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While music torrent sites are a great source of free music, you don't want to download You can find popular house music, gospel, country, classical. Are you a documentary lover? Here are some of the best torrent sites to download and documentaries. All these sites and tested in working

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Serious music for documentaries torrent

serious music for documentaries torrent

Watch over free documentaries online. The documentaries cover everything from music and cinema, to literature, religion, politics and physics. Top Eight Torrent Sites To Search For Music & Videos · The Pirates Bay. The Pirates Bay (TBD) is an old Bit Torrent site that is still. Are you a documentary lover? Here are some of the best torrent sites to download and documentaries. All these sites and tested in working FINAL FANTASY VIII PS1 TORRENT Spice 3 High Availability. Anydesk software product Report server is. GpsDrive is a command of this.

Watch over free documentaries online. The documentaries cover everything from music and cinema, to literature, religion, politics and physics. For a full lineup of great movies, please visit our complete collection of Free Movies Online. Please find all options here. We thank you! Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email.

We never spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Open Culture scours the web for the best educational media. Support Open Culture. We're hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. Please click the Donate button and support Open Culture. You can use Paypal, Venmo, Patreon, even Crypto! Archive All posts by date. Advertise With Us. Get the best cultural and educational resources delivered to your inbox Subscribe. Great Recordings T. It was only on TorrentDownloads that I found a complete breakdown into subcategories by music genre.

Here are just a few of them:. But not without a drawback. Most of the presented music torrent files have zero seeds. This means that it is impossible to download them until at least one owner of this file appears on the network. This applies primarily to unpopular genres and performers. Trending hits and famous compositions can be downloaded without problems. One of my favorite torrent sites. His music is also good. Only a few torrent platforms have Top directories.

You can find them by visiting the popular music page. According to my observations, x is perfect not only for fans of modern hits but also for fans of collectibles. So, for example, at the time of this writing, one of the most popular downloads on the site was "Cyndi" Lauper RARBG is considered one of the largest torrent repositories of the past 13 years. This also applies to music. The site has thousands of songs, compilations, and music videos. And if you want to download something new, then you risk spending too much time on the site.

You need to come here when you already know what to download. Be sure to try The Pirate Bay. This is a legend of the torrent industry - one of the oldest and most strong torrent sites. There can hardly be more torrents than there are on TPB. The disadvantage of the site, I consider an outdated search. It's better if you know in advance what you are looking for. It is worth knowing one peculiarity of the location of music files in the TPB directory.

They have their category of the same name. Kickass Torrents KAT made it to this Top 7 due to its popularity and a large number of active music distributions. It is hardly possible to use KAT to search for something new. But if you are looking for a specific album or single, then the site will offer you gifts and even hundreds of active options. The site stands out for having separate directories for audio files and music videos.

I emphasize this because, on most other torrent websites, music movies have to be searched among movies and TV Shows. The only exception is, perhaps, TorrentDownloads. At the bottom of my list is a torrent site, which at first glance may seem far from music. There are also collections of music videos of the middle and late XX, classics and novelties of the XXI century.

Don't want to be tied to one torrent website? Is the music you are interested in scattered across multiple platforms? Then use the Torrent Search Engine. This is the perfect way to access libraries of all major torrent sites at once to find music or any other material. For example, we need to find Rihanna's discography.

Using Torrent Search Engines makes it much easier to find music and especially music videos. And it's completely free. There are 4 guidelines to help you safely and anonymously visit torrent sites and download any shared files. Only the SSH tunnel has similar properties, but its configuration requires its server on the Internet.

There are no services that provide such services. You can use any VPN service that allows torrenting, guarantees confidentiality, and works stably without losing connection with the server. I have tested paid and free VPNs. For example, ProtonVPN. Surfshark is ideal for music torrenting due to the best combination of price and features. It is the cheapest high-end VPN available today. This eliminates the additional risk of terminating the connection. It also has an effective Kill Switch. This technology blocks device traffic if the connection to the VPN server is lost.

This can happen if the Internet is unstable or there is a problem with the ISP. The danger of this situation is that when you reconnect to the VPN, the traffic remains unprotected. Surfshark also has advanced features to protect against malicious sites that can open in pop-up windows. I recommend ExpressVPN to anyone looking for premium software.

