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It is very useful if you move a lot, and use BitTorrent download frequently. Once this done, you have to make sure that PHP has loaded the newly. get an error when trying to add a magnet link to the interface? I can add them just fine if accessing the daemon by using ipserver Where.

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Torrentflux done download failed because you may not have

torrentflux done download failed because you may not have

For sqlite, i have to use RC5 package - i got Assertion failed message (it much memory - more than 64MB for 5 torrent downloads (It is like downloading. Basically you have to double check the permissions of the downloads folder are correct and that the apache user (or whatever user owns your web. Here are the steps to install Transdroid when you use Torrentflux-b4rt on Ubuntu: Don't forget to remove the torrentduk.fun script fter your done installing. DH4 MAILPLANE SERIAL TORRENT If you is the Google Play. Posted 15 summarize the partition modification button pointed. Simple Setup, Graphics Mode. The no upgrading How dryer Toiletries. This counter your fellow of large license is them and.

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Torrentflux done download failed because you may not have set it off riddim instrumental torrent


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You can post a screenshot if you want. You could also double-check that your new setting is actually being properly written into the MySQL database. It sounds like you're not doing anything like that, though I clicked on 'update setting', of course.

I see the problem. Try changing that and see if it works. How do I do that? LOL Which part? It should be ok. Which part? Does that answer your question or am I missing the mark? In the torrentflux web-admin panel, clear all the text from the path textbox select everything "chmod I'd give you a tip if i could! Glad it's fixed now! The closest thing is clicking on the "thank" link!

One last thing, sir: Any advice on tweaking upload speeds? My download speeds are unbelievable, but my upload speed isn't much better than dial up. If that's not enough, then this usually means that the router on your home network has a firewall that is blocking ports. The fix for this depends on your exact router, but here's an outline: 1. Log into your router admin panel. Then, set a "port forward" by opening the port range you've chosen or whatever and set the "destination IP address" to the internal IP of your computer which will be something like That's it.

With the ports open, bit-torrent will be much, much faster. If you need more info, let me know or do a web-search for "bittorrent port open" and you'll find various guides. Good luck! I'm actually renting a dedicated server from Leaseweb. So I'm not so sure that a router would apply.

Am I wrong? You're right, a dedicated host won't have a simple router, and in any case shouldn't be blocking ports but it might depend on the plan you have with them. You can check with your server provider and see if they have any suggestions.

Is it possible that whatever torrent you were using just wasn't in high demand? Another thing to note: In torrentflux there is a little "light" to the left of a torrent that is downloading. If it is green, this means you are not being port-blocked, and everything is okay. Ok, so I'm going to assume that it's because that no one is leaching it from me. Strange though, that when I do get leachers, it goes so slow.

I found the easiest way to install it providing you already have a working mysql is to download the archive from the torrentflux site www. To summarize some things to try: 1. If PHP5 was already installed, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Hello, I have done torentflux before an a previous server install, but I had to reinstall to fix a different problem connection issues anyway the reinstall didnt fix any problems because its turned out to not be a server problem.

Now this is strange because when I installed it before I used to sudo aptitude method and it worked just fine. I had ubuntu 7. Hopefully someone knows or has had this error before? I can dl torrents on my comp and ftp to my server but thats getting old. I've never had this error myself, but two other users have posted to this thread with that same error. You can check back through the thread history, and try the various suggestions You may end up having to completely remove the install and re-install it.

If that doesn't work, you can also try uninstalling it and doing a manual install see the first post in this thread, which is a how-to. They may have seen the problem already. Sorry I don't have a good answer for you. I'm having a bit of trouble with the no-ip part. If I understand you correctly, you're saying that if you check your outside IP number, the one that is "live" on the internet, on computers behind the DSL gateway, all computers show the same "live" internet IP?

That is correct :- Behind the router though, you should be using some other IP Block. This type of configuration has been discussed at great length in many threads. From your response, that is what I "assume" ;- is happening to you I'm pretty sure that's it. But I've already forwarded port 80 for Sorry, this is a pretty old thread but I just downloaded and installed the latest version and I thought I should share my problem All the basic parts worked, Apache, MySQL, php etc but for some reason I could only download one torrent at a time with torrentflux.

Because I'm used to using a client like Deluge that will allow you to run all of your connections through one port I narrowed the port range to that one port to match the firewall rules I had already set up. Unfortunately Torrentflux needs one port per torrent If you narrow the range to only the one port you can only download one torrent at a time. Looking back it seems pretty simple Check to ensure apache is running, check your log files, etc. Once you confirm it works locally then you start looking more into the router and your port forwarding.

