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On this eve in , V saves a young TV reporter named Evey from rape at the hands of the police, forces her to join him, and makes a busy night. The torrent began around 9pm ET last night with the following statement from the official Anonymous “press arm”: “Preparing #OpVendetta Remember.

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Cinemasins v for vendetta torrent

cinemasins v for vendetta torrent

Those were decent numbers, but not enough for Dick Tracy to crack the Top The first chapters of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta originally. As CinemaSins put it in their review of the movie, "Whoa, V for Vendetta: The scene where the first open act of rebellion by the citizens of Britain. Death Battle! - 9x07 - Hercules VS Sun Wukong 8x02 - Appalachian Vendetta 11x49 - Everything Wrong With THE ENTIRE Toy Story Franchise. NOKIA 201 CARTOON THEMES TORRENT In addition, is going the files in binary. This settings it's a that it is performing follow the instructions below. Cons Le in it a missing riduttive nel error on or be the chrome. The Advanced 32" deep.

It creates specific, original, believable, lovable characters, and meanders with them through their inconsolable days, never losing its sense of humor. The studio spent millions marketing the film and signed hundreds of merchandising deals with corporate partners who fully expected to be the Summer of Hulk. What happened?

Every single frame is filmed to feel like the pages of a comic book, right down to transitions resembling the borders of comic panels. You got the wrong movie. A depressed file clerk living in Cleveland, Pekar became one of the most unlikely stars of independent comics with his ironically named American Splendor , an autobiographical series that chronicled the mundane details of his day-to-day life. He simply exists, an ordinary man trying to make the best of a largely disappointing life. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days.

Also, that sweet Elijah Wood who looked so cute as a Hobbit? Brrr …. Miller and Rodriguez have pushed the form as far as it can possibly go. The story of a mysterious masked anarchist fighting a fascist government in a near-future Great Britain struck a chord among those opposed to Thatcherism in the s, and its themes of resistance to authority and government oppression still seemed relevant during the George W. Bush years of global war and increased surveillance of citizens.

I think this film might be the Spartacus of the first decade of the 21st century. People are not punched in this film. They have their faces pummeled off. Children are not threatened. MUCH better films. Scott Pilgrim vs. Another reason is because I feel like Scott Pilgrim never got a chance to wow audiences with its sweetness and its inventive use of video game iconography because of a mediocre marketing campaign that downplayed its comic-book roots, clever visuals, and basically everything else that makes the movie stand out.

Things start to look up for him when he meets Ramona but — ruh-roh! Can he defeat the evil exes and win the big battle of the bands with his bandmates? Why you should see it: While the Toronto setting, video-game aesthetics, the soundtrack and quirky dialogue are enough reasons to give it a try, Scott Pilgim vs.

Chris Evans! Brie Larson! Brandon Routh! Mary Elizabeth Winstead! Mae Whitman! Jason Schwartzman! And on and on…. Karl Urban did not make that mistake when it was his turn to play the top law enforcer in Mega-City One — one of many smart decisions that make Dredd the superior adaptation of the popular AD comic strip.

Another smart decision: there are no grand conspiracies or lessons to be learned here, just a simple story about the implacable Dredd and his rookie partner bringing order to a storey high-rise block of apartments ruled by the resident drug lord, Ma-Ma played with magnificent malevolence by Lena Headey, another smart decision by the producers. Things looked promising when Dredd opened in the UK at No.

The filmmakers also do a great job of building a dystopic future world where you can believe the only hope for order is someone like Dredd. Dredd-heads disappointed by the creative liberties and concessions to conventionality made by the Stallone version will find little reason to quibble with the determined and unapologetic approach to the one-man judge, jury and executioner here. A family tragedy forced Snyder to step back from production, and the film, which was completed by Avengers director Joss Whedon, went on to indifferent reviews and box office receipts.

And he made it with integrity. Leave a comment. Posted in Marvelous Movies! Tagged comic book films , cult favorites , cult films. Email Address:. Skip to content. Home About. Category Archives: Marvelous Movies! Scott Leave a comment Posted in Marvelous Movies! Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall Search for:. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 82 other followers. Follow Following. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress.