Superfast servers and proven first-class privacy protection for years, VPN locations in 94 countries, and Split Tunneling technology to work VPN only with selected programs or apps. But only with a subscription for more than 1 month. The provider also has a convenient 6-month plan. I like this provider for its high connection speed and almost no CPU load.

NordVPN also has an advanced Kill Switch that closes the selected app when the connection is lost or when reconnected. Loss of connection can occur at any time with an unstable Internet and for many other reasons. Note that NordVPN recently lowered prices for its annual plan. Now it is the cheapest VPN with a one-year subscription.

So, I showed that by choosing a good torrent site with a lot of music or a convenient torrent search engine, you can quickly download almost any song or music movie. The trend in the development of torrent sites is such that in the coming years the situation is unlikely to change and millions of listeners around the world will be able to continue downloading files shared using BitTorrent for free.

It is a community of enthusiasts and is often the only way to access music content. Write your comments and ask any questions about music torrent websites in the comments below the article. Why is rutracker. For music they deliver the largest library of all torrent websites. Thanks for listing amazing song torrent sites. But I want to try something new like torrent sites to see what best works for me.

Amazing post Dean! Nice post! I love downloading music from YouTube with Acethinker MP3Juice downloader, and it's a real bother when it's not working. That's why I usually rely upon articles like this. So now I got a lot of alternatives to torrent music.

Serious music for documentaries torrent 10000 light years boney m download torrent serious music for documentaries torrent


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Serious music for documentaries torrent avs audio recorder torrent

Serious Documentary Background Music For Videos - by AShamaluevMusic


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Glockenspiel, ukulele, guitars, piano and drums combine in this light-hearted feel good soundtrack that is great as background music for adverts, corporate videos, music for podcasts, documentaries and other video productions needing a joyful, fresh, modern and inspiring lift. This ambient music is sure to create a peaceful, warm atmosphere for your film project.

Featuring flutes and harps, this music sounds like something from a fantasy movie or a nature documentary. Ideal for films, aerials, landscapes, or nature time-lapse. A warm and atmospheric electronic track that combines digital and orchestral sounds.

Great choice for tech videos, medical videos, technology based projects, infomercials, tech commercials, future technology videos, documentaries and much more. The Future is here! Feel the breeze of the ocean with that beautiful chill-out composition. It has a panoramic, evocative and slightly mysterious atmosphere that gives you an impression of magnificent epic scenery. Great for projects related to nature, space, mindfulness, awareness. Perfect music for timelapse video, 4k drone footage, travel documentaries, birds-eye view.

This track creates an emotive journey of wonder and discovery. Perfect for a live performance or a reflective interview, it mixes melancholy and joy. Each piano arpeggio is questioning yet uplifting, finally resting at a place of subtle triumph. Dramatic cinematic composition with Celtic-flavoured orchestral theme. An ideal underscore for a romantic drama, fantasy or fairytale plots, distant dreamscape, enchanting storytelling, traditional Gaelic documentaries, beautiful nature landscape.

This track is an ideal choice for any media project that needs to evoke a strong, modern, and luxurious image. Perfect for beauty commercials, online presentations, and other projects that require a high-quality soundtrack. The track itself is a modern chillhop with stylish synths, hip-hop beat, and cool bass.

Happy Christmas and New Year music! Good background for the corresponding images, Xmas videos, Christmas slideshows, holidays promotion, winter slideshows, movie credits, New Year presentation, special events, memory slideshow, music inspiration openers, and etc. Audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web. This heavenly-sounding dramatic modern classical track is perfect music for emotional moments and epic nature views.

The melody is beautiful, the strings are somber, and French horns give a cinematic aspect. This track goes well with adverts, epic adventures, beautiful nature videos, and drone footage. Fabulous thematic orchestration that unfolds as a musical story. Performed with wonderful strings, angelic harp, and Celtic flutes to create a romantic fairytale atmosphere in the Disney tradition. Perfect for short light intro, nature documentaries, title or background music for magic tales, travel vlogs, motion graphics, or a variety of other uses.

Oppressive music, with slowly building cinematic tension that gives a sensation of increasing menace and inevitable fatal end. Performed by orchestra and choir. Perfect for psychological thrillers, crime dramas, war documentaries with the main theme about assassinations, victims, terror and horror. Beautiful melodic piano track with careful orchestration.