I can confirm that is all working. Heck, I can get there from this computer if I enter it's lan address. It's when I either use no-ip or a direct IP that it fails. That means the next place to look is: 1 Your router -- make sure it is forwarding port 80 to your machine's internal IP 2 Your "domain" resolution -- make sure your internet domain is pointing to your router's IP number If you can load the torrentflux web page locally, then those two items listed above would be the reasons why you can't load the page from the outside world.

I just put the gateway into bridge mode and all is working. Now I'm just having the problem that when I search with torrentflux no results show up. It says there are pages, but nothing is there. Glad that worked for you. If you use the Synaptic Package Manager and search for curl you should find it. I think it may even be called php5-curl? Install that and restart and you should find the searches work. I would also suggest you go to the forums where they maintain those search engines and download and install the latest versions of the search engines you want to use.

Many corrections have been made. I am having this exact same problem, can anyone shed any light? How 'bout me? Then go to the forums, where the author of the search engine you want maintains their code Ignore the time stamps, they update the code as they code.

What you get there will likely always be more current than what you got when you installed through ubuntu. And that's it! I guess I should edit my post to include these details. I'm now using TorrentFlux full-time. It says 1. I believe small changes have been made to the script over time but the version number hasn't changed.

There is a "fixed" one on it that I'm using. Works perfectly. I think I broke my torrentflux. Whenever I go to the index. Anyone know how to fix this? You should probably get in the habit of making a backup copy before you start to fiddle ;- I don't know if my version is the same as yours but you're welcome to either "diff" it or just use it Plus I didn't change anything in index.

It just stopped working after I tried to get it to grab a. EDIT: Nevermind. I got it. One of the. I deleted it and now everything's good again. Can you help me? Check out step 4. Basically, you need to create a new user in MySQL for torrentflux. Other people have reported similar error messages It would also help to have more information about your setup.

Did you install using synaptic or apt-get , or did you do a manual install? Were you following the directions in this how-to? If you can also provide some what your config. Briefly, the things I'm looking for are: 1. The error message says user "torrentflux" but you mentioned user "torfluxuser" as being in the database. If your config. You should try changing the user specified in config. Depending on what install method you used, the actual config file may be elsewhere.

Try using "locate torrentflux" and see if there is another "config. File permissions in your torrentflux directory may be wrong. The webserver user "www-data" needs to be able to access the files. You can use chmod to change permissions. Starting over with a clean install and carefully following the steps in the how-to often fixes everything. I'll try to locate it now.

That error has now gone and I only have this one: Database error: Access denied for user 'torfluxuser' 'localhost' to database 'torrentflux' Always check your database variables in the config. Database error: Access denied for user 'torfluxuser' 'localhost' to database 'torrentflux' Always check your database variables in the config. To fix this, you can use any MySQL tool e. MySQL Admin or phpmyadmin and alter the "privileges".

I'm having a problem with apache2 I believe. I can do the test page and it loads, but when I log into torrentflux I get a white page. If I'm using firefox it asks me to download the index. I've already purged and removed torrentflux, apache2 mysql and php5 as well as reinstalling them. Does anyone know how to upgrade torrentflux? I installed using this guide not sudo apt-get install torrentflux and so I have version 2. I can't find documentation on how to do this.

Download the torrentflux tar. If you go down to the seciton marked "Upgrading from Previous Versions of TorrentFlux", you'll see the detailed instructions you need to perform the installation: Upgrading from Previous Versions of TorrentFlux IMPORTANT: Remember to always backup your database before any upgrade -- just in case.

If you run into problems, a clean install never hurt anyone. Rename your config. Copy all the new files over your old ones including the themes and subdirectories. Edit the new config. Place the upgrade file in your web root with your config. You should delete the upgrade PHP file after it has run and performed the upgrade.

If you have any questions about the steps, feel free to ask! That answers my questions except one, I have 2. Do I need to go 2. You upgrade it in steps. So, in your case, you would do: 1. Backup your config. Click "YES". Click "Done". Delete the two upgrade files from your torrentflux folder.

Kebes could you tell me how I stop Torrentflux from starting when I startup my box? I want to try another client for awhile but don't want to un-install Torrentflux. Any advice helps. No need to uninstall Torrentflux. Torrentflux doesn't really start-up when you boot up your machine.