The film also uncritically acknowledges and glorifies Gordon's history of brief affairs with young, beautiful women, at least some of whom were up-and-coming entertainers. This type of conduct has landed other celebrities in hot water for taking advantage of women from a position of power over their careers.

The film also shows a photo of a young Gorgon wearing a shirt reading, "No Head, No Backstage Pass," further suggesting that Gordon misused his power for sexual gratification. Films — Animated. Jason tells Bruce if their places had been reversed and it was Bruce who died, he'd kill the Joker.

Joaquin's relationship with his Disappeared Dad in The Book of Life , became this when Jorge revealed on Twitter that pretty much the entire rest of the town thought he had gone crazy in his obsession with fighting Chakal. All that bread set around his father's monument? All made by Joaquin himself. No one else wanted to put in the effort to honor him. The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue features a computer, voiced by comedian Kevin Meaney, whose memory is lost when the protagonist has to do an important assignment on it.

Kevin Meaney would later die when he collapsed at his computer on October 21, Cars isn't immune — when Lightning McQueen calls Doc Hudson out for not revealing himself as Hudson Hornet, he responds by showing that the racing league gave up on him after a crash. Doc muses, "There was a lot left in me, I just never got a chance to show it.

Not to mention the film's co-director and Pixar story-artist Joe Ranft who voiced Red the Firetruck , was killed in a car wreck before completion of the film. Ranft never saw the finished product. The credits show a few Pixar characters Ranft voiced in honor of him Heimlich , Wheezy , etc. In Pixar 's film, Coco , a major plot point is the main character, Miguel, discovering that his favorite singer is in actuality a murderous fraud who fatally poisoned his songwriter who turns out to be Miguel's own great-great-grandfather to claim sole ownership of their music.

The film was coincidentally released as a flurry of sexual harassment scandals that rocked the American film industry, resulting in many real-life Broken Pedestals - among those implicated even being John Lasseter , one of Pixar's own bigshots. Justice League: War ending with the soon-to-be League fending off Darkseid and Reign of the Supermen 's stinger featuring the League planning to take out Darkseid? All for Nothing : The initial attack on Apokolips at the start of AW ended with much of the League dead or captured and Earth conquered — and taking it back is so much of a Pyrrhic Victory that the Flash has to do a Cosmic Retcon again just to give the heroes a chance to fix it.

In Finding Nemo Dory would happily sing to herself "just keep swimming". Then in Finding Dory it's revealed that as a kid she came up with it while lost, alone, and having forgotten her parents. Depending on your point of view, this trope or Hilarious in Hindsight will apply: Frozen came out in November and Elsa accidentally sets an eternal winter storm on Arandelle with horrible conditions.

Within weeks of the movie's release, a deep freeze hit many parts of the United States, resulting in subzero temperatures in an area from the Rocky Mountains all the way east to the Atlantic Ocean, with massive blizzards hitting the east coast. A lot of fans jokingly blamed the extraordinarily cold temperatures on Elsa's powers. That, or telling Mother Nature that when Elsa said "the cold never bothered me anyway," it wasn't supposed to be taken as a challenge. Never mind that it was mostly the United States and eastern Canada where 's winter was exceptionally cold, whereas it was nothing out of the ordinary in Elsa's native Norway.

Come the sequel , and Stoick saves his son from a mind-controlled Toothless at the cost of his own life. Of course, this is an example of the trope being deliberately invoked since the story was planned. The fact that Quasimodo's mother dies is bad enough , but Mary Kay Bergman 's death three years later made it worse. It doesn't help that she essentially died by head wound she shot herself. Then the cathedral itself was set aflame in April , and the ending scene where Notre Dame is shown in flames suddenly becomes a reality.

It didn't help that Frollo's song eerily predicted this incident. Kenneth Mars would die of prostate cancer in In the short, the movie gets focus-grouped to the point of having nothing to do with Emmet Brickowski's adventures and ends up a Box Office Bomb. Boasting several differences from the TV show, some critics accused it of trying too hard to pander to children. It also performed much more slowly at the box office than did LEGO's two previous theatrical films.

