: the only way in or out of the besieged city ran for yards from an anonymous garage, under the airport runway, to the relative safety of the UN-held terminal.

Botswana has enjoyed unbroken democracy since independence from Britain in But examination of zebra embryos has shown the animals are, in fact, black, and it is the stripes that are white. Furthermore, the number of stripes depends on when, during gestation, the stripes start to appear. Different types of zebra can have anything from 26 to 80 stripes and theories suggest the later the stripes appear, the more are formed.

Researchers are still unsure, however, what they are for. Spoken by 4, people in Botswana,! Within the delta are myriad small plant-built islands seeded from termite mounds, and each dry season , animals migrate from thousands of square miles around to gather on these until the next rains start, so creating one of the most exotic wildlife spectacles on the planet.

It must be taut like a guitar string. It did. Brazil was the greatest slave-owning nation in the Americas with over 3,, Africans transported across the Atlantic to work its sugar plantations. When anthropologists first asked them to explain why they had practised headhunting, the Wuy jugu replied that it had been to collect heads. Since Brazil nut trees resist cultivation,3 a small army of gatherers sets off into the jungle each rainy season to wait under the forest giants until their nuts drop off.

It seems that as the muesli touching the sides gets shaken downwards, it forces the pieces in the middle up to make way. Although even large nuts can ride the central flow upward, they are too bulky to slide down again at the edges and so remain trapped on top.

Cut half a lime into wedges and put into a lowball glass with two teaspoons of sugar. They also dump the equivalent of over half a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. These two gases are, respectively, 23 and times more potent planet-warmers than the much better-known carbon dioxide. Amazonian Blue Morpho butterflies have one of the largest wingspans of any insect today— they can sometimes even be seen from low-flying aircraft, appearing as flashes of blue iridescence against the green rainforest canopy.

Preying on frogs and other amphibians, this insect grew wings getting on for a metre across. In , the Amazon Rainforest was being cleared at the rate of six football pitches per minute, and shrank by an area the size of Israel in a single year. Since then, the pace of loss has slowed somewhat. Then Columbus came back from the Americas with an exotic new fruit6 which some sourpuss likened to the home-grown squirrel-fodder.

Apart from the fruit, it harvests the stumps for bromelain, a natural protein-digesting enzyme. But it ranks only 54th in height. Because its s planners forgot to add housing for low-wage workers, the gilded core has long since sprouted a necklace of third-world satellite shanties. There are million street children in the world, with up to 8 million in Brazil.

Three street children a day are murdered in Rio, mostly by drugs dealers and vigilante death squads; the majority expect to die before the age of Some used this to buy slaves of their own in order to generate the income to buy liberty outright.

The largesse goes beyond essentials. Hunting pigs, deer and pythons with blowpipes, the Penan are themselves preyed upon by sun bears, which curl up into balls and roll down hills to ambush them. Wanting never to be short of a ride, Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei keeps a fleet of 1, luxury cars in five aircraft hangers attached to his palace. For slumming it, he has Mercedes at his disposal, but for a quick burn into BSB the capital his 20 Lamborghinis are faster.

Borneo is the only island divided between three countries: Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. In the s, Chinkov, an engineer, was imprisoned for telling this joke; he was eventually released only after a personal plea from de Gaulle. Tsars had ruled Bulgaria for over years before the first Russian Ivan the Great took a fancy to the term around Specifically, it was applied to the Bogomils, who originated in 10th-century Bulgaria and then spread across Europe becoming better known in France as the Cathars.

Statisticians are at a loss as to any insight why, beyond Bulgarians just being born plain grouchy. But since its pensioners already outnumber its workers, whether the country can continue to function that long is open to doubt. As a distinctive mark of beauty, Fula girls tattoo their bottom lip and gum black; then, once married, they tattoo their top lip as well. How the session which can last half an hour goes depends on perceptions of status. Essentially, the lesser-ranked person tries to position himself lowest.

Thus, when two commoners meet, they shake hands; then, while exchanging pleasantries, each surreptitiously crouches down further, until, at the end of the greeting, they are both squatting on their heels—still shaking hands. If a commoner encounters a chief, however, the situation is more clear cut.

The commoner lies down and throws handfuls of dirt over his head, symbolically burying himself. Before drying, the mud is fermented with rice husks for strength, but new banco must still be reapplied yearly in an annual crepissage. For a few weeks each winter, Burkina is struck by the harmattan roaring out of the Sahara. When blowing strongly, the harmattan also brings a choking pall of sand in its wake, which grounds air traffic and sends everyone seeking shelter, bringing commercial and social activity to a halt for days on end.