This contemplative and mellow dramatic track has a warm, climatic feel with building melodic layers. It is designed to be dramatic and emotional but still retains its simplicity and elegance. Well suited to emotional footage, life problems, charity projects, aerials footages, documentaries, or anything inspiring.

Finding music for documentaries is an underrated task and one that people will not often notice, even when they see the final product. Good documentaries really don't have any noticeable "music" — they are given high marks in storytelling technique and production. The music doesn't outshine the interviews or recreations. It doesn't stick out at all but instead only heightens the emotions the viewer is already feeling.

Using incidental music for documentary films, you can expand upon a viewer's interest and naturally occurring feelings which vary according to the subject matter and the point of interest. On the other hand, choose the wrong style or tempo of the music and you can break the viewer's mood, causing them to lose interest in the documentary. It is often suggested that the documentary film director should determine what kind of music is appropriate for the film. Too often, a composer is given full creative freedom and makes a soundtrack that is wildly inappropriate to the subject, compromising the project's seriousness.

Music for serious documentaries has to be subtle, climaxing at revelations of the story or solid emotional cues. There shouldn't be music just to avoid silence. Documentaries are silent by nature, except during interviews and narratives. Music is typically used at the introduction, conclusion, and throughout the film, when emotional narrative peaks occur. Subtle is the keyword. Music should never overpower the interviewee's words or drown out the information that the viewer needs to hear.

Another tip directors give in making music for a documentary video is to avoid working on just sections of the film, going cue to cue, and instead deciding upon an entire "score" of how the final soundtrack will play. Suppose you're buying music for serious documentaries rather than hiring a composer. In that case, you must still decide in advance what peaks there are in the final "composition" rather than leaving it up to chance or whim. Always consider whether the music is necessary and if it will support the intent of each sequence and scene.

There is such a thing as too much music or too little. If you put noticeable music in one sequence but then use no sound for thirty minutes or so, this will also be uneven. Start thinking about good music in the budgeting phase. If you want to hurry up and make the movie, you can always use "temp" background pieces, which you can download as you need. Then you can redub the music later when you can take your time and decide what piece of music is appropriate.

Melody Loops is your one-stop shop for royalty free documentary music. From nature to landscapes to science and education lecture-style audio. Use Melody Loops and get the music you want without having to pay high prices for it. Select and download music tracks just in seconds.

Sign In. Sign Up Now. Music For. How it Works. Sign Up. Documentary Music Melodies. Save music to the Favorites and share it with clients and friends. Download music in needed length with the Longoloops Tool to try and obtain a license for full versions. Mix with Mood. Mix with Style. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Important Goal MP3 An epic orchestral track that pushes and pulls between tension and resolution.

Evening Forest MP3 Soft and relaxed ambient track, with the airy flute, ethnic sounds, Rhodes chords, dreamy spatial vocals, and a slow hip-hop beat. Inspiring Motivational Corporate MP3 Inspiring and motivating track in the easy-listening corporate genre with a strong motivational, uplifting feeling. Digital Progress MP3 It is a dreamy, vibrant, and chill out corporate track specially designed and composed for technology videos, science projects, real estate commercials, mobile applications, documentaries, youtube videos, and many other projects.

Perfect for commercials, presentations, music for inspirational videos, documentaries and more The Last Hug MP3 Nostalgic and sweet featuring an intimate piano with chamber strings to create an introspective and melancholic mood. Deep Lake MP3 Deep and slow ambient music, with spatial piano notes, deep Rhodes, soft synth pads, and a slow liquid beat.

Life Is Beautiful With You MP3 A positive, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring a memorable piano theme, strings and light percussion. Fight for Pride MP3 This track is full of energetic drums and percussion. Minimal Designs MP3 A smooth and minimal easy listening music track with dreamy synth sounds. Lonely Pixel MP3 Dreamy, futuristic electronic music, with spatial plucks, e-piano chords, synth pads, and a minimal glitchy beat. Bollywood Feelings Story MP3 This emotional and very pensive royalty-free background atmospheric soundtrack is perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful, or dramatic cinematic drama scene, ethnic trailers, life story projects, travel, nature, documentaries, and landscape projects.

Inspiring Piano MP3 This is a beautiful and inspirational piano piece. Perfect for commercials, presentations, inspirational videos, documentaries and more Corporate Lab MP3 Bright and light music track with beautiful piano and introspective electric guitars. Love Is All Around MP3 A relaxing and peaceful, uplifiting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation.

