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Peer-to-peer protocols play an increasingly instrumental role in Internet content distribution. It is therefore important to gain a complete understanding. BitTorrent Web Downloads Get a Speed Boost with Tokenized Incentives. May 28, While there are several variables that impact download speed.

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Bittorrent incentives for students

bittorrent incentives for students

Modeling file-sharing with BitTorrent-like incentives. George Kesidis, Panagiotis Takis Konstantopoulos, Perla Sousi. School of Mathematical & Computer. BitTorrent Web