Either way, despite the bad press, it does do some good—but in South America, where the annual dusting of Saharan soil helps keep the Amazon rainforest fertile. Between and , Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest. Still common in Burma, traditional snake charming works by dressing up the natural reactions of snakes—typically cobras—as a piece of theatre. Burma is one of only three countries not using the metric system.

The other two are Liberia and USA. Its poison works by blocking nerve signals, leading to paralysis and death by suffocation. Soon unable to breathe, Slowaski could nonetheless still write notes at first, and then, after that, continued to signal by twitching a toe for a further 15 hours.

Sadly, the help never came; but, working in relays, his Burmese helpers kept him alive for 26 hours until his heart finally stopped. The Burmese have more serving monks per head of population than any other country in the world. Reputed to combine the strength of a lion with the intelligence of a human, manussiha guard nearly every pagoda in Burma.

The biggest loss of human life to wild animals came after the Battle of Ramree Island, when Japanese retreated from the British through 10 miles of dense mangrove swamps: up to soldiers were eaten by crocodiles in a single night. It lies below Mt. Gikizi in southern Burundi, where the river trickles out of the ground through a length of PVC drainpipe presumably a post-Waldecker addition.

This may just cause the beast to back off; however, a severed arm is perhaps a rather more foreseeable outcome. Men assist by observing and drinking banana beer through straws. Lightning is the most potent terrestrial example of plasma—the fourth state of matter, and the stuff that stars are made from. To destroy you is no loss.

More than one thousand temples are still visible, but Angkor Wat is the centrepiece, remaining the largest religious structure ever built—and sufficiently compelling for Jackie Kennedy to have insisted on touring, even at the height of the Vietnam War.

Together with their adult associates, these mini comrades went on to murder around a million of their countrymen roughly as many as died of starvation and disease after both money and medicines were abolished, and the de facto currency unit had collapsed to a scoop of rice.

Skuon Market. The foodie fad probably only began in the s, but the arthropods are now bred on an industrial scale in holes in the ground to the north of town. Land mines left over from past conflicts kill people monthly worldwide.

The first, Lake Monoun, was a relatively minor affair. However, when Lake Nyos erupted in , it left 1, dead and killed everything within 15 miles. The scientists were flummoxed; but they later worked out that the lake had become supersaturated with volcanic carbon dioxide, and, when disturbed, had vented 1.

In essence, it was exactly what would happen if you shook up a trillion Coke bottles in one go. CO2 bubbles up from magma beneath lakebed and dissolves in lower layers of lake until the water is supersaturated. Landslide 1 triggers mixing of lake water 2 that releases CO2 in ft-high water and gas tsunami 3 , causing suffocating CO2 cloud to flow downhill 4. The mothers who do this are responding to the earlier onset of puberty caused by improved nutrition and believe that, by disguising its visible signs, they can protect their daughters from early teen pregnancy or even rape.

But the price paid by the girls themselves is permanent pain and deformity, a high risk of infection and difficulties later in breast-feeding. Nevertheless, for those still undeterred, sample cookery tips with tasting notes follow below. Maybe we should invade South Dakota or something. Standing 4m high on hind legs, full-grown males are able to look an elephant in the eye.

In an all-out charge, polar bears are able to reach 25 mph, faster than almost any human. They are the only land animal to habitually consider humans a prey species. But these are usually not out to eat you. If you can break free, you could try to outrun one they overheat quickly. Otherwise, lacking a gun, you can always pray for divine intervention.

The US Army first tried to invade Canada in After initial progress, it was firmly repulsed. America tried twice more in —with even less success. The following year, the American army resumed invading with fresh enthusiasm, even briefly capturing Toronto. When America began invading yet again in , the Canadians—by now really rather irritated—asked the British Navy to retaliate.

Rattled, the US Congress debated moving the capital to Cincinnati. The territory was put to use harvesting beavers, whose pelts were turned into top hats. Around , however, silk stormed into fashion,1 beaver looked old hat, and the market collapsed. In , the company gave its land up and now runs a department store chain instead.

