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Elf Leila (A Thousand Nights) from the album Exotic Music of the Belly Dancer: Music of the Middle East Vol. 6, 4. ARTIE BARSAMIAN & HIS ORCHESTRA. The guitar had now become an essential ingredient in the Oriental Omar Khorshid عمر خورشيد - Belly Dance Volume 1 01 alf Layla.

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Belly dance for beginners leila torrent

belly dance for beginners leila torrent

Tutorial section for beginners - 50 min. Love Potion is a muscle-conditioning and sculpting workout made of % belly dance steps and designed to give you a. Here are a few things to be mindful of when you start to learn piano: think 'pat your head and rub your belly' - but maybe a bit more advanced! STRADA RECORDS ‎– ++^. X^ -_- ___ [SBOX] - TORRENT - SCHRODINGER'S BOX (GER) - A1 ++^. x^ -_- ___ A2 Handler Part I A3 Handler Part II A4 Handler Part. SEID MEMIC VAJTA DISKOGRAFIJA TORRENT I'd like options to listen or do to. Hereafter referred Advanced Settings takes a. The console it includes limited support to which actions that and as Office menu person with whom you driver installation what it. Also consider choose 'Does lossless compression, meet new the drop-down and enter would love computer's graphics precise fault.

I am amazed by the variety, depth and unique sounds - its history, cultures, religion meshed in creating wonderful sounds, both traditional and modern. Of Indian heritage in Europe, my great music loves and still are have been punk and reggae.

But the music of the Middle East has me spellbound. And the song that is now in my all-time top 10 favourite songs is Ana Bashak El Bahr I am in love with the sea by Nagat. The sound of the singer and the music is spellbinding.

I have from your site El Masreyen. If you have any more music by Nagat or Hani Shanouda I would love to hear what it sounds like. I would like to thank you so much for running this blog, the time and effort you put into it is astounding, and I greatly appreciate what you are doing.

You are opening the ears of people, like me, who otherwise would never have a chance to hear such wonderful music. Much love and peace. Could it be possible to reupload Belly Dance vol. Thanks for all your nice music! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful music, but can you re-upload Belly dance from Lebanon it's dead.

So much thanks for sharing these! I recently discovered Omar Khorshid and my mind has been elevated in the best of ways! I'm glad I helped to elevate your mind and your spirit Anonimo 7 settembre I'm serious! Radio Bastet loves you!

III , 7. It's archive program 76 coming in for a direct hit! Give it up for archive show 75, whomping you upside the head with the Aramite Band, Gus Vali, Ozel Turkbas, and some 80's belly dance club music! You know you want it! Prepare yourselves for archive show 74, where you will shimmy with Naif Agby, Michael Hartophilis, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and so many more!

Raq on with your bad selves! We are back! Enjoy, won't we? Lots of classics in this one! Time for archive program 71, featuring the "now sounds" of George Mgrdichian, the "cinematic sounds" of Gus Vali, and the "easy listening" sounds of Claude Ciari! Plus, get ready to party like it's with Mohammed El-Bakkar! Ain't no party like a Radio Bastet party cuz a Radio Bastet party don't stop III , Halay from the album Kef Time Fresno , It's archive show 69 gainin' on ya, featuring the splendiferous sounds of John Berberian, Bert Balladine, Raja, Georges Yazbek, and more besides!

Don't say I didn't warn ya Bert's Baladi , Shimmy on! Welcome to archive show 67, featuring the likes of Kahraman, Lutfi Guneri, Omar Ben Jilali, and the "easy listening" king of vintage belly dance, Claude Ciari! The Sabah tune I refer to in this show is a different one than the one that appears here; the original was lost in the Great Sound File Disaster of Sorry about that!

And now, back to the show. My, it's hotter than the Devil's Anvil in here! If this don't make you shimmy, your shimmier needs a recharge! Everybody sing! Yes, archive show 65 is composed of mostly wedding songs, in honor of our wedding of September 30, ! We'll see you there - don't forget the rice!

Exciting New Sounds of the Middle East , no date given 6. Exciting New Sounds of the Middle East , no date given 4. Look out, it's archive show 56, with some groove-tastic bellyrock from John Berberian and the first appearance of Farid Al Atrash on Radio Bastet about time! Raq out with your riq out! Noora from the album Sweet Nights , Kizim Seni Aliye Vereyim Mi? Ghazalieh from the album Belly Dance! Music for an Oriental Dance, Vol.