It only 'starts' when you visit the torrentflux interface and start a download. So, as long as you stop all active torrents, then Torrentflux won't be running anymore. It won't interfere with any other bit-torrent client you install or run. Thank you very much kebes your are always most helpful, this thread would be nothing without your input. Be well my friend. OK first can I say how much this guide has helped me, there is no way I could have setup TF without it.

Saying that I am having a problem with one aspect of the program. Can I set it up so that I can control my torrents from any browser on any PC. Yes you should be able to. You probably need to open a port on your router, and possibly switch your webserver to a non-standard port e. Take a look at step 2 from the how-to, and follow those guidelines. Let me know which steps work and which don't. Try it on the actual computer, and then from some other computer. What are the results?

I also have my download ports for ft, , forwarded to I have port 80 forwarded to the internal server IP address. Many internet providers block port So it might just be that. If you don't see the test page, then that probably means your internet provider is blocking port That explains how to switch your server to using a non-standard port, which often fixes the problem. If you installed something like Firestarter, then it may have turned off port 80, in which case you should unblock it.

If I try the same from another machine on the network via its external IP address. I'm trying to get my torrentflux to save to a different, mounted, harddrive. I can access it fine, and the permissions are set identically to the currently working download directory, but for some reason it won't let me. Make sure the path is writeable. I know you said that you set the permissions Even if a sub-directory is writeable, the server can't access it if the parent directory is protected.

This means that the download directory UNSORTED should have permissions set to "drwxrwxrwx" , and the parent directories should be "drwxr-xr-x" If that doesn't work, you could also try explicitly setting the ownership of the directory. Torrentflux will run as user "www-data". It needs to be a Linux filesystem. Hopefully one of those suggestions will sort it out!

Torrentflux uses the "md5" command in PHP to generate an md5 hash of the password you supply. So you can do the same thing. Let's say you want your new password to be "secret" without the quotes. This is what you do. For security reasons, you should promptly delete the md5. Now update the database, and put that new hash in place of the old one.

This is very easy to do with the web-based "phpmyadmin" utility. If you don't have phpmyadmin, you can do it the commandline way: mysql -uroot -p Enter your MySQL root password. Obviously, instead of "secret" you put the password you want, and instead of the hash "5ebe Thanks a million, chose a new password with a single quote ' in it, guess they don't sanitize their inputs, cause I couldn't log back in.

Everything has been working fine for some time now, but there is this one torrent that I uploaded to my torrent box and I can't remove it. It wouldn't start so I choose delete and nothing happens, it's just sitting on the index. Another, possibly related problem, is when I try to delete this one file from my directory list I get this error. Warning: chmod [function.

But you should be able to just manually delete the. Hope that works! To find out what the current download directory is, log into torrentflux, and then go to "Admin" there's a link at the top , and then "Settings". The first setting is "Path", which is the download directory. Go to that directory, and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Remember that the. So from the commandline you'll have to use something like "ls -laF" to see it. Thank you, it worked. I still had to go in and manually remove the one file from my directory list but that takes two seconds. I get as far as getting the test php working, but te when I try to add the password i get the following error: error: 'Access denied for user 'root' 'localhost' using password: NO ' I am trying to set this up logged remotely via ssh if it means anything.

I just have the one user on the server. If so, just skip this step. Of course, you'll need to know what that password is for steps 4b and 4c. If you're installing torrentflux on a shared hosting server of some kind, it's possible that you won't have access to the MySQL root account.

That's fine, as long as you are able to create MySQL databases and users. Let me know if you have any other questions. I cannot remember if or when I created a mysql password. My setup is a simple home file server, that only I access. I have only one user setup on it, which is me, the admin, set up when ubuntu was installed. I had installed LAMP before, via synaptic, but since looking at this tutorial have aptitude installed each component, to make sure I had the right things definately installed.

Is there a way to reset the password? Thanks for your reply. Yes, you can change the MySQL root password. Login to MySQL as root no password required : mysql -u root mysql 4. Change the root user's password to "supersecret" in this example.

For example, could I stick it in my home directory? Yes, in principle you can select any directory you want. Thanks for that. A question about user www-data. How do I make this so it is just a standard file, with permissions for me to delete it if necessary. Would I have to chown all downloads everytime to me? The first thing to note is that you can delete the files within Torrentflux.

Just click on "directory" at the top , and you'll get a file listing, with a delete button red X for each file. If you want to manually delete the files, you can use "sudo rm" be careful with that command! Not a perfect fix, I know. I had no idea you could delete the downloaded files from within TorrentFlux! Much easier than SSH'ing into the box and using the manual 'sudo rm' command. Great tip! I'm trying to get this going currently on my home server, getting blank php pages.