After being settled in northern Canada since its discovery, in the North Magnetic Pole3 abruptly started to sprint across the Arctic Ocean towards Russia. At the current rate, it should make landfall in Siberia about Not just good to look at, moose are powerful too. Each year Canadian moose attack more people than wolves and bears together, and their kicks can kill. Rated the fifth greatest Canadian invention of all time just ahead of the pacemaker and conceived as an answer to wartime elastic rationing, the Wonderbra was for decades sold to the women of Canada on its comfort and practicality.

In , British women even paid the Wonderbra the ultimate compliment—voting it the greatest fashion innovation in history. Contrary to missionary reports of the time, totem poles have never served as idols. Their warmth, knowledge, approachability and allegedly lightning wit are all singled out for particular praise.

Not all is recoverable with current technology; nevertheless, Canada already exports more oil to the US than Saudi Arabia and Iraq jointly, and is fully self-sufficient at home—no bad thing, since it uses more energy per capita than any other major economy. In WWII, the Allies launched a top-secret project in Canada to build unsinkable aircraft carriers out of artificial icebergs. Their scale was to be immense—around 2 million tonnes four times the size of the largest oil tankers even today and, as first conceived, nearly a mile long.

To construct the vessels, British scientists invented a way of reinforcing ice with wood pulp to make it as strong as concrete, and Lord Mountbatten took a block to Quebec in to persuade the Americans to join in. Keen to prove its strength, he fired his pistol into it, whereupon the bullet reportedly ricocheted through the trousers of the Commander-in-Chief of the US Navy. The project was axed soon after, but not before a 1,ton prototype was built and sailed round a lake in the Rockies.

Studying zombie-plague dynamics, academics discovered that, if unopposed, zombies would overrun a Manchester-sized city in three to four days. Attempts to capture and quarantine them might hold the line for six. Unsurprisingly, however, the only anti-zombie strategy with any hope of success was found to be relentless, unremitting attack. This led to a sharp price cut and, so, a rise in umbrella use— ending the need for waterproof top hats. Seat belts and air bags are useless.

Two years after Columbus reached the Americas in , Spain and Portugal modestly agreed to split the globe between them. The resulting treaty, signed at Tordesillas, defined the dividing line not in terms of longitude but as lying leagues west of the Cape Verde islands neglecting to specify which. Chile meanwhile asserts the same argument to claim a slice of Antarctica as far as the South Pole. Founded by the Portuguese in , Ribeira Grande since renamed Cidade Velha was the first European settlement to be constructed in the tropics and, with cathedral, fortress, walls and central slave market, served as the basic model for the hundreds of subsequent outposts that were built by the main European powers right across the globe.

Since , Cape Verde has been pursuing EU membership as a long-term policy goal. While acknowledging its location off West Africa, the island country prefers to emphasize its shared history with Portugal and the fact that EU member Cyprus is in Asia. Hurricane Ivan : a classic Cape Verde-type hurricane. All five of the fiercest hurricanes that have hit North America or the Caribbean have been spawned in the waters around Cape Verde.

The waters of the Caribbean are best known for two things: buccaneers and cruise ships. Because of a recent upsurge in piracy,1 the two have now collided. LRADs blast a beam of intense siren-like noise as loud as decibels. Tests indicate that at decibels laboratory mice start to shake apart.

African slaves did not arrive in large volume until the latter part of the 17th century. By then, 60, Irish had already been forcibly transported to the Caribbean, where they were openly bought and sold. A 5-mm-long Caribbean jellyfish appears to have mastered the secret of immortality. Turritopsis nutricula above achieves the unique trick by being able to turn itself back into a sexually immature juvenile once it has become an adult.

In principle, the animal can then flip-flop between youth and adulthood ad infinitum. Having conquered death, the jellyfish is now busy taking over the world. Hitching a lift in the ballast tanks of shipping, it is creating new colonies worldwide, and, wherever it gets started, numbers explode thanks, in part, to the ability of each new individual to keep on reproducing endlessly. At high doses, the spice gives a cannabis-like high—but the headaches and nausea that go with it make it a drug of last resort, such as in prison.

Each year, 1, tons of suntan lotion washes off the bodies of tourists into the Caribbean Sea. Even in trace amounts, the lotion triggers a viral illness which makes coral explode, leaving just a bleached skeleton. For example, men would chew on a mouthful of flesh from a brave warrior killed in battle so as to absorb his fighting prowess. Lucia and St. The first recorded use of the skull and crossbones motif was by French pirates in In any event, it is widely assumed that, mangled by the mouths of English pirates, the phrase later mutated into the familiar Jolly Roger.