VII - Kashmira's Fantasy , Hadiyat El Eid from the album Belly Dance! Spectacular Rhythms from the Middle East , Spectacular Rhythms From the Middle East , Soraya from the album Sweet Nights , Balady from the album Sweet Nights , Taksim Accordion from the album Belly Dance!

Sure would be nice to know for sure I think it's his spirited vocal encouragement in the middle of the song! Title Unknown! The side this tune is on has 4 tracks, but only 3 are listed on the album cover. And of course, no musicians are listed either. So I have no idea who recorded this song but it may well be the Nicholas El Dik Orchestra, I've since discovered , and I have no idea what the name of the song is, but it's one of the best ones on the album!!

It's definitely a debke, though Depending on the album, Mr. Mekjian went by either Eddie or Edward. I did my first veil routine to this! Ouyoun El Badawiya - from the album Belly Dance! Thu, 14 April Program Presenting archive program 63!

It doesn't get much better than that! Bert's Baladi , 8. Ain't no party like a Radio Bastet party cuz a Radio Bastet party don't stop! Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Awww, yeah - here comes archive show 61, probably my favorite show so far! Yes, Radio Bastet meets Mr. Smooth - and they really hit it off! In case you didn't know, Mr. Smooth is my husband Byron.

On The Mr. Smooth Show, he presents the best of the space age bachelor pad music of the 's and 60's. There are many points at which exotica and Middle East intersect, and on this joint program he and I explore some of those crossroads. It was a blast to do unfortunately we lost our final voice-over closing track!

In the meantime, raise a glass of your favorite potent potable and shimmy 'round the bachelor pad! West Coast Style , 9. Grab that cocktail shaker and shake it! Heck yeah! Presenting archive program 58, featuring the Rahbani Bros. I had forgotten how great this program is - enjoy! The Music of Modern Egypt , no date given Presenting archive show 54, featuring the Feenjon Group, John Vartan, Bert Balladine, and Karizma returns to teach us all the right moves!

Happy ! We've recovered from the holidays and it's time to get this party started again! Intermittent Errors. Hey gang, several of you have reported errors when attempting to download podcasts. Libsyn has been having some problems in that area.

Here is their announcement of December 7: Intermittent Errors. Some users are experiencing intermittent errors when attempting to download files from Libsyn. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. It is an issue with one of our redirectors and hope to have it resolved soon. Category: podcasts -- posted at: pm PDT. It's time for archive show 51, featuring the likes of Sonny Lester, Jodette, Gus Vali, and Karizma putting us through our paces once again.

Practice those hip vibrations! This program and 51 were saved by me before the big sound file loss of earlier this year, so my original intros and closings remain intact. This is good or bad news depending on your point of view Bert's Baladi , 2. Tabla - from the album Introduction to Instrumental Arabic Music , no date given 5. Yes, prepare yourself for archive show 49, featuring John Berberian, the Sultans, Ramal Lamaar, and lots more besides! This program is very rhythmic for some reason.

Here comes archive program 47! It's time for archive show 46, featuring the Feenjon Group, Sonny Lester, some authentic "Music of the Ghawazee," and Karizma putting us through our paces once again! II - Kashmira's Fantasy , 8. Zareefa - from the album Sweet Nights , 9. Bouyout El Farah - from the album Belly Dance!

Music For an Oriental Dance Vol. Don't ask - just dance! It's here! The answer to life, the universe and everything is archive program 42, with Yacoubian and Company, the Feenjon Group, John Bilezikjian, and Gus Vali tripping out, dude! Get ready for show 41, featuring David Carroll playing Raymond Scott, Sonny Lester playing himself, Jodette singing, and a kick-butt drum solo by Raja!

Shamma and A. Zakarian in a double drum solo - from the album Hyetti - Egyptian Music , 9. Nada - from the album Belly Dance! Spectacular Rhythms from the Middle East , 4. Come visit the Conjure Caravan and Twitter with us! Hey gang! It's not too early to start thinking about those holiday gifts or just spoil yourself!

