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At night-fall, we went towards the place of our landing, where we faw feveral heaps of oyfier-thells brought by the natives, which had decermined our fifiiermen to look for fome in the roadftead. At the time of low water, they difcovered, quite clofe to it, a bank of oyfters, of which they procured a large ftock.

I was aftonifhed at the great variety of the productions yet atiord- ed me by this part of New Holland, where I had already made very exact refearches, the B 3 year 6 VOYAGE IN SEARCH year before, for upwards of a month; though, indeed, in fpots feveral myriameters diftant from thofe which we had recently vifited, and in a feafon much more advanced: accordingly I.

We fet off the next morning at day-break, with an intention of not returning on board for two days, and. This fingular organiza- tion of bark is met with only in New Holland; it is much the fame in the eucalyptus refinifera: I had alfo obferved it on the fouth-weft coaft of this fame country in two large trees, one of which belongs to the family of the protege, and the other to that of the myrtz.

We foon found a fhed erected as a fhelter againft the ftrong breezes from the fouth-weft. We faw near it a fire, which appeared to have been recently kindled. The natives had left there part of a branch of the fucus palmatus, which they eat after having broiled it, as we had an opportunity of feeing in the fequel. The fouth-weft wind, which had been pre- ceded by a great fall of the mercury in the ba- rometer, blew in the afternoon in impetuous fqualls, that brought us fome rain at the mo- ment we arrived at the fea-fide, quite clofe to the South Cape.

The calyx is campanulate or bell-fhaped, and four-toothed. The ftamina, to the number of eight, are fixed on the receptacle. The germen is of an oval form. The ftyle is not quite fo long as the ftamina. The ftigma has four divifions. The capfule has four cells, each of which is — compofed of two valves: itis covered with hair.

Each cell contains from two to three feeds, almoft fpherical. The leaves of this plant are oppofite, round- ed, covered with a thick down, and of a fawn colour in the under part. The flowers are folitary, and placed at the axilla of the leaves. I defignate this fhrub by the denomination of mazxeutoxeron riful.

Explanation of the Figures. Plaie XVII. Flower, Fig. The petals have been removed, order to fhewthe ftamina. The ftamina foaled, Fig. A tufted buh was the beft fhelter that we could there find. We alfo covered it with boughs, thinking to be per- fectly fecure from the inclemency of the wea- ther; but the fouth-weit wind blew with fuch violence during the night as to make the rain penetrate on all fides.

Tou add to our misfor- tunes, the cold was very tharp, and forced moft of us to draw near the fire, although we were there more expofed to the wet than in this fort of cabin. I obferved, in feveral places which appeared to have fallen in recently, that fome of thefe heaps of fand refted ona hard fteatites of a dark-gray colour, and others on — free-ftone. I alfo remarked, fhortly after, on the edge of the beach, that a very large rock, which ftood out in the fea, at no great diftance from the coaft, exhibited in all its points the - fame fpecies of fteatites: this rock was very high, and was perforated at one of its extremi- ties.

The hope of finding fome vegetables, fit to eat as a fallad, had determined the moit provident among us to bring the ingredients neceflary for drefling that difh: the leaves of this plantain were very tender, and the fallad which they afforded us was much relifhed by all our party.

A new geranium, with an herbaceous ftem, very fmall, and with leaves very much indented, was in the number of the plants which I gathered: it was the firft plant of this genus that I faw in this country. I mention — this tree, not only on account of the fingularity of its leaves in atrece of this family, for they are broad, and deeply divided on their mar- gin, but alfo on account of their utility in the making of beer: their bitter, and at the fame time aromatic extract, led me to think that it might be ufed like that of fpruce.

The expe- riment which I made of it with malt, informed me that I was not miftaken. This fine tree is frequently a meter in thick- nefs, and from twenty-five to thirty meters in height: its wood is extremely hard, of a reddith colour, and fufceptible of a moft beautiful polifh. The thick forefts that lay to the north- north-weit of our fhips, offered to my view a ereat number of trees, of middling height, which grew very well, notwithftanding the fhade fpread over them by the enormous branches of the eucalyplus globulus.

I thal]! Thecalyx has four fcariofe leaves, united by their upper part; thefe detach themfelves in proportion as the corolla expands. The corolla is formed of four petals, attached unaer the germen. The ftamina are numerous, from thirty to forty. The capfule opens into fix or feven valves, which are ligneous, fplit inwardly throughout their whole length, and marked with two teeth at their upper extremity.

The feeds are few in number, and flattened. This tree, which does not grow higher than from eight to ten meters, is rather flender. Its leaves are oval, oppofite, coriaceous, fhining, and covered witha thin coat of refin, which exudes from their upper part: the back of them is whitifh ; their tranfverfal nerves are fcarcely perceptible. I have given it the name of carpodontos lucida. Branch of the carpodontos lucida. Flower with the calyx already de- tached from its bafe.

Hind part of the flower, in which may be remarked the calyx, which fometimes remains attached to it after the expanfion of the corolla. The ftamina magnified. We had formed a plan to go, on the 1ft of February, and vifit the higheft of the moun- tains of this part of New Holland: its diverfified fites promifed us a great number of new pro- ductions.

Each of us carried provifions for five days, perfuaded that this time would be fuficient for accomplifhing our object. We fet out very early in the morning, pretty well pro- vided with bifcuit, cheefe, falt pork, and brandy, our ufual provender on thefe diflant excurfions, After having travelled half of the road that we had already followed before in going to the South Cape, we found a vaft glade, which faci- litated OF LA PEROUSE.