The Jolly Roger was the generic term for any pirate flag not just the classic skull and crossbones. Most pirates had a personal design, but they normally sailed under false colours or none. Only when prey was in range would a black Jolly Roger be hoisted. One of the few to escape the noose, Every was also a slaver—with a twist: after he bought his slaves he enslaved their sellers too.

A French pirate who preyed on English and Spanish merchantmen across the Caribbean. The hourglass on his flag warned time for surrender was short. The pirate archetype: in battle, Teach turned himself into a diabolical figure by plaiting burning cannon fuses into his huge beard. Earning a bit part in Treasure Island, the tea-drinking Black Bart was the most successful pirate of all time capturing over vessels.

Captain and lover of the piratess Anne Bonny. After Jack was hanged, his tarred body was left in a cage on a sand bar off Port Royal. A rich landowner, Bonnet reputedly only took up piracy to escape his wife. His start may have been odd, but not his end. Lucia: Pitons tropical forest 1 The worst hotspot is the Indian Ocean, but incidents take place worldwide, including the Caribbean. Because I was the emperor. One step below me was the King of Morocco. Then came all the others, simple presidents.

Bonus marks for correctly identifying all five modern states answers below. Congo DR 4. Ethiopia 1. Kim Il Sung N. Korea Eternal President. The clear, death-defying winner since Kim expired four years before he took the title. Forty per cent of all criminal prosecutions in the CAR are for sorcery or witchcraft. Judges acknowledge there is usually little evidence in such cases, but defendants often plead guilty to avoid the lynch mob outside the door.

After Colonel Bokassa seized power in , he inaugurated two orchestras and decreed that anyone aged between 18 and 55 would face imprisonment unless they could prove they had a job. This, however, was only a foretaste of the poisonous mix of madness, venality and squander that was to follow. But the final straw came in , during national protests after he passed a law forcing all schoolchildren to buy new school shirts. By the next day, children were dead—including, it later transpired, five that Bokassa had personally beaten to death with his ebony walking stick.

Even without the unproven allegations that he had also eaten several, it was enough to repulse the world. Five months later, French paratroopers flew in overnight and Bokassa was gone. Sadly, a third prong can be added, as the country has seen permanent war and unrest since independence from France in Not many motor manufacturers get a war named after them, but Toyota earned this accolade after its pick-up trucks played a decisive role in enabling the rag-tag Chadians to rout the Libyan Army and bring to an end its year occupation of northern Chad.

The breakthrough came after the Chadians found they could drive the Toyotas straight through the Libyan minefields without setting off the mines—so long as they kept moving fast enough. The region is a dried-out lake-bed, and the grains come loaded with spores of the Aspergillus fungus.

Fully viable after their airborne journey, these can grow into fungal balls inside the lungs of those who breathe them in, occasionally going on to invade the brain, where they form abscesses that are almost always fatal. In the admittedly unlikely event that Chad and Romania were ever to hold a summit, protocol could be dicey since both states share a single flag.

Strangely, nobody in Chad seemed to notice—even when the Romanians registered the worldwide copyright in So while Chad has history on its side, Romania can rely on the law. In order to lift blood 20 feet into the air, the giraffe has grown a kg heart operating at double the blood pressure of other mammals and pumping 20 gallons a minute.

But, as a result, it has also had to evolve built-in compression stockings to stop its legs from bursting and a special pressure regulator known as a rete mirabile to prevent the veins in its head from exploding when it stoops to drink. There is, however, one fringe benefit from the extreme height: when baby giraffes are born, they drop 6 feet on to their heads—a shock that reliably kick-starts the newborns into breathing.

State Grid Corp. China 2. Bank of China 2. China Construction Bank 3. China Mobile 2. Vodafone 3. Telefonica Beijing—Tiananmen Square: Enlarged by Mao Zedong specifically to make it the largest city square in the world, and then again in for his mausoleum, it can hold , people. From to , China produced 5bn Mao badges in 50, different designs but all with him looking left.

Finally, Mao himself called a halt, but for more material considerations: the aluminium consumed could have made 37, MiG fighters. If summoned by the emperor, civil servants got into the habit of going home to say their goodbyes to their families first. When Minister Qian Tang counselled the emperor against a book-burning edict, he took his own coffin to the audience, and, when he had finished, climbed in—saying it would be an honour to die for Confucius. DIG IT.