Adventures Ahead MP3 Adventures Ahead is a very repetitive and inserting track, with a very smooth marimba and plucked sounds, bells sequence in the background. Space Expidition MP3 Calm and mysterious electronic music, with deep bass, Rhodes chords, spacey arpeggios, and a slow glitchy beat. Amazing World Sitar MP3 An atmospheric and romantic royalty free Indian soundtrack flawlessly designed in Bollywood cinematic tradition.

Composure MP3 A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character. Classical Sequence MP3 This uplifting, light and inspiring orchestral piece of music is perfect for your next project. Forbidden Territory MP3 A tough and formidable track perfect for movie trailers, news broadcasts, documentaries and reporting on riots, coups and crime. Space Epic MP3 This epic, interstellar, thunderous orchestral track builds to a huge, dramatic climax with rousing strings, horns and deep, dark synthesizer moods to add an extra sense of magic and wonder.

Science Tech MP3 Modern corporate background music with a light sound and confident atmosphere. My Lonely Journey MP3 Beautiful, atmospheric corporate background music with a great sound of drums, synth bass, tech and light percussion, airy piano and strings.

New Ideas MP3 This is a motivational corporate track featuring bells, piano and orchestra. Ukrainian March MP3 Dramatic Ukrainian folk instrumental music with traditional Ukrainian ethnic instruments: bandura, sopilka and timpani. Sunrise Over The Great Wall MP3 This atmospheric downtempo royalty-free stock music played with Chinese an authentic ethnic instrument Bamboo Flute creates a new space for us to explore. Time Technology MP3 Inspirational and beautiful, electronic chillout track.

One Day To Remember MP3 Atmospheric and beautiful acoustic folk music with guitars, piano, pads, warm synth, and strings. United Together MP3 Epic, uplifting and powerful cinematic trailer music, with soaring horns, lush strings and deep percussion.

Uplifting MP3 Uplifting is corporate business background music for presentation and documentaries needing inspiration music and motivation. Change Will Come MP3 This track is perfect as an underscore for projects related to science, innovative technology, green energy, interviews, and commercials. The Good Life MP3 This is a lively, upbeat, fun and uplifting track with a happy and easy come easy go feel. Celtic Forests MP3 This ambient music is sure to create a peaceful, warm atmosphere for your film project.

Electronic music expanded exponentially in the s and 70s with the arrival of practical electronic synthesizers, fueling an era of explosive creativity. Today electronic music extends from mainstream dance music to experimental noise, with literally thousands of sub-genres, and an unlimited palette of sounds and creative possibilities. Historically powered by travel on trade routes like the Silk Road, modern recording and communication technologies fueled a worldwide acceleration of the process during the 20th century.

In the internet era, music propagates around the world instantly, and a new breed of open-minded musicians collaborate freely, cross-fertilizing their native traditions to produce new and vigorous hybrids. The Sanskrit word bhakti means practicing a path centered on emotional devotion as a spiritual principle and means of salvation. The adoption of Indian spirituality and culture by westerners after the s famously led to yoga and meditation, and also to kirtan—group chanting of Indian devotional prayers — and later to new hybrids of western and Indian music.

But where tone color music was a difficult stretch for conventional instruments, it's like the native language of synthesizers. In the transparent mountain air, the brilliant overtones of native stringed instruments like the charango and the ronroco, airy native flutes and panpipes, and natural skin drum rhythms make music that runs the gamut of emotions from joyful to solemn, mystic It's a sound that calls to both South American expatriate musicians and northern film composers, who've enriched it with strings and electronics.

When I was growing up, they didn't exist. Then the video game world arose, prospered, and passed me by. It's a shame, because over the last 40 years a great deal of high quality ambient, electronic and environmental music has been composed for video games. Today it's a parallel media universe, four times larger than the entire music industry.

In our mission to bring you music from every corner of the ambient musicverse, we've been missing an entire galaxy. From this vast repertoire, John selected tracks from the ambient side of the genre, where it overlaps Hearts of Space. In Celtic mythology it was said to be the time when the boundary between This World and the Otherworld was at its thinnest, and the souls of the dead walked the earth.

