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Jinn movie 2014 kickasstorrents

jinn movie 2014 kickasstorrents

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Ray Park Gabriel as Gabriel. Benjamin Dresser Drunkard as Drunkard. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Crazy credits There's a scene after first few closing credits roll and another scene after all the credits have rolled. Connections References Aladdin User reviews 58 Review.

Top review. Car not bad and pretty This movie proves that poor old Ray Parks should stick to Darth Maul and give up acting as well as the main actor Dominic Rains and his equally poor acting wife in this they have absolutely no persona or acting talent; a bit like cardboard cutouts really, virtually the whole cast were pretty dreadful but contrary to other reviewers I thought the car design was downright devilish and fitted in quite well but it did come across as a bit of a vanity project.

Having said that the Djinn effects were not bad for a tv style movie and reminded me a bit of Frank in Hellraiser so not bad and there were a couple of good jump scares but alas that does not a movie make unfortunately. This is one of those movies you watch on a wet Sunday afternoon when there is not much else on and you are stuck in the house. I always thought it was Djinn and not Jinn or perhaps it is Gin!

You will certainly need a bottle to get through the fight scenes - why oh why did they have to have Ray doing his Darth Maul dancing routine made me laugh so hard I crapped myself! Details Edit. Release date April 4, Canada. United States.

Official Facebook Official site. The Third. Monroe, Michigan, USA. Exxodus Pictures. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. When more odd things begin happening at home, the couple meets Father Westhoff and Gabriel, who explain the concept of jinn to them. Shawn doesn't believe this, but is prompted by Father Westhoff to visit his adoptive parents. He does so and is surprised to have Father Westhoff's story corroborated. They are then attacked by an unseen force that takes Jasmine.

Shawn sets off with Gabriel to gather information from Ali, Shawn's estranged uncle. As Ali is of the same bloodline, the Jinns have tormented him, and his failure to defeat the Jinns has driven him mad. Ali, through his supernatural power, shows Shawn that his wife is pregnant. Ali senses that the jinn has been spying on them and is there to attack him. As they flee, Gabriel sacrifices himself for Shawn.

It is revealed that Gabriel is a jinn, though he dies in the fight with the other jinn. Now relying solely on Father Westhoff for help, Shawn finds out the reason the jinn are after him, and Father Westhoff sends him on a quest to learn how to defeat the jinn. Shawn manages to draw the jinn to a scheduled place for their final battle. The Jinns try several physical tortures and mental deceptions, but Shawn manages to survive the Chilla, and he must next confront the main jinn from his great-grandfather's clash over years ago.

Ali fights alongside him, but it appears the jinn is only toying with them. Eventually, though, Shawn finally defeats the jinn. Jinns from different dimensions come and ask Shawn for peace but Shawn wants them to leave him alone. He kills one of them as a warning to the others.

Father Westhoff shows him that Jasmine is safe in the church, along with the now revived Gabriel. A year later, Shawn, Jasmine, and Ali are at the apartment with the couple's new baby boy. The baby drops his pacifier, and as Ali and Shawn both bend down to pick it up, it moves to the baby's mouth without being touched.

They look at each other, knowing that the child has the power to defeat the jinn once and for all. A car known as the Firebreather was created for the film. The car was unveiled to the public at the Autorama in Detroit on February 26, Shooting began in March , and wrapped in May. Some of the shooting for the film occurred at the University of Michigan Law Quad.

Joe Leydon of Variety commented on his review that "This ponderously paced, needlessly convoluted and altogether unexceptional thriller will be fortunate to reach beyond a thin sliver of undiscriminating genre fans with its bogus mythos about ancient evil spirits bent on world domination.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the horror film directed by Tobe Hooper, see Djinn film. Release date. April 4, Running time.

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