The two teardrop segments symbolize flux, while the inner dots preview how one polarity transforms into the other. Written in easy-to-remember character triplets, it taught Chinese vocabulary and grammar. But it also gave a first grounding in Confucianist thought, with the very first four triplets above stating the basic premise of Confucianism with admirable succinctness.

At the time, Europeans were using rags dipped in salt and soot. In Europe, people grabbed whatever came to hand—Rabelais once suggested the ultimate in performance was the neck of a goose. In the peak Spring Festival holiday season, Chinese trains can get so crowded travellers stand like sardines even in the toilets.

Entering the Chinese imperial examinations was a serious business. But for those that succeeded, the badge of one of the nine ranks of mandarin below awaited, and with it, a life of affluence and prestige. Qingcheng temples Mt. Wutai monasteries Mt. An IQ averaging makes Hong Kongers, collectively, the smartest people on the planet.

Its 87, people squeeze into half a square mile. But this pales in comparison with the Kowloon Walled City bulldozed in , whose 33, people somehow existed in six acres—a 2ft by 3ft floor-level footprint each. Before it was pulled down, a fully equipped caving team went in to check through its empty passages and shafts. Its tallest building, the ICC, reaches up to floor Macau takes more money in bets than the entire Las Vegas strip. Current estimates suggest they have , members, down from , in their s heyday.

However, adventurers searching for the city of legend are, like explorers over the past years, much less likely to be satisfied. However, when garbled reports reached the ears of the avaricious conquistadores, it was enough to convince them that, somewhere deep in the South American interior, there had to be a city of gold—thereby setting off quests that continue sporadically today.

However, British and European dealers have declined to recognize this change. The Comoros have had an interesting history since independence in Along the way, they have also seen a president reportedly blown up in his bed by an anti-tank missile, a Maoist revolution, al-Qaeda terrorists, gun-runners, sanction-busters and spies.

Things got so bad that in the second largest island applied to France to be recolonized. The request was denied. In a welcome break with tradition, when Ahmed Abdallah Sambi took power in , it was after a free and fair election. President still lives above his shop, The House of Mattresses, and fits running the islands around his commitments managing the mattress factory.

Known only as a fossil, it was believed to have become extinct 65 million years ago—until the first live specimen was found in Rumoured to have had tacit government backing, he took part in over 20 coups and wars across Africa and the Middle East from to He was reburied as a national hero in Brazzaville in Almost uniquely among those scrambling for Africa, de Brazza was a benevolent humanist who genuinely cared about the Africans he encountered and, for his pains, was eventually sacked as first governor of French Congo.

As late as , Pygmies performing at a Brazzaville festival were housed in the zoo, while other musicians were put up in hotels. Despite losing the Congo, the truncated Amazon continued to flow west into the Pacific until 15 million years ago, when the Andes rose up—forcing the water to reverse direction and empty backwards into the Atlantic. It was like a weary pilgrimage amongst hints for nightmares.

Greedy for profit, Leopold set unrealistic rubber quotas for each village to harvest on pain of death— resulting in mass slaughter so appalling,1 he was eventually forced to cede the territory. Masks of Africa—Kuba Representing a subversive hydrocephalic pygmy, the Bwoom is the first mask seen by Kuban adolescent boys during their initiation rites. After one night, the boys are allowed to go into their village wearing such masks to scare the women and small children.

From the late s to early s, President Mobutu Sese Seko leased a Concorde jet for his personal use and built an airport at his hometown of Gbadolite to accommodate it next to the only nuclear bunker in Central Africa—which he also constructed. The Ebola virus is one of the nastiest diseases known to mankind. But in one such team was not what it seemed. Following the death of a Japanese tourist from Ebola after going gorilla trekking, the Aum Shinrikyo cult sent a team of 16 medical staff purportedly to give aid, but in reality to harvest the virus in preparation for a planned terrorist attack back in Japan.

Thankfully, they did not succeed. Three years later, however, they attacked the Tokyo subway system with Sarin nerve gas instead, killing 12 and injuring 3, Clean, crystalline, transparent elections. For the rest of the time, they rely on camouflage, growing gardens of algae in their fur to turn it green. The soup turtle of Victorian kitchens. Mock turtle soup substituted calf brains and feet to simulate the flaccid give of boiled turtle pulp at just a fraction of the price.