In The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea , a high wall is built along the beach near Prince Eric's castle, a security measure meant to keep Melody from going into the sea after Morgana tried to kill her when she was a baby. In , Walt Disney World built stone a wall along Seven Seas Lagoon after an alligator killed a 2-year-old child in it. The Lion King : Zazu gets trampled by many animals including a wildebeest in a funny, light-hearted scene.

Not long after, Mufasa gets trampled by a herd of wildebeest, in a scene that is decidedly both Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker , and anything but funny. In Moana , Maui's huge ego and Moana telling him that he's "nobody's hero" due to the repercussions of his actions which was supposed to be a humorous victory for her get a lot less funny once you learn that Maui originally wanted to help people, and he views himself as worthless without his powers.

The events of Monsters University make Randall's antagonism towards the protagonists, especially Mike, in Monsters, Inc. Not only did they used to be friends, or at least friendly roommates, Mike's advice to Randall to use his invisibility is what helped him become such a good scarer in the first place. It also works two ways — for months, if not years, he'd been beaten out as Scare Leader by a college dropout!

The doll Mulan finds represents a very different little "girl worth fighting for. After we find out that the "witch" was just a terrified little girl who was hanged for speaking with the dead , it becomes horrifying. Not only that, their insulting caricature of her actually contributed to her rage and bitterness.

Particularly cringe-inducing is the town sign, which has a picture of a hanging witch and two Puritans. When you learn what that scene would actually have looked like In Shrek Donkey mentioned that he was sold for some magic beans because he was so annoying. Shrek 2 had a smaller but more horrifying case. In one scene, Donkey as a horse is subdued by guards while the gang try to rescue Fiona from Prince Charming.

One guard has his knee at the base of Donkey's neck, and Donkey begins to cry out "police brutality! Soul : 22 is a soul that has spent centuries being snarky and breaking towards her mentors, which in turn causes them to very quickly give up on them. Given that these moments were sprinkled throughout the film, is Played for Laughs. However, when she becomes a Lost Soul, this is played for drama, as she actually took their criticisms very seriously, to the point where she feels that she will NEVER find her spark for living.

It helps that the mentors she had are the very ones who are shown within her thoughts, including the main protagonist. Spies in Disguise : People were making comparisons between Walter and Peter Parker long before this film came out. Then it came out, and the plot involved Walter being pinned in a frame-up involving an army of killer drones — just like Peter the main difference being Walter is framed as an accomplice to the supposed perpetrator rather than the perpetrator itself.

A bit in Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans sees a running gag of the series' versions being more serious than the Teen Titans Go! Both teams should be glad they're not like their DCAMU counterparts after Justice League War Apokolips War , which saw Beast Boy killed; Starfire ripped in half and turned into a cyborg; Cyborg dismembered and fused to Apokolips, resulting in him having to sacrifice himself to trap Darkseid and Trigon; Nightwing killed and resurrected, but also driven insane; and while Raven physically came out intact, she was also taunted by her father and at a couple of points once after what happened to her teammates and again, talking to John Constantine about her father , she considered suicide.

Three years and a global real-estate-fueled recession later, that subtle gag is now a harsh reality. The Prospector also threatens as the toys gang up on him in the cargo room of the airport: "You will all spend eternity rotting in some landfill! Barbie, when the toys are caught by Lotso, quote the Declaration of Independence "Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not by threat of force!

This gets a bit uncomfortable when Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya basically did this sort of thing in a method a lot closer of "threat to force" rather than the consent of the governed, leading the Muslim Brotherhood's rise in those countries.

Calhoun sinking in NesQuiksand became tasteless when Nestle recalled more than , containers of NesQuik bearing the film's characters on the containers for fears of food contamination. Films — Live-Action. In , 12 Years a Slave was a film about a tragic true story that received critical acclaim and won some Academy Awards. At the end of April , many people were once again reminded of the film, but not in a good way, after the shocking audio of NBA LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, who talked about not wanting black people to attend his games.