We directed our route to the HOT and advanced but flowly, being obliged to over- come the obftacles which were oppofed to us at every ftep, by enormous trees heaped one upon the other: moft of them, rooted up by the tem- peft, had raifed in their fall part of the foil in which they had grown: others, fallen down from age, were worm-eaten in every part; and frequently the lower extremity of their trunk was feen ftill upright in the midft of the pro- digious heaps of their remains.

After an extremely laborious walk, we at laft reached the fummit of a mountain, whence we perceived, to the fouthward, the middle of the roadftead of the South Cape, and, to the north-weft, the great mountain towards which we were directing our fteps. Prefently the night forced us to ftop. We kindled a great fire, near which a pleafant fleep foon overtook us, and refrefhed us after the fa- ticues of the day. We flept in the open air, becaufe it would have been very difficult: for us to build quickly a place of fhelrer in the midft of thefe large trees, their branches being chiefly 16 VOYAGE IN SEARCH chiefly fituated near their top: befides, this part of the foreft was deftitute of fhrubs.

We had in vain fought for fome great trunks exca- vated by fire; but thefe are to be met with only in the places frequented by the natives: we had feen a great number of them by the fea-fide, and had remarked feveral paths made by them ; nothing, on the contrary, indicated to us that they had come into the middle of thefe thick forefts. I awoke about midnight; and, feeing myfelf infulated amidft tnefe filent forefts, of the majefty of which the feeble light of the ftars ftill afforded me a glimpfe, I felt myfelf penetrated with a fenti- ment of admiration at the inexpreffible grandeur of Nature.

On the 2d, at day-break, we followed the fame direction as on the preceding day. The difficulties increafed more and more: frequently — the trunks of trees, thrown down one upon the other, formed a barrier almoft impenetrable, and fubjected us to the neceffity of climbing on the moft lofty, and of walking thus from tree to tree, at the rifk of falling from a great height; for feveral being covered with a fungous bark, foaked by the conftant humidity which reigns in thefe thick forefts, afforded us but an ex- tremely flippery and difficult paflage.

I The OF LA PEROUSEs 17 The day was already far advanced, when we reached the fummit of amountain, whence we perceived the whole extent of a very long val- ley, which we were yet obliged to crofs before we could arrive at the foot of the mountain we had intended to vifit. The interval which feparated us from it, appeared tobe about three myriameters; and this fpace was occupied by forefts as thickas that through which we had juft paffed. It would have required nearly the fame time to return: according to this calcula- tion, we fhould for three days have been in want of provifions ; befides, thefe forefts did not afford us the fmalleft means of fubiiftence : we were therefore obliged to renounce our pro- seck, The great chain of mountains appeared to extend toa vaft diftance, in a direction trom north-eaft to fouth-weft, We found, in the forefts which we had juft traverfed, the fame forts of ftones that we had already met with about the South Cape.

We faw this cape tothe fouth by eaft : we followed that direction, and went to pafs the night on VG TES! After having got out of them, we were able to continue our march along the fea-fide, where we for fome time found an eafy road, the mountains terminating here witha gentle decli- vity ; but we were foon obliged to clamber over fome fteep rocks, at the foot of which we faw the fea break inafrightful manner.

This road, though fo difficult, was however frequented by the natives. We here found one of their darts: this weapon was a very ftraight long ftick, which they had fharpened at both ends, but had not taken the trouble to polifh. We obferved it to extend over a fpace of upwards of three hundred meters. Thefe indications lead me to prefume, that at a greater depth would be found an abundance of excellent pit-coa!. It is well known, that the richeft mines of that combuftible are commonly found beneath free-ftone.

The ruft with which I faw the water that dropped from the rocks ftrongly coloured, was the firft fign that apprized me that thefe moun- tains contained iron; but I prefently found fome fine pieces of bematites, of a red copper colour; and farther on an ochreous earth, of a rather bright red. Tyripela was likewife fcat- tered, in little ifolated bits, in the middle of the road that we were following: it had proba- bly been detached from the upper ftrata, which could no longer be diftinguifhed, becaufe they were concealed by large quantities of fallen earth.

Several new fpecies of Jotelia grew in the clefts of the rocks, which became more and more fteep: fome were perpendicular, and were upwards of two hundred meters in height above the level of the fea. Our attention was foon attracted by a fright- ful noife, the increafe of which feemed to us to follow the motion of the waves; and we beheld, with the greateft aftonifhment, the terrible fight of the deftructive effects of the fea, which is continually undermining thefe fteep fhores.

The bafe of an enormous rock was already fwal- lowed up by the water; while its fummit was excavated into an enormous vault, fufpended at upwards of two hundred meters of perpen- dicular elevation, which, by re-e-hoing the founds, increafed the noife of the repeated dafh- ing of the impetuous waves that broke againft its fides. We had paffed beyond the two firft capes which lie to the wetward of the South Cape.

We returned towards this laft, where we fpent a very bad night; for unfortunately we were at no great diftance from fome ftugnint water, and the Bete act ftillnefs of. The cafcade of the South Cape, which, when Furneaux landed in this country, carried a great deal of water to the fea, was almoft dry at the time of our being here. We found dead, on the fhore, a feal, of the fpecies called phoca monachus. In proceeding towards our anchorage, we met, to the eafl-north-eaft of the South Cape, with two large ponds; and in keeping along their banks, we faw feveral kangaroo burrows.