In , Costa Rica became the first country to abolish its army. In opting to outlaw all military forces including his own , Ferrer consciously decided to follow the pacifist futurology of H. Wells over orthodox Marxist dogma. Further confounding expectations, he voluntarily stood down 18 months later. Since then, Costa Rica has known nothing but orderly democracy—in stark contrast to every one of its tooled-up neighbours. A single factory in the small Costa Rican town of Turrialba makes every baseball used in the American major league sport.

Each ball takes 15 minutes to hand-stitch, and the factory turns out 2 million a year. Dominican Rep. Several times a day, Costa Rican TV stations break into programming to announce the latest obituaries. As funerals are held within 24 hours of death, these death flashes help alert mourners. South-west Costa Rica is littered with scores of stone spheres weighing up to 16 tonnes. The balls are around 1, years old; but, beyond this, they remain complete enigmas.

As the request went on to explain, Sanwi royal protocol requires the bodies of all royal family members dying outside the kingdom to be returned for appropriate burial. Ceremonial masks such as that above are worn by Dan to channel spirits. The border dates from , when Croatia wrenched herself free from the Ottoman Turks—at the price of leaving her former province of Bosnia in thrall for two centuries more.

Simpson were unlikely trailblazers. In August , they obtained formal permission to go skinny-dipping on the island of Rab. The forerunner of the modern tie was first worn by 17th-century Croat soldiers, who knotted colourful scarves around their necks. The puppies are born pure white and the characteristic black or liver markings only appear after a couple of weeks. Blaise festival Gingerbread-making craft Gorjani folk procession Hrvatsko Zagorje toy-making Hvar Easter procession Istria singing Kastav bell-ringing pageant Ojkanje singing Sijnska Alka knightly tournamant 1 Versions of this form the word for any tie in most languages.

For the record, there are 85 mathematically possible tie knots, the best-known being four-in-hand, Pratt and full- and half-Windsors. Cuban dances mostly offer a surfeit of style and grace. One exception, however, is the conga—first danced by African slaves while still locked in chain gangs. Since conga dancers often got highly excitable, a law was passed in the s forcing those wanting to do the conga in Havana to get a police permit before forming a line.

Its shuffling simplicity has since sent the dance worldwide. Optionally, add a dash of lime juice. Mix and garnish with lime wedge. Cover was provided by Frank Sinatra, who was flown in for a concert. I am twelve years old. If you like, give me a ten dollar bill green American, because never I have not seen a ten dollar bill green American and I would like to have one of them.

Thank you very much. Good by. Your friend. Fidel Castro. Its name—Tree Cuba! Venus to the Romans, Aphrodite in Greece, the goddess of beauty and desire was—unusually enough—born motherless to her dad, Uranus, at Paphos on Cyprus. There, they foamed into a lather that, on subsiding, revealed a fully formed and very adult goddess.

CUT UP. Denmark has some of the shiniest green credentials in the world,1 but one area in which the Danes have been particularly innovative is in the recycling of themselves. However, in , Aalborg Crematorium went a step further by connecting its chimney to the district heating system. More crematoria are now set to follow, and a purpose-built crematorium on Zealand will heat homes fulltime when it comes on-stream.

While perhaps unusual, this may be no more than redressing the balance since, ordinarily, cremating a body releases greenhouse gases equivalent to driving coast to coast across the USA. Despite spending his whole life looking for love male or female and multiple failed proposals, Hans Christian Andersen never found happiness. After death, a letter from his youthful first crush was found worn in a pouch against his chest. However, for reasons that have usually never been revealed, she has, over the years, been subject to an extraordinary degree of violence.

After some time, however, Angul left and Dan began to rule as king alone—at which point both the people and the country adopted his name. And thus, if Saxo is to be believed, England and Denmark are unique among countries in bearing fraternal names. In the Danish version, however, Amleth also travelled to Britain, married the Queen of Scotland and was later slain in a full-scale battle with the King of Denmark.

Albania, 2. Austria, 3. Cyprus, 4. Czech Republic, 5. Denmark, 6. Egypt, 7. France, 8. Greece, 9. Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Spain, Syria, Answers on next page. Originally conceived in the fog of Sumerian proto-history, the convention of linking each day to a planet was later adopted by the Romans, who renamed them after their own planetary deities Mars, Mercury, Venus, etc.