Today it's a time for us to exorcise our ancient limbic emotions of fear and danger. I'm DR. You didn't have to be French, Catholic, or even believe in God Since the 12th century, Notre-Dame has been both a physical monument and a metaphysical symbol of the deepest aspirations and highest artistic values of humankind, at the center of one of the greatest cities on earth.

For it to be destroyed would have been an insult to the global spirit, in a world that's already burdened by unprecedented challenges. When the fire was out, it was clear that it could have been much worse. The spire and most of the oak and lead roof were destroyed and the exterior was badly burned — while the irreplaceable relics, priceless artwork, rose windows, bell towers, and three pipe organs were not seriously damaged.

Over a billion Euros have been pledged to rebuild and restore the cathedral — a job that will take twenty to forty years. Our Lady will rise again in the center of Paris, in all her Gothic magnificence. After the autumn equinox in September, the transition seems to accelerate. The days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and the temperature cools, while the natural world changes color and prepares for the winter to come.

Since medieval times we've called this season "fall. Falling implies movement downward, and in autumn, declining solar energy brings a feeling of descending or falling into the season. In music it's marked by slowing tempos, descending chord progressions, darkening timbres, and wistful, even melancholy emotions.

The autumn harvest brings a bounty of fruits and flowers, grains and nuts, in a rainbow of complex colors from bright orange pumpkins to deep purple cranberries. The sounds of the season are darker, slower, deeper — a somber interlude before the bright celebrations of the holiday season. The Celtic boomlet at the turn of the century has passed, but great Celtic musicians never stopped performing and recording, and the genre carries on with new innovations.

Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't avoid 'em during the holiday season. Christmas music has become part of the advertising industry, dedicated to putting you in the mood to buy. Yet underneath the dreamy materialism is a musical tradition with some of the best-loved, most enduring hymns and songs ever created. Acoustic musicians have long made instrumental versions of classic carols, ignoring the words and letting the music take center stage.

Ambient musicians have normally taken a different approach — slowing down the tempos, stretching out the melodies, and expanding the virtual space of the recording. Revered for his exquisite ambient chamber music, he's applied his refined tonal sense and electronic power tools to extract the melodic and harmonic essence of recordings of the most popular Christmas carol of all: Silent Night.

The result is total transformation, from a familiar hymn to "a slow motion immersive epic. Bor Media; : Info: www. The sound of a mother singing to her child is about as universal as it gets in human culture. Slow, quiet, with gentle swinging or rocking rhythms, lullabies sooth, teach, help cardiac and respiratory problems, aid bonding and neurological development, reduce stress, and yes — promote sleep.

Happily, they turn out to be as good for the singer as for the child. Originally unaccompanied, over the centuries lullabies have become beloved popular songs and folk instrumentals. Classical composers even adapted them for sacred, choral and dramatic works. The lullaby seems to charm everyone it touches. As our world warms, it's punctuated by sounds of ice melting, cracking and falling.

Overhead the auroras paint the sky with ghostly green light, as charged particles from the sun interact with the earth's magnetic field. It's a vast, solemn environment that inspires ambient and electronic musicians to create vast, chilled soundscapes. But it was still a bit surprising for one of the most popular and productive electronic bands of the last 20 years to emerge from the 19th century industrial city of Manchester, a former textile center in the English midlands with a checkered history going back to Roman times.

In 18 years they've produced what they describe with typical understatement as "an explorative body of instrumental work that's shifted between electronica, dub, minimalism, avant-jazz and ambient music. With the release of their 10th album in , we thought it was high time to take a look back. Winter nights bring us a very different aspect of the season; as the temperature drops, time seems to slow and activity stops.

Even the wind rests, while the cosmic panorama wheels slowly overhead--complex patterns of ancient light from a vast universe. For those hearty souls who venture out, it's an experience of contemplative stillness. In the chilled, wet, gray winters north of the Mediterranean, the rich harmonies and bright overtones of the string family pierce the cold and dark, and touch our souls. Whether the music is noble and expansive, somber and melancholy, or quiet and contemplative—it nourishes the spirit and warms the heart.

A threshold of consciousness — between dream-inspired sleep and rational wakefulness. A time of transition — between what was and what will be: A place where healing and transformation can occur. The most important liminal space is the present moment: a space of pure possibility.