A new fpecies of utricularia difplayed its charm- ing flowers on the furface of thefe flill waters. The time that I had left on the sth and th, after having defcribed and prepared the fpeci- mens which I had collected the preceding days, T employed in vifiting the low lands that lay to the fouth-eaft of us.

I eafily penetrated into thefe forefts, the trees of which ftood at fome diftance from each other. I found, almoft every where, an excellent vegetable mould. I here cut famples of feveral forts of wood, in order to afcertain the different ufes to which each of them might be applied. The fine tree, which I take to be of the family of the conifere, and of which I have already fpoken, oppofed a great refiftance to the faw; this, no doubt, is the tree of that family which would furnifh the clofeft grained wood.

I had long wifhed that on this part of the coaft might be depofited, in a gocd vegetable mould fufficiently moiftened, moft of the feeds which we had brought from Europe, and which might thrive here; but, on my return, I faw with concern, that a very dry and very fandy foil at the bottom of the bay had juft been dug and fown. We debarked at its entrance on the weft fhore. It was the time of low water; and, bya fortunate chance, we found ourfelves on a bank of oyfters, of which we laid in an ample ftock.

We again faw with pleafure a country that we had vifited feveral times the preceding year. We foon arrived at the head of the harbour, and, on afcending the river, met with fome very thick, marfhy groves, which often retarded our progrefs. Snakes are not very common at Cape Die- men: however, I faw two lying afleep in the fun, under large ftumps of trees; but on our approach, they fled into the hollowed trunks, which ferved them as a retreat.

Although the courfe of the river was ob- ftructed at almoft every itep by large trees, we were neverthelefs obliged to afcend it for the diftance of upwards of two kilometers, before we could find one which afforded us the means of C4 croffing, fy We then proceeded to the north-eaft, and without inconvenience traverfed a large plain, part of the vegetables of which the natives had recently burnt. We foon reached the head of the great lake, the banks of which we followed as far as the fea; and after having gone overa great extent of ground, we returned to its ex- tremity, in order to pafs the night near a rivulet that we had already croffed.

Asthe weather was very fine, we flept in the open air, fheltered enly by fome large trunks of trees lying on the eround; but prefently the cold, which we felt very fenfibly, forced us to light a great fire. Orb": On the 8th, as foon as day-light appeared, while the two men who had accompanied us were yet afleep, the gardener and I advanced alone towards the part of the lake oppofite to that which we had vifited the day before.

I had the fatisfaction of gathering feveral fpecies of the fingle-leaved mzmofa, all the parts of fructification of which were expanded. I was already in poffeffion of a few fpecimens of it, but they were very imperfect. After having proceeded at leaft three kilome- ters, we thought we heard before us fome hu- man voices. Advancing a few paces, we re- doubled our atcention, when, all ona fudden, there iffued from the fame fpot a cry formed by the union of feveral voices; and we foon perceived, through the trees, a great number of natives, moft of whom feemed to be employed in fifhing cn the banks of the lake.

As we were not at all acquainted with their intentions, and were befides unarmed, we did not hefi- tate in determining to rejoin our two compa- nions, who had each a mufket. We inftantly crofied the woods, in order to hide curfelves from the fight of the favages ; and we cndea- voured to conceal our flight, that we migh not be purfued by them. We haftily pre- pared afew cartridges, and fet out towards the place where we had perceived them.

Scarcely had we pro- ceeded a few fteps, before we met them. The full-grown men, and the young boys, were ranged in front, nearly ina femi-circle: the wo- men, girls, and children, kept behind, at the diftance of a few paces. Their manner not ap- pearing to me to announce any hoftile inten- tion, I made no hefitation in approaching the oldeft of the men: he accepted, with a good grace, a piece of bifcuit which I offered him, and of which he had feen meeat.

I then held out my hand to him, asatoken of friendfhip; and I had the fatisfaction to fee that this favage underfiood me perfectly well; he gave me his, ftooping a little, and at the fame time raifing his left foot, which he threw back in propor- tion as he bent his body. My companions alfo advanced quite clofe to the others; and immediately the beft under- fianding prevailed between us and thefe inha- ae bitants : OF LA PEROUSE, 29 bitants: they gladly received the neck-hand- kerchiefs which we offered them.

We wore, as I have already faid, a great many clothes on account of the coldnefs of the nights: the greater part of thefe we pulled off, to prefent to thefe iflanders. However, confidence gradually increafed ; and they then obtained permifMfion to approach. I afterwards difcovered that thefe cords were moftly made with the bark of a fhrub, of the family of the sym, which are very widely difperfed in this country. A pole-axe, which we made ufe of to cut a few bovgis, excited the admiration of thefe natives.

As they faw us difpofed to give them all that we poifefled, they were not afraid of afking us for it; and when we had complied with their requeft, they were tranfported with joy: they were alfo fully fenfible of the value of our knives, and received with pleafure a few tin-poets. As foonas I fhewed them my watch, it excited their Jonging. One of them, in particular, expreffed to me a with to poffefs it ; but he very foon gave up his application, when he faw that I would not part with it.

No fooner had I propofed to her to give it to me in exchange for a pair of pantaloons, than fhe ran away, and hid herfelf in the woods. The The other natives appeared really hurt at this rcefufal. Thefe good people interceded for me with this young girl, and called her feveral times. Perhaps it was only through timidity that fhe had made any difnculty in parting with this fort of clothing.

In return, fhe obtained a pair of pantaloons, which, according to the fafhion of thefe ladies, was far lefs ufeful to her than this fkin, which ferved to cover her fhouldcrs. We fhewed her the ufe of them; but for that purpofe we were neceffarily obliged to put them on her ourielves: fhe confented to this with the deft grace in the world, leaning koth her hands on 36 VOYAGE IN SEARCH on our fhoulders, while fhe raifed her legs otie after the other, in order to-be decked with this new garment.