This is what persists in Latin Europe e. The planet ruling the first hour of each day then gives that day its name. Twelfth Night Illyria. Measure for Measure Vienna. Hamlet Elsinore. Pericles Tyre. Pericles Pentapolis. Arabs, Persians, Greeks, French—there have been so many, and all have found it too hot to stay. Due to their implacable hostility towards outsiders, the Afars of the Danakil Desert were formerly the most feared of all African peoples.

Into the s, intruders caught in their territory were routinely killed, following which their genitals would invariably be cut out, dried and used as a trophy, heaping additional dishonour on the corpse. In , Rafael Trujillo was elected President of the Dominican Republic with more votes than there were voters.

Once in place, he set about remaking the country in his own image with all the modesty of your average megalomaniac. In the Dominican village of Salinas, so many of the girls used to turn into men as teenagers that some families waited until puberty before treating them as either daughters or sons.

History books say Christopher Columbus visited the Americas four times. But the final tally was five—albeit that the last trip was posthumous. A century later, when Spain lost Cuba too, whatever was left was shifted back one last time to Seville Cathedral, where, since , his remains have remained. The Sargasso is the only sea in the world without any shores.

It is circumscribed by ocean currents instead. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to display the Bible on its flag. Upon getting it wrong, most were hacked to death by machete on the spot. Either, both or neither of the claims could be correct. Chimborazo beats the more recognized Mt.

Everest by 2, m 7, ft because it lies almost on the Equator1, where the Earth bulges outward most strongly under the inertial centrifugal force created by its daily rotation—similar to the outward pressure felt in a fastcornering car. The nearby and slightly lower Cayambe volcano lies directly on the Equator and is the only point on its length where snow lies permanently.

The Nicara-guan-backed, Libyan-trained group emerged from obscurity in to stage a raid on a Guayaquil museum, liberating Sr. Nine years later, a splinter group captured more headlines by occupying the British embassy. Ecuador is the home of the Panama hat, the best of which are hand-woven in the small town of Montecristi allegedly by moonlight to stop the fibres drying in the sun. Historically, the practice was rare, and was undertaken to trap the spirit of a powerful enemy warrior in the head and so prevent him from exacting vengeance.

As of , a further miscellaneous natural and cultural treasures deemed of the utmost international value have been inscribed. World Heritage Sites can now be found in nations, with Italy having the highest number 45, i. This pecks at the skin of boobies and, given a chance, people with its dagger of a beak to drink the blood it draws.

After his return home on the Beagle in , it was 23 years before Darwin got round to publishing On the Origin of Species, in which he set out the idea of natural selection he first conceived on the voyage. During the wait, Darwin spent 8 years on an exhaustive study of barnacles— either to gain a thorough knowledge of one animal before generalizing, or simply to put off getting to work on Species.

But, whether Darwin was aware of it or not, his choice was an interesting one, since it turns out that, due to their adult immobility, natural selection has pushed barnacles into evolving the longest penises relative to body size of any animal, allowing males to reach right out of their shells to nearby females.

Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Wages were guaranteed and reasonable, and prices fixed and fair. Their complaint was over a delay to the wheat ration, and after their demands were met, they went back to work. The classic Egyptian breakfast of ful medames beans cooked overnight to a pulp with oil, garlic and hard-boiled eggs goes back over 3, years: Ramesses II offered 11, jars of the stuff to the God of the Nile, while medieval Cairo was equipped with vast central vats, bubbling through the night, that fed the entire population.

Modern Cairenes now cook their own at home on electric hotplates, but, in the villages, people still use traditional embers—and round off their breakfast with a crisp raw onion eaten whole. For over a millennium, the fashionable ancient Egyptian woman-about-town went around totally bald: she shaved her head daily, and wielded tweezers to pluck out all body hair, eyebrows too. Men also shaved fully—below as much as above; and children went hairless as well, except for one lone lock that was left to grow down the right side of their heads.

Comfort and hygiene dictated these choices, given the hot sun and ever-present lice. However, when dressing up, both men and women donned wigs, while female as well as male pharaohs would also strap on fake beards, fastened by strings around their ears. What do you get if you cross an Egyptian mummy with a mechanic? Toot and Car man. Along with gold and jewels, Tutankhamun was buried with box-loads of boomerangs and a huge stockpile of liquorice.