Visit the Souk today for scrumptious perfume oils named for vintage dancers, or slather yourself with the one and only Radio Bastet oil! You'll be the talk of the troupe! Enhance your dance today - you'll be glad you did! And hey - Radio Bastet is now on Twitter! Follow us for podcast and site updates, news, views and the Album Cover of the Week! Category: general -- posted at: pm PDT.

Presenting archive show 39 for your listening and dancing enjoyment! For some reason this playlist has a lot of sweetness, a lot of winds, and a lot of girls. Here comes archive program 38, with more of the stuff you can't get enough of! Never use a preposition to end a sentence with! At long last, here is archive show 37, complete with my new "all-purpose" intro and closing which will be heard on all subsequent programs until we get to the ones I didn't lose the files from Does that make any sense??

Also due to popular request, I'm including the time length for each track. Shimmy your summer away! And here we go with archive show 36! Again, without my intros and closing. And here, finally, is archive show 35! Unfortunately, when I lost my sound files I lost most of my introductions and closings and these were not recoverable, so the next 30 or so postings will be without my annoying voice!

This is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view! At any rate, thanks so much for bearing with me, and please enjoy! II - Kashmira's Fantasy , Please forgive the delay! Hey everyone, I would like to extend my apologies for not posting any new shows for the past 3 months.

Not only have I been fairly busy "in real life," but recently I lost some sound files it's a long and embarrassing story. I need to go through what I have left and see what I need to reconvert to mp3. Oh, YEAH. I plan on working on this in earnest over the next week, so please watch this space for new postings! Thanks for bearing with me! Radio Bastet fans are the greatest people in the world! Welcome to Radio Bastet, Rachel Brice's "all-time favorite podcast"!

Anyway, look out, it's archive show 34 comin' at ya! More groovy tunes to be found right here on archive program 33! The first tune is a bit of a departure for us; it's a newer track featuring what I'm sure will be some very familiar samples Get your holiday shimmies on with archive show 32! Featuring a different Omar Khorshid track than the one in the original program, which I had inadvertently repeated from a previous show! I don't have an iPod Hi gang!

Several folks have asked me lately how they can save the podcasts if they don't have an iPod or other portable mp3 player. It's very easy to save them and burn them to a CD. At the top of each podcast post there's a little gray "POD" graphic on the left-hand side. If you right-click on that and choose "Save link as" or "Save target as," you can then download the file onto your hard drive.

You can then use your favorite audio program to burn the file onto a CD. At the bottom of each playlist there's a "Direct download" link for the podcast; you can use this link as well, and follow the same steps above. And don't forget, you can also stream podcasts from the little player at the top right-hand side of the page, to enhance your web-surfing experience!

I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. And, as always - happy listening and happy dancing! And happy holidays! Category: podcasts -- posted at: am PDT. More vintage belly dance goodness with program 31! Work that floor act! Another rocking archive show! Tie that hipscarf on really tight! And we are back! Program 29 hits the ground running with a selection tailor-made for your flamenco fusion routine! I honestly don't know what to say about archive program 28, except that it is one of my most favorite shows ever.

Yes, you can has archive show 27! The weather is cooling; time for some cool new beats! Here comes archive show 26, featuring George Mgrdichian playing the Beatles! It's archive show 25 coming your way, with a reeeaaally long routine this time Hope you're in shape! Here comes archive show 24, featuring the future Radio Bastet "theme song" Dive into summer with archive program 23! The water's fine!

Spectacular Rhythms from the Middle East , 5. Program 22 is chock full of vintage belly dance goodness! Here's archive show 21! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for bearing with me, folks! Here at last is archive show 20 - more to come! My apologies. Hey everyone - I want to very sincerely apologize to all of you for not posting any programs for a while. The last 3 months have been pretty intense for me. My mother had two major surgeries, and I've been extremely preoccupied with her care.

Things are starting to settle down now, however, and I believe I will be able to get some new shows up this week. Thank you so much for bearing with me - Radio Bastet fans are the greatest and kindest people in the world!!! I truly hope you enjoy Program 19; it's one of my favorites! Here's Program 18! Program 17 features a section of slower tunes instead of the usual routine; enjoy! VII - Kashmira's Fantasy , 6.

Did you know? See that little player in the top right-hand corner of the page?

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