Wifhing to avoid all caufe of mifunderftanding, we preferved, on this oc- cafion, as much gravity as we poffibly could. Thefe favages were forty-two in number: feven of them were full-grown men, and eight were women; the ethers appeared to be theif children, among whom we remarked feveral girls arrived at the age of puberty, and ftill lefs clothed than moft of the mothers. We invited them all to come and reft themfelves by our fire; as foon as we had reached it, one of thefe favages expreffed to us, by unequivocal figns, that he had come to reconnoitre us during the night: in order to make us comprehend that he had feen us afleep, he put his right hand on one fide of his head, which he inclined, at the fame-time shutting his eyes to exprefs fleep; with the other hand he fhewed us the place where we had paffed the night.

He then indi-— cated to us, by other figns no lefs expreffive, that he hada the time kept on the other fide of the rivulet, whence he had watched us. In fact, one of is had been awaked about the mid- dle of the night by a ruftling noife among the branches; he had even fancied, that he had heard fome «f them breaking; but, over- come by fatizue, he had fallen afleep again: befides, OF LA PEROUSE. Our fire had been a land-mark for the native, whom this tribe had charged to come and watch our mo- tions.

As for us, although we had been, during this whole night, entirely at the mercy of thefe favages, we had not on that account had a lefs quiet fleep. One of the failors who accom- panied us then informed me, that, the evening before, at fun-fet, having perceived a fmoke on the other fide of the lake, he had rightly prefumed that fome natives were affembled there; but he had not thought, he faid, of mentioning it tous when we met. We wifhed to fhew thefe favages the effect of our fire-arms, after having given them to underftand, as well as wecould, that they had nothing to fear: they appeared, however, a little frightened at the noife of the explofion.

Thefe natives have woolly hair, and fuffer their beard to grow. Plates VI. In Plate VII. On their fkin is feen, particularly about the breaft and fhoulders, tubercles fymmetrically difpofed, fometimes exhibiting lines a decimeter in length; at others, fpots placed at different diftances from each other. The cauftic, by means of which they had produced thefe forts of elevations, had not, however, deftroyed the reticular membrane of the fkin; for it there preferved the fame colour as in the other parts of the body.

The cuftom of pulling out two of the upper incifors, which, according to the account of fome navigators, had been thought general among thefe inhabitants, is certainly not intro- duced in this tribe; for we faw none of them that had any wanting in the upper jaw, and they all had very beautiful teeth.

One of the failors who accompanied us, imagined that he could not regale them better than by offering them brandy; but, accuftomed to drink only water, they very foon fpit it out again; and it appeared to cccafion them an ex- tremely difagreeable fenfation. I had for fome time miffed the young girls, and thought that they already had all retired into the woods; but, looking behind me, I faw with furprife feven who had gone and perched upon a large branch growing upwards of three meters above the ground, and who, from this fituation, were obferving our moft trifling motions with much attention: they all kept fquatted, and formed a charming group.

We were very far from the fhore, where a boat was to wait to take us on board. It was time to fet out on our way thither. We were quitting with regret thefe peaceable natives, when we faw the men and four young lads fepa- rate from their party in order to accompany us. Prefently one of the ftouteft rufhed into the wood, whence he returned almoft immedi- ately, holding in his hand two long darts; but in advancing towards us, he expreffed to us by fiens that we had nothing to fear; he appeared, on the contrary, defirous of putting us under the protection of his arms.

It was, no doubt, not to alarm us that he had depofited them in the foreit, when they had come to meet us in the morning. WOR, EL. As foonas we had re- quefted him who carried the darts to fhew us his dexterity, he, with his right hand, feized hold of one of them nearly about the middle; then, raifing it as high as his head, and fill holding it ina horizontal pofition, he drew it acktowards him three times in fucceffion, with a jerk, occafioning a very evident quivering at both its extremities; he then threw it near a hundred yards.

This weapon, fupported in all its length by the lower column of the air, flew upwards of three fourths of that diftance nearly in a horizontal direction. The tremulous mo- tion that he communicated to it before he threw it, doubitlefs contributed to accelerate its pro- ereffive motion, and to fupport it longer in the air.

This favage readily yielded to our wifhes by throwing the fame dart feveral times: he then aimed at a mark which we pointed out to him, and at each throw he came itufiiciently near it to give us a great idea of his dexterity. A mo- ment after, another defired us to remark, inthe fkin of a kangaroo, two hcles which appeared to have been made by the point of a dart, giv- ing us thus to underftand that his countrymen employ it to kill thefe quadrupeds.

We at length fet off with our new guides, whofe progrefs was fo flow that we could ealily follow them. This hale lafted only a few minutes; after which they rofe, calling out tous, Tangara, which fignifies, Let us goon. Weimmediately refumed our route. They again prevailed on us to make, in the fame manner, four other ftops, at diftances nearly equal.

We could not walk on the dry grafs without flipping every moment, efpecially in the floping places; but thefe good favages, to hinder us from falling, fupported us, by taking hold of our arm. As they obftinately perfifted in paying us thefe obliging attentions, we re- folved no longer to refufe them.