Intended to equip the pharaoh for the afterlife, the boomerangs were for hunting evil spirits, while the liquorice was to ward off any that got too close. In the land of the living, ancient Egyptian boomerangs were widely used for hunting waterfowl and liquorice root was regarded as a powerful cure-all. They were worshipped continuously for over 3, years, before being supplanted by Christianity. During this time, the fortunes of individual gods rose and fell, with the exception of Aten, within a consistent theological framework.

Over major gods are recorded with countless local deities worshipped also , the most important of which are shown below. Although their images appear to show quasi-human figures, the depictions were symbolic, not representational, and, at least to the priestly class, the actual nature of the gods was recognized to be mysterious and possibly beyond human comprehension. Ra was the sun god, who subsumed Horus, god of the sky.

Green-skinned Osiris was brother and husband of Isis. After his murder by Set, he returned as god of the dead minus his penis, which was eaten by a fish. Fertility goddess Isis was seen as the perfect wife and mother.

The annual Nile flood was said to spring from her tears for murdered husband Osiris. The jackal-headed Anubis was god of mummification. While preparing a body for mummification, the lead embalmer would wear an Anubis mask. Normally represented as a cow, she could also appear as a hippopotamus.

The moon god, Thoth, also invented writing. The lost Book of Thoth holds a spell enabling humans to see the gods, but anyone who finds it will be horribly cursed. Three hundred thousand years previously, the Strait of Gibraltar had sealed up and the ancient Mediterranean dried to salty puddles.

In response, the Nile cut its way 8, ft down to the barren seabed. Then, triggered by an earthquake perhaps, the strait abruptly ruptured and, in the Zanclean flood, the Mediterranean refilled in two years—the torrent that poured through is estimated to have had 1, times the flow of the Amazon and an initial drop as rapids almost three times that of Angel Falls; subsequently, silt carried by the Nile refilled the Nile Canyon to the current valley bottom.

The 11th-century Arab scientist Alhacen got himself into serious trouble when, in a rash moment, he claimed he could tame the annual Nile flood. Hearing of his boast, the caliph put him in charge of a project to do just that. Alhacen quickly realized the impossibility of the task, and, fearing for his life, came up with the idea of feigning madness, which he did until the caliph died, all the while working in secret on various mathematical topics—including his famous treatise on how to square the circle.

As first told, an eagle snatched off one of her sandals and deposited it in the lap of the pharaoh, who then sent soldiers to scour the land until Rhodopsis was found and duly married. Rather than discard them, they put the four most important,6 aside from the heart, into stone vessels, so the dead person could retrieve them in the afterlife.

The vessels, called canopic jars, were each protected by the appropriate son of Horus, whose head would be inscribed on the stopper. The heart was kept in the body so that it could be weighed by Anubis, and if found lacking, fed to the Ammit monster.

He is said to have built more temples, erected more statues and fathered more children than any other pharaoh. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works. While the pita-like flatbread would be recognizable today, the beer— made from fermented bread—was a lumpy alcoholic gruel made at home.

Accordingly, they pushed long bronze hooks up through the nostrils, whisked them round to turn the brain matter to mush, and then drained off the gloop through the nose and poured it down the sewer. The next day, he was shot dead while celebrating Mass. Centipedes inject poison through their front feet, and while no species targets prey larger than birds or mice, they are aggressive creatures and, especially in children, their toxins can be powerful enough to induce anaphylactic shock.

On at least one occasion, a whole village has been permanently abandoned to leave a severe infestation behind. The dye historically came from the indigo bush and fetched stellar prices. Luckily for El Salvador, conditions were ideal for indigo cultivation, and the country got rich supplying the Spanish Empire.

Unluckily for El Salvador, in a cheap synthetic version was invented and, overnight, the country was ruined. This effect was obtained by feeding the horses madder roots, another source of red. From his Geneva base, Mantello smuggled 10, blank Salvadoran citizenship certificates into the Axis country for use by Jewish Hungarians trying to avoid round-up and near-certain death.

His biggest coup, however, came in June , when he orchestrated an international press campaign that halted the transfer of Jews from Hungary to Auschwitz for four months. The term was first applied to the celestial equator—the imaginary line in the sky followed by the sun on the dates of the two annual equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length—and appears in English as a terrestrial feature only in the 17th century.

Then, giving up any attempt at a national budget, he had the governor of the Central Bank killed, stuffed the national reserves into several suitcases and carried them back to his home village, where he kept them in a hut. Since seceding from Ethiopia in , Eritrea has steered a savagely autarkic course. Eritrea is the likely location for the lost Land of Punt.

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