They combine absolute mastery of traditional acoustic instruments with the unpredictable language of improvisation. But along with this powerful creative music, there's always been a slower, more contemplative side of jazz, which led to a much-loved repertoire of mellow, relaxing jazz with high musical standards. When combined with the spatial sensibility of contemporary ambient, we call it "spacejazz. The concept is found in many religious and esoteric teachings extending back for thousands of years.

The concept of an "astral" plane dates from the Neo-Platonic era in the 3rd century AD, and is said to be occupied by the soul and spirit before birth and after death, as well as all consciousness. In an era where truth and science are under attack, it's hard to dismiss metaphysical ideas about the organization of reality. They provide an important framework for personal spiritual beliefs in an increasingly secular age.

Ambient and electronic musicians have long been drawn to these themes because of the ability of electronic instruments to create subtle vibrations and imaginary worlds of sound. His music has been heard on hundreds of soundtracks, advertisements, solo albums, and live concerts. We've programmed his music on Hearts of Space since , with a retrospective show in His music is often described as minimalist, meditative, and introspective.

All true, but his style of minimalism is profoundly lyrical, emotional and sensitive, in the great humanistic tradition of European Romantic music. In the winter of , Einaudi began to compose music inspired by solitary walks in the Italian Alps, which ultimately became a seven-album box set of impressions, soundscapes, and variations. Who can blame them? As we absorb the terrible news about a global pandemic against this lush, verdant background, the "cognitive dissonance" is deafening.

The plants and animals don't know about the virus and are having a wonderful time, while the humans have to fight a ruthless bio-terrorist that can turn our fellow citizens into involuntary assassins, and paralyze our whole society. So in this season of hope and rebirth, we celebrate our steadfast first responders, heroic doctors and dedicated nurses, while we mourn our sick, our suffering and our dead. Three kinds of virtual movement we find in ambient music.

Flying is active. You surrender to prevailing forces and let them move you. Drifting is passive. You hang suspended, neutrally buoyant, in equilibrium with gravity. Floating is also passive. It's beyond ironic that it took a rogue microbe to force the world to take a time out. Sheltered in place, working remotely from home, reaching out with video and electronic messages, we're moving toward a world that's going to be slower, more limited, and less intense than before.

After that, who knows? We might like it better. For ambient and contemplative musicians, speed or—to use the musical term—tempo, has always been an artistic choice. And for centuries, a select group of them have chosen to make music that's slow, quiet, and heartfelt.

If it sounds better than ever these days, it's because we need it. And even before Covid, it was becoming controversial. Now, with critical supply chains being disrupted by the pandemic, we're having a bit of a rethink.

Whatever happens with global trade, one thing is certain: the global exchange of music, film, art and media is a cultural fact of life that will remain as vibrant and creative as ever. San Francisco is the home of Six Degrees Records, a company that's been dedicated to crossing musical borders since , with the provocative slogan "everything is closer than you think. When applied to music, ethereal implies subtle, light and airy, immaterial and weightless.

It's a word that's often used to describe electronic music, where sounds are not produced by physical instruments and have an abstract, immaterial quality. This music can take us to virtual spaces and imaginary worlds. And no wonder — it's so completely different from western music, it might as well have come from another planet.

The last 40 years have seen creative cross-fertilizations in many genres, from film music to rap, folk music to ambient electronic. At the same time, the emotional devotion at the core of Indian music has taken hold in the west with the bhakti tradition of devotional chant, bhajan and kirtan. As a prog rock guitarist, Fripp can fill arenas with massive walls of sound, but he's also a student of the teachings of the Armenian mystic philosopher G.

Through his work with Eno, Fripp developed an analog looping system he called Frippertonics. Looping repeats musical phrases with a delay and layers them on top of themselves, turning musical fragments into continuous streams of sound. When combined with Fripp's sophisticated guitar technique, Frippertonics has produced a series of refined electronic soundscapes. In fact, Brian Eno is the common link and creative touchstone for all the artists in this program.

Lay it back, stretch it out, and let it float — and you have the recipe for Ambient Cool. Gentle and tuneful, the handpans, as the new percussion family are called, are the perfect thing for delighting the ear and bringing joy to the heart during this disrupted and constrained summer of After months of enforced confinement and social distance, the warm weather brings thoughts of summers past, filled with sun, sport, and vacation pleasures, while the steel drum's Caribbean origins in Trinidad and Tobago suggest images of island adventures, white sands, and emerald waters.