A little incident gave us reafon to think that they fometimes catch birds by hand. A parra- keet, of the fpecies drawn in Plate X. Immediately two of the young fa- yages fet off, purfuedit, and were on the point of putting their hand on it, when the bird flew away. The eldeft of them all was very dry: he imme- diately had an oyfter fhell brought him by one of the young lads, in order to ufe it as a cup; but he was obliged to dip it into the water fe- veral times, before he could fucceed in quench- ing his thirft.

As we were quite clofe to the garden which had been formed the year before, under the di- rection of Citizen Lahaye, gardener of the ex- pedition, we refolved to vifit it: we availed ourfelves of the moment when the favages were feated ; we wifhed to contrive it fo that they fhould remain with our two failors, for fear they fhould go and damage the vegetables which might have fucceeded: but one of them would abfolutely follow us; he examined attentively the plants of this garden, and pointed them out to us, appearing to diftinguifh them perfectly from the indigenous vegetables.

Our boat was not yet arrived. We were very defirous that thefe favages fhould havea near view of it: befides, we expected to be able to perfuade fome of them to come on board with but they were already leaving us to go back to their families. However, on our invitation, they delayed their departure; and we walked together, along the fhore, towards the entrance of the harbour. Some trees lying down on the beach, furnifhed them an opportunity of giving usan idea of their activity, by jumping over them.

For our part, we were too much fatigued to amufe ourfelves with fhewing them our agility; but I think that, favages as they were, a tolerably active European might have obtained the advantage of them in this fort of contclt. When the boat was arrived, we invited fome of them to embark with us. After having fpent a long time in deciding, three of them agreed to come into it: but it appears that they had had no intentien of leaving their party; for they hafi:ly fepped out as foon as we prepared to quit tie beech.

We faw them then walk quictly along by the fea-lide, looking at us from time to time, and attering fhouts of joy. The next day we returned with a large party towards thefe favages. Our fiddler had brought his violin, thinking by noify tunes to excite tn them the fame en- thufiafm that we had remarked among the iflanders of Bouka; but his vanity was com- pletely mortified at their indifference. Savages are in general little affected by the founds of petted inftruments.

On our advancing up the heights that fkirt the fea, we foon found affembled part of the natives who had received us fo well the day be- fore. We remarked, with much intereft, the great pains that one of the mothers took to quiet her child ftill at the breaft, whofe tears our prefence had excited; the only way fhe could fucceed was by putting her hand on its eyes, to prevent it from feeing us any more. None of thefe inhabitants appeared with arms: but perhaps they had concealed them clofe at hand; for feveral of us having expreffed a wifh to penetrate into the woods, one of the favages earneftly begged them not to gothat way.

We did not perfift, for fear of giving them fome caufe of miftruft: however, fome of our people, wifhing to deceive the vigilance of this fentinel, advanced a little alene the beach, in order to be able to enter the foreit without his knowledce ; but one of the women, perceiving their intention, fet up fome horrible fereams, to ap, rize the other favages, who entreated them re return towards the fea. We knew not to what caufe to attribute their repugnance for our aliments; but they would not tafte any of thofe which we offered them: they did not even permit their children to eat the fugar which we gave them, taking great care to withdraw it from their mouth as foon as they OF LA PEROUSE.

Confidence was, however, eftablifhed to fuch adegree, that one of the women, who was fuckling a child, was not afraid to entruft it to feveral of us. I thought that thefe inhabitants, paffing moft of their nights in the open air, under a fky of fo very variable a temperature, would have been fubject to violent ophthalmia; neverthelefs they all had very found eyes, except one who had a cataract. Weremarked with furprife the fingula.

It appears that it 1s the fafhion among thefe ladies, who then have their knees very widely fpread, to conceal, with one of their feet, that which it is contrary to decorum to fuffer to be feen in this pofture; although, in other refpects, they are for the moft part en- tircly naked.

Vhefe people feemed fo nearly in a ftate of nature, that their fmalleft actions appeared to me to merit obfervation. Accordingly I fhall not pafs over in filence the correction which a father inflicted on one of his children, for hav- ing 42 VOYAGE IN SEARCH ing thrown a ftone at the back of another ftill younger; he ftruck him gently on the fhoulder; this punifiment made him fhed a few tears, and prevented him from again committing the fame fault.

The painter belonging to our expedition, expreffed to thefe favages a with to have his fkin covered, hke them, with charcoal-duf. His requeft, as was to be expected, was fa- vourably received. Immediately one of the natives chofe fome of the moft brittle charcoal, which he bruifed by rubbing it between his hands: he then applied this powder to all the parts of the body that were uncovered, em- ploying, to makeit adhere, only the friction of his hand; and prefentiy our fricnd Piron was as black asa New-Hollander.

The favage ap- peared extremely delighted with his work, which he concluded by blowing gently, in or- der to remove the duft which did not ftick clofe, taking particular care to wipe off that which eh! What proves that they fet little value on prefents of this fort, is, that we faw nene of them wear any of thofe which we had given them the day before. Three of thefe young girls wete already arrived at the age of puberty, and were all ofa very fprightly difpelition.

I remarked one of them, whofe left breaft was not yet at ali promi- nent, while the right had atta. This triting deformity affected not her gaiety. Several times exerciting themfelves in running on abeach extremely fmocth, fome per— fons of our party tried to overtake them; and we had the fatisfaction of feeing that Euroncans often ran better than thefe favages.

The men followed at a flow pace, each hold. We doubtiefs! The others endeavoured, at different times, to charm us with airs, the modulation of which ftruck me fingularly, from their great analogy to thofe of the Arabs of Afia Minor. Two of them frequently fang the fame air together ; but the one conftantlya third above the other, form- ing this harmony with the greateft exactnefs.