More shocking, was him also talking about his own Clippers' players who are 90 percent black like they were slaves on his plantation, with statements that sounded similar to many of the lines slaver Epps used in the film to justify his harsh actions. And Sterling said all of this to a black woman who was his mistress he was angry with. The film also featured a joke about Tracy Morgan about two weeks after his car crash.

In January , a documentary called 25 Years of Tschernobyl appeared. Fast forward two months, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident happened. His character faked having his legs disabled so he could murder his wife while standing so he would be "above suspicion.

The Concorde that was used for Airport '79 and is seen exploding in the end was the same one that crashed on 25 July in Paris, taking lives. Decades later, Weinstein would become known as a serial sex predator who hired private detectives to spy on and intimidate his victims. The movie Allure , which has Evan Rachel Wood playing an abusive bisexual who seduces a teenage girl, becomes much more disturbing when Wood revealed she was sexually, physically, and psychologically abused to the extent where she had to have a brief stay in a trauma hospital.

In all likelihood, Wood probably drew a lot from her real-life abuser to play the role. Also, she is herself bisexual. Arthur : The original version of Arthur had shades of this trope for Dudley Moore himself as years later, reported incidents led people to believe that he had become a falling-down drunk. In reality, he was suffering from a neurological disorder that would eventually prove to be fatal. Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies mentions he has eaten a baby once and still behaves a tad cannibalistic.

After a bout of character realignment, he reveals to Austin that he has changed his ways and went on the "Subway Diet" inspired by Jared Fogle. Cue Jared pleading guilty of receiving child pornography and sexual assault of minors Baby's Day Out features a scene in which Baby Dink wanders into a gorilla cage where a gorilla mothers it and lays the smack on the three bandits chasing him, becomes much more unsettling with the Cincinnati Zoo incident in which a child fell into Harambe the gorilla's cage and getting said gorilla shot in the process.

The newspaper in the film is made a little less painful to see now that has actually come to pass, with Queen Elizabeth II still on the throne as of October 21 — meaning that the headline would not have been possible on that date even if neither of those events had happened. Possibly even more depressing is Marty being forced to give up the job he loved because of his hands not working properly.

Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's, which has forced him to pretty much retire from acting. This became this trope because of The Walking Dead where the show kept Negan played by Morgan killing the husband of Cohan's character, Maggie. Additionally, it gets worse as there's an alternate scene where Negan kills Maggie. The movie adapted The Death of Superman , including, as the title implies, Superman's temporary death.

Zack Snyder now knows what Martha Kent is going through, as he stepped down from filming reshoots for Justice League after his daughter committed suicide. A Beautiful Mind : John and Alicia Nash were both killed in a car accident in , fourteen years after the film was made, while he was coming home from winning the Abel Prize, adding a rather sour grace note to the uplifting ending of his winning the Nobel Prize.

It also makes the hallucinated car chase pretty hard to watch. It's bad enough considering that Hoffman himself struggled with heroin addiction, even worse that he died from an overdose in The two frontrunners are the leaders of the progressive wing and of the conservative wing of the Party, two men who strongly despise each other.

In the end, the former played by Henry Fonda throws the votes of his pledged delegate behind a dark horse candidate to deny the latter, a corrupt and ruthless politician played by Cliff Robertson the nomination. Then, he delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his opponent, bluntly stating why he is unfit for the presidency. None other than Richard Nixon. William Russell : You have no sense of responsibility towards anyone or anything.

And that is a tragedy in a man, and a disaster in a president. Smiley of State: We were thinking, what could be a bigger threat than aliens invading from space? General Panzer: Ooh boy! Scare the shit out of everyone. Even me, sir! President: Jesus, is this the best you could come up with? What about, ya know, international terrorism? General Panzer: Well, sir, we're not going to re-open missile factories just to fight some creeps running around in exploding rental cars, are we, sir?

Billy : You know the funny thing about morphin? This film was completed before the tragic loss of HMS Truculent, and earnest consideration has been given as to the desirability of presenting it so soon after this grievous disaster. The Producers have decided to offer the film in the spirit in which it was made, as a tribute to the officers and men of H.

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