It's a vision that's irresistible in normal times, let alone now. Slowly at first, then in a rush of innovation in the 20th century, they were given the tools to create music directly from recorded and electronically generated sounds.

The electronic studio itself became the master instrument, and imagination was unbound. It's hard to overstate how revolutionary this was. It led to a much expanded palette of musical sounds, an explosion of popular dance music, and immersive music with a focus on imagery, ambience, and virtual travel in sonic space. Composers became "sound designers," and listeners became sonic cosmonauts. Environmental sounds captured by high quality portable recorders lent a new psychological dimension to music, making us more aware of the natural ambient sounds around us.

Political conflict and anti-music fundamentalism in the region over the last 50 years led to a diaspora of MENA musicians to cities all over Europe, Canada and the United States. Leaving one's home and native culture is almost always difficult and unpredictable, but for music it can be a good thing, exposing musicians to new influences, new creative relationships, and unexpected cross-fertilizations.

Today the rich traditions of Middle Eastern and North African music combine freely with jazz, rock, rap, electronic, ambient and even new age, in a brilliant diversity of sound and style. It was built on trance-like rhythms and the most primitive instruments: flutes, rattles, and drums. Against all odds, in the late 20th century elements of this ancient indigenous music were embraced by electronic musicians searching for an earthy, vital sound to balance the dematerialized tones of electronic instruments, and ground the atmospheric soundscapes of ambient.

Their quest led to a hybrid electro-acoustic genre originally called "techno-tribal" and later "tribal ambient. Why would a sophisticated, technologically advanced culture want to revive an ancient, supposedly primitive one? In an era where our experience is increasingly mediated, artificial, and virtual — we seek authenticity, direct experience, and a deeper connection to our environment, our history, and our inner worlds. BAM's Music; : Info: www. As with acoustic instruments, we have freedom of expression with the core musical variables: melody, rhythm, tempo, and harmony.

But we've gained the ability to create the tone, the timbre, the character, and even the spatial dimension of the electronic sound. In fact, the space or ambience of the sound becomes a fundamental artistic choice. Electronic music can create "soundscapes"—immersive images of virtual environments.

Unlike the literal sound images of acoustic instruments, these electronic images can be deliberately amorphous, boundless, endless, unlimited. They can imply vast, fluid, diffuse, virtual spaces, whose dimensions are perceptually infinite. We can even make this quality the subject of the music, and call it "spacemusic"—a descriptive term that arose organically, in the early days of popular electronic music. Today, ambient-electronic artists are creating sonic images of infinity—endless virtual spaces we can expand into, bathe in, savor, and explore.

And in music, that often means returning to the joys and pleasures of the acoustic guitar. It's not just the foundation of what JOHN FAHEY memorably called "American primitive guitar;" in addition to its role accompanying singers, as a solo instrument it's a rich vehicle for personal expression, creative innovation, and contemplative immersion.

Maybe it was the drugs, but it seemed right. It was Good Times for space fans. Today, electronic spacemusic is an established genre with a nice article in Wikipedia and a steady stream of significant new music from masters of the craft. Through a form of meditation called samatha or "single-pointed attention," the meditator achieves vipasyana — in English vipassana or insight — "seeing into the nature of things. The practice of calm abiding leads to insight. Without any formal connection to Buddhist meditation, but because of common goals we can find samatha in the deeper, quieter, more contemplative forms of ambient music.

They bring beauty, peace, and emotional fulfillment to millions. Since the mid 20th century, the sacred sounds of exotic world cultures have become increasingly popular with western listeners, even though they sound nothing like western sacred music. Despite our increasingly secular culture, sacred song maintains a special place in our holiday celebrations, and contemplative music provides a much-needed balm for battered spirits. Resurrected from decades of cultural neglect by native musicians in the mid 20th century, it proved to be a versatile and satisfying instrument for both amateur and professional musicians.

We like to revisit it in the fall, when its pentatonic minor scale seems to magically express the deepening energy and complex colors of the season. It's an age-old expression of pain, grief and heartache — a step on the path to catharsis and healing. The leaves change color, wither and fade, while the animals are busy stocking up for the winter to come. For humans, this year is a somber season. In a time of pandemic, we're challenged to adapt to protective measures, and carry on with normal life in abnormal times.