Thefe fruits conftituted the delight of the New-Hol- landers, who affiduoufly fought them, and ate them immediately. During this long excurfion, fome of them took us by the arm from time to time, with the intention of helping us to walk. Two of the young girls, being far behind the other natives, were following, without miftruft, the different windings of the beach with three of our failors, when the latter availed them- felves of one of the moft retired places to be- have to them ina manner much too free; but they were received fur differently from what they had expected.

Thefe young creatures immediately fled to the rocks which extended fartheft into the fea, appearing difpofed to jump into the water, and fwim away, if they had been purfued; but they foon repaired to the fpot where we were affembled with the other favaves.

It feems that they did not blab this adventure; for the moft perfect underftanding continued to reign between them and us. Wiufhing to know if thefe iflanders were ex- pert fwimmers, one of the officers leaped into the water, and dived feveral times: but it was in vain that he folicited them to follow him; yet they dive very well, as we afterwards had an opportunity of feeing, fince it is in this man- ner that they procure a great part of the food on 46 VOYAGE IN SEARCH on which they fubfift.

We invited them te eat with us fome oyficrs and lobfters, which we had juft broiled on the coals; but they all refufed, except one alone, who choie to tafte alobfter. At firft we thought that the hour of their meal was ftill very remote: however, we were miftaken; for they foon began to eat, but of food which they dreffed themfelves; this confifted alfo of lobfters and other fhell-fith, which they broiled much more than thofe that we had offered them. We faw fome of thefe favages employed in cutting into the fhape of a fpatula, and polifh- ing witha fhell, fome fmall pieces of wood, deftined for detaching from the rocks ear-fhells and limpets, with which they regaled them- felves as faft as they were dreffed.

The time for us to return on board was ar- rived. Not one of the natives would come with us; they quitted us, and retired into the wocds. The repairs of the two fhips were completed. I penetrated into the thick forefts which lay to the north-weft of us. Under the fhade of the large trees grew various fpecies of fhrubs, of the family of the leredinthi ; the fagaria evodia was one of the molt remarkable, from its beau.

In thefe folitary places, the eye dwelt with pleafure on the carpodenios lucida, the branches of which were quite covered with handfome white flowers. See Plate X. I had already met with it in feveral other places, but always in low and open fpots.

It was not long before fome of them came to meet us, giving us, at the fame time, marks of the greateft confidence: they firft examined with much attention the infide of our boats: they then took us by the arm, and entreated us to follow them along the beach. Scarcely had we proceeded two kilometers when we found ourfelves in the midft of forty- eight natives; namely, ten men, fourteen wo- men, and twenty-four children, among whom Tremarked as many girls as boys.

Seven fires were lighted, and round each was affembled a little family. The fmalleft children, terrified at the fight afforded them by fo great a number of Euro- peans, ran immediately and took refuge in the arms OF LA PEROUSE, 49 arms of thcir mothers, who lavifhed on them marks of the greateft tendernefs. Thefe chil- dren very foon recovered from their alarms, and they fhewed us that they were not exempt from little paffions, whence arofe fome difputes, which the mothers appeafed almoft immediately by a gentle correction; but they foon ftopped their tears by a renewal of their careffes.

We knew that thefe favages had little tafte for the founds of the violin. We flattered orfelves however that they would not be quite infenfible tothem if fome lively tunes were played, and in very diflinct time. At firft they left us fome mo- ments in fufpenfe: our mufician redoubled his efforts, thinking to obtain their plaudits ; but his bow fell from his hand when he faw this numerous aflembly put their fingers in their ears that they might hear no more.

Thefe people are covered with vermin. We admired the patience of a woman who was a lone time employed in picking them off from one of her children; but we faw with much averfion that, like moft of the blacks, fhe cracked thefe difgufting infects with her teeth, and fwallowed them immediately. Jr is to be remarked that monkies have the fame habits. The little children were very fond of every thing that was at all fhowy; they made no tcruple to take the metal buttons from our coats.

The mothers, lefs anxious about their VOL. The latter had depofited at the foot of a rock a bag filled with fhell-fith. Immediately the native fecretly conveyed it elfewhere, and left him to look for it for fome time; he then brought it back to the fame place ; and he amufed himfelf exceedingly with the trick that he had juft played.

They all folicited us to treat them feveral times in fucceffion with the fame fight. Their curiofity in this refpect went much farther than we had imagined ; in fhort, they were not con- vinced till, having obtained permiffion, they afcertained the fact with their ewn eyes. It is not eafy to know whether it is through coquetry that the women have adopted a fafhion which certainly would not fuit the tafte of our fine ladies, although it removes a great part of the OF LA PEROUSE. One of thefe favages had on his head feveral very recent marks of burining.

Perhaps they applied the actual cautery in various difeafes ; a cuftom eftablifhed among many other na- tions, and particularly among moft of the Indians. We faw them make their meal about the middle of the day. Till now we had only a faint idea of the trouble that the women are at to pro- cure the food neceflary for the fubfiftence of their family: prefently they each took a bafket, and were followed by their daughters, who did the fame; they then went to the rocks project- ing into the fea, and thence ventured to the bottom of the water in fearch of lobfters and other fhell-fith.

As they were out of fight for a long time, we felt very uneafy on their ac- count; for they had dived in the midft of fea- weeds of a great length, among which I re- marked the fucus pyriferus: we were afraid that they were entangled in them, and were not able to regain the furface of the fea; at length they reappeared, and fhewed us that it was no diffi- cult matter for them to remain under water twice as long as our moft expert divers.