I'm using Arch linux, just to save anyone time from posting Ubuntu-specific commands, but any ideas would be good. Works :. Is the page truly blank or empty? I presume the page looks entirely white, with no text. What happens if you look at the page source? Is there anything there, or is it a totally empty document? The source may provide some clues.

One possibility is that you are getting some kind of PHP error, but that your PHP is configured to suppress error reporting. You can turn error reporting on by editing your php. Works : Glad you got it working! Have fun! Thanks for the help kebes. I have a question about the port range, though, it's currently at but the port I have always used for my torrents that's forwarded in my router is , would I change the to ??

If I can :. Yes, that should work. As far as I know, setting the max and min to the same value forces it to use a single port. It always downloads to your user sub-folder. However you can 'trick' it pretty easily. Then just make that directory a symlink to the actual download location that you want.

Okay on the port, speeds are they've always been. As for the symlink, it doesn't appear to work. Any new torrent I try to run fails. Perhaps it can't be fooled? Unless you or others have attempted this, hopefully there's a way.

EDIT: Got it to go without a symlink, just changed default user to torrents and she's downloading fine! Also to note apologies if it's been mentioned somewhere in this thread , I was encountering the "DONE" and "download failed" after every torrent, being able to grab just one and then no workie. I fixed this via a thread on the torrentflux forum reminding users that the BitTornado engine is at work and apparently how many torrents one can download is proportionate to the port range, so I opened up some more ports and she's workin' great :.

Any problems with private trackers? I can't seem to get any torrents working, have gotten the errors "rejected tracker - invalid port" and a tracker timeout. I have tried some different ports, no go. If it doesn't work when you copy-and-paste the URL for a private tracker. Another solution is to set a cookie inside TorrentFlux, so that it has the login credentials for the private tracker.

Click the "How to get cookie information Ah yes, I got the cookies working, the problem was actually that the torrents weren't starting at all on private trackers, no connectability. I don't know if you've given it a shot but it was a breeze to setup and IMO much improved over torrentflux.

Im missing the following python scripts btshowmetainfo. A normal install should put them at the correct location. Also does it matter which version of Bit tornado im using? I don't think you should manually update the version of BitTornado scripts in that folder new versions of TorrentFlux will include the new version of the scripts. How would I make and seed a torrent? I made the. I can start it like I'm downloading it, but then it doesn't appear "complete" and I don't think it is seeding.

After uploading your. I think most trackers will modify the file slightly, so you may need to redownload the. But honestly I don't know enough about initiating new torrents to be much of a help on this one Hopefully someone else has some good hints? I think I got it. They didn't say anything about redownloading the. Mine was just trying to download it again instead of pointing to the file. Stupid error. Just had to register to tell you thanks! Got it to work on my Bluehost.

Didnt really follow it to the T, but it did help. Didnt really follow it to the T, but it did help Awesome! I'm glad this tutorial is still helpful and relevant! I have installed torrentflux correctly and it is showing green light next to fields. But when i start torrent, it says "Connecting to Peers" and nothing happens there after.

I think the webserver's firewall is not allowing the torrentflux on default port, so i tried to change ports but nothing happened. What could b the reason and How to solve it? Help would be appreciated! Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 7 years, 4 months ago.

Modified 7 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Any ideas what could be happening?. Artemix Artemix 8, 13 13 gold badges 47 47 silver badges 74 74 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Since I don't know the code that is in your app I would like to provide you with some pointers to help you to find your answer: Have you updated the versionCode in your AndroidManifest.

Did you update the versionCode in your application that is used to get the expansion file s? Have you waited for around an hour after uploading the new. It took me around an hour every time I had to upload a new. Have you uninstalled the application before trying to test out your new expansion file?

With the provided Libraries a database will be used to store some information like file size. An install of the application on top of an existing one might not remove the information from this database. See picture below for next pointers: I assume you are using it but just to check, did you use the right "Public key"?

This would be the e-mail address of the account on the device you are testing the expansion files with. Play store publisher account profile page? In General Setting section If these pointers don't help you out I might need some more information about what you have tried etc. Community Bot 1 1 1 silver badge. Justin Justin 4, 2 2 gold badges 31 31 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges.

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Installation failed: Download failed. The checksum of the file () does not match the expected torrentflux done download failed because you may not have

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