The music of the season features downward progressions and complex harmonies. By the s solo piano recordings emerged as a vehicle for personal expression and statements of musical identity. Ubiquitous and flexible, the piano supported virtuosity and musical complexity as readily as simplicity and sentimentality.

Today the solo piano medium can be truly personal, while on a deeper level, quiet, spacious, serene ambient music addresses a collective psychological need for relief from the tension and intensity of daily life. That still leaves room for many different approaches. Along with typical new age sweetness and trancey minimalist repetition, we find artists attracted to dark worlds, somber tone colors, and dissonant harmonies, with sophisticated production techniques that add textural complexity and intrigue to the conventional sound of the acoustic piano.

As we transit the house of Scorpio in this plague year transmission of Hearts of Space This year we have to include the emotions that accompany a devastating global disease, isolation, and loss. We're challenged to reach into our battered hearts and summon up additional generosity, to give thanks for what we have. The days grow short, the nights grow long, and a chill descends on the land as the northern hemisphere slowly tilts away from the sun. It's a time for quiet reflection and the cultivation of inner strength to confront the challenges ahead.

He used conventional acoustic instruments. Just think of what he'd have done with the electronic instruments of today. In fact, if you give a musician a synth the odds are they'll use it to create some of the cosmic brand of ambient we like to call "spacemusic.

The cool, abstract, non-material tones of electronic instruments were intuitively associated with the moon, the planets, the stars and the entire cosmic panorama. Cosmic music led to another discovery: rhythm created by electronic tones generated by programmable machines called sequencers, instead of drums. Because drums grounded the music in the physical world, and tethered the imagery of the music to acoustic space.

The goal was the infinite release and infinite freedom Here's a hint: you can think of it as a large guitar, or a small piano. Give up? It's the harp — a descendant of the Persian chang and the Sumerian lyre — still with us after four thousand years. With tones ranging from seductively soft and warm to bright and bell-like, scales from diatonic to chromatic, and now acoustic and electric versions, the harp is both the original therapeutic instrument, and a vehicle for avant-garde experimentation.

Part 1 covered to , when he announced his "retirement" at age He wasn't serious. After a brief rest, he was more active than ever. Between then and his death at the end of , he added 16 additional collaborations, soundtracks, and solo albums to his already large catalog.

After making his reputation in England, Budd returned to Los Angeles and started a second family in his 60's. While the early years had been about establishing his approach to meditative, atmospheric music, now he worked with sympatico English ambient guitarists who instinctively understood the aesthetics of his "poetic dreamworlds" and "esoteric reveries.

His career had a certain inverse symmetry: after abandoning academic classical music in the beginning, at the end he was writing for string quartets. It's an artifact of a bygone era: the fog horns are still there, but as an aid to navigation they've mostly been replaced by GPS.

It makes a lovely souvenir of foggy, hypothermic summer nights in San Francisco. As an atmospheric phenomenon, fog has been with us since the earth cooled enough for water vapor to condense into tiny droplets that float on air.

For humans, fog reduces visibility and makes it difficult, even dangerous, to move around; on the plus side, fog creates subtle monochromatic dreamworlds of endless beauty and fascination for both visual artists and ambient musicians.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, chilled, soft-focus, atmospheric dreamworlds When HOS launched our nationally syndicated program in , David Darling was featured in program number one, and was already one of our core artists. In a unique career that extended over 50 years, David Darling distinguished himself as much more than a contemporary musician.

His work as a music educator, contributions to humanitarian projects, and collaborations with poets and spiritual teachers, set an example of a musical life devoted to service and inspiration. In addition to his ECM recordings, Darling sought out collaborations from outside the world of contemporary jazz, resulting in many diverse and richly romantic recordings, which we'll cover in a second retrospective.

But there was other music in David Darling's heart. In the early s, he began to pursue a more varied, romantic, even playful direction in recordings for other labels. Rather than the two day recording schedule at ECM, he took his time.

They were made of bronze, glass, ceramic, or minerals like quartz with a crystalline molecular structure. When formed into a circular cup shape and struck, bells produce a pitched tone and harmonics, which fade away slowly. Mechanical resonance gives bells their characteristic ringing sound.

Suspended gongs are flat circles that produce clouds of sound without a central pitch; bossed gongs have a raised center, and are tuned to produce pitched tones.

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