They came out of the water only to bring their huf- bands the fruits of their fifhing ; and they fre- quently returned to dive again almoft immedi- ately, till they had procured a ftock fufficiently abundant for fubfifting their families: on other occafions they warmed themfelves for fome time, with their face turned towards the fire where their fifh was broiling; and they had kindled behind them cther fmall fires, in order to be warmed on both fides at once.

We were all exceedingly hurt to fee thefe poor creatures condemned to fo hard a tafk. Betide Fis they were expofed to be devoured by the fharks, or to ect entangled amang the fea- weed that there grows at the bottom of the wa- ter. We feveral times requefted their hufbands to at Jeaft fhare their trouble: but it was always 1, VSIN: they conftantly remained near the fire, re uling t themielves with the choiceit bits: they likewife ate breilea fea-weed and fern-rcoot.

Irom time to time they were occupied in bre: ikine «branches into fmall pieces for keep- ing up AS fire, taxing care to choofe the drieft. Their head, being conftantly uncovered, and exposed to all the inclemency of fhe weather in this high latitude, acquires the faculty of retifting fuch efforts; befides, their E 3 hair 54 VOYAGE IN SEARCH hair forms a cufhion which deadens the preffure, and renders it much lefs painful on the crown of the head than on any other part of the body.

Very few of the women would have been able to do the like; for fome of them had their hair cut pretty clofe, and wore on the head a cord which was twifted round it feveral times ; others had only a fimple circle of hair. See Plates IV and V. We likewife made the fame obfer- vation on feveral of the children, but never on the men; the latter had the back, the breaft, the fhoulders and the arms covered with foft woolly hair.

Two of the ftouteft of the party were feated in the middle of their children, and had each of them at their fide two wives: they expreffed to us, by figns, that thefe belonged to thems which gave us another proof that polygamy is -eftablifhed among this people. The other wo- men, who had each a hufband to herfelf, took equal pains to let us know it.

I cannot pretend to fay which are the molt happy. Then the womenand girls went to bring water in the veflels made of fea-weed which I have before mentioned; they fetched it from the neareft place, and fet it down quite clofe to the men, who drank it without repug- nance, although it was very thick and muddy. In this manner they terminated their repaft. Thefe demonftrations ceafed not till they had got to fo great a diftance as to be entirely out of fight.

In out the middle of the Biss we perceived atireata little diflance from our watering-place; and there was no doubt that 34 had been kindled by them, ior all our people were on board. A large party of us immediately got into our boats to repair to the fpot where thet inhabi- tants had appointed to meet us.

We went to meet them; and when we got near them, they itopped, and appeared very glad to fee us come on thore. They were five in number. One of them carried a bit of rotten wood, lighted at one of its extremities, and which burnt flowly: the made ufe of this fort of match for pre- ferving a light, amufing himfelf from time to time in fetting fire to the underwood, in which were fome very dry herbs.

We fhewed him that it was neceflary to ftrike in different places, in order to form notches; which he immediately exe- cuted, and he was tranfported with joy when he had brought the tree to the ground. They were aftonifhed at the rapidity with which the trunk of it was hewn through. We made them a prefent of a few handfaws, which they em- ployed with much facility, as foon as we had fhewn them their ufe. The manner in which we had feen them fifh, made us rightly prefume they had no hooks ; we gave them fome of ours, and taught them how to ufe them, congratulating ourfelves on having procured them the means of alleviating one of the moft laborious tafks impofed on their - women.

He got up the fide with anair of confidence, and examined the fhip throughout with a great deal of attention: he then principally directed his looks towards fuch articles of food as fell in his way. Guided by the analogy that exifts be- tween the fhape of the black fwans of Cape Diemen, and that of the Guinca geefe which he faw on board, he afked us for one, giving us to underftand that it was to eat it.

When he came oppofite to our fowl-coops, he appeared ftruck with the beauty of a very large cock: it was offered tohim; and, onreceiving it, he let us know he would not be long in broiling it to eat. He was loaded with prefents. After hav- ing remained in the fhip for upwards of half an hour, he afked to go back, and he was imme- diately conveyed on fhore. We had taken thi- ther a monkey, which amufed thefe favages ex- ceedingly ; and one of our men had carried with him a kid, which for fome time was the fub- ject of their converfation; they now and then addreffed their difcourfe to it, faying, Medi, ref yourfelf.

They have affigned particular names to each vegetable. We convinced ourfelves that their Knowledge in botany is invariable, by afking feveral of them, and at different times, the names of the fame plants. It will be feen, on comparing it with the vocabularies which fe- veral navigators have given us of the language of the inhabitants of the eaft coal of New- Holland, that it has no affinity to them; which proves that thefe nations are not of the fame origin.

The favage who had been on board foon quitted us, expreffing tous much gratitude, and ointing to the hy which we had jut placed on one of his anes s The others, before Ai went away, gave us to underftand, that the next day their families would come to the place near where we lay; but they appeared to comprehend us when we an- nounced to them that we were to fail that very cay, and they feemed to be really afflicted at tais intelligence. During our ftay in Rocky Bay, the winds va- ried from north-weft to fouth-weft, and often blew in heavy fqualls.

The weather was feldom free from aka and there fell even a little rain. The tides were perceptible only once in the twenty-four hours. As the winds had much — influence on thom, we could not determine with precifion the time of high water ic this bay at the full and change of the mo on. During our ftay at thisanchora 2 ; ve had lof much of their ardeur for fifth ing; for e, our feamen this laborious exercife, which they chiefly per- formed a 62 VOYAGE IN SEARCH formed during the night, did not exempt them from doing their other duty on board; fo that, after having been kept to fifh, they were not the lefs obliged to work the whole day, the fame as thofe who had their regular reft all night.

Departure from Rocky Bay. Some natives gave us figns of their prefence, by feveral fires which they had lighted on the eaft coatft. The ebb had jut The tide falling more and more, we were com- pelled to wait till half paft fix for the flood, to bring our fhip afloat. The boat that had been fent five days before returned, after having difcovered feveral very deep bights, which form excellent anchorages: fhe had met with no river.

It is remarkable, that all the rivers which we had feen at Cape Diemen are very fmall, which announced an interfected country. The boat was loaded with black fwans, which, fuffering themfelves to be very clofely ap- proached, had been fhot. We then landed to the fouth-eaft, on a low coaft, whence it was eafy to go ina very fhort time to Adventure Bay.

Among the different fhrubs which adorned thefe places, I fhall mention one, which I clafs in the genus that I have before defcribed under the name of mazeutoxeron. It agrees with it in all its characters; only the petals, which are different from each other, adhere to- gether by the middle part of their margins; but they may be feparated without being broken. The fiyle is fimple and acute. I have given to this new fpecies the name of mazentoxeron rcefiexum, on account of its leaves, which hang down towards the ground: they are hairy and whitifh underneath.

Plate XTX. Flower fig. Corolla expanded, in order to fhew now the petals achere together laterally. Calyx, with the ftamina and the germen, the corolla having been removed. One of the valves of the capfule. We went on fhore, white gur fifhermen proceeded towards the mouth of the Strait.

The flood-tide brought thither a great quantity of fifh; they caught feveral fpe- cies of rays of a very large fize, fome of them weighing upwards of twelve myriagrams. From time to time they anfwered with fhouts of joy thafe of our failors, We did not delay landing in great numbers, to have a near view of them.

Their joy difplayed itfelt in loud burfts of daughter; at the fame time they held their hands upon their head, and flamped with their feet, while their countenance fhewed that they were extremely clad to fee us. Thefe favaces expreffed a great deal of grati- tude when we gave them fome fmall pieces of cloth of diferent colours, glafs beads, a hatchet, and a few other articles of hardware. Several other favages came out of the wood, and approached us.

There was not, among them, a fingle woman, and only a few young men. Of thefewe remarked onc of a middling ffature, whofe form, even in the opinion of our draughtfman, was of the fineft proportions. From his coflume we took this favage for a New Hol- land petit maitre: he was tatooed witha great deal of fymmetry ; and his hair, covered with greafe, was thickly powdered with ochre.

One of the natives gave us to underftand, that he had before feen fhips in Adventure Bay : he probably meant to fpeak of Captain Bligh, who had come and anchored here in the begin- ning of , as we learnt a few days after, by feveral infcriptions which we found engraved upon the trunks of trees. Thinking chat their women and children had retired a little way into the woods, we exprefled a defire of feeing them come to us.

The favages fignified to us, that we fhould find them, after having proceeded for fome time through the woods, along a path which led towards the fouth fouth-weft, and which they alfo took, inviting us to accompany them. We followed them; but they foon expreffed a wilh to fee us return towards our fhips, and walked away from us, frequently looking behind them, to obferve our motions.

However, at the word Yuangloa in their language, Will you come? They continued to ead us by the fame path, which appeared much frequented ; and we went at a flow pace. It appeared to us, that they wifhed us to quit them; for fome of them would no lon- ger be held by the arm, but walked alone ata certain diftance from us. One of our people, wifhing to overtake one of thefe fugitives, ran after him, calling out as loud as he could, which fpread the alarm among all the others, who immediately fled with precipitation, and kept a good way before us.

They wifhed, no doubt, to arrive alone at the fpot where they had depofited their arms; for, after having again accelerated their progrefs, they turned a little out of the path, and we foon faw them, each armed with three or four darts, which they held in their hands, directing their courfe forthe moft part towards Adventure Bay, while others of them advanced towards the weft. They then afked us to follow them; but we would not go farther, for we did not with to walk as faft as them, and, befides, it was time for us to return on board.

Thefe natives appeared to us to bear the greateft refemblance to thofe whom we had fecn a few days pefore; only we remarked fome of thefe who had loft one, and others both of the middle incifors of the upper jaw. It appeared that, like the others, they are ig- Norant of the ufe of the bow. They were almoft all tatooed with punc- tures, placed fometimes in two lines, one above the other, nearly in the form of a horfe fhoe.

Thefe punctures were frequently in three ftraight and parallel lines on each fide of the breaft. We alfo obferved fome towards the lower past of the fhoulder-blades. Several had the navel fwollen, and very pro- minent, but we fatisfied ourfelves that this de- formity did not proceed froma hernia; perhaps it refulted from the too great diftance at which they feparated the umbilical cord. They gave us to underftand, that they lived on fith, the fame as the other inhabitants of Cape Diemen.

I muft remark, that we did not fee one of them that had the fmalleft trace of any Cutaneous diforder, which does not accord with the opinion of thofe who have advanced, that people living on fifh are fulicct to a fpe- cies of leprofy.

Hiftory even relates, that fuch of the Greeks as would adopt in Egvnt the dietetic revimen of Crpheus, were aflected with the elephantiafis. This boot is manufactured with one of the best possible manufactures, Good Year Welted , which together with the fact that our leathers are first quality, gives the Sancho Boots a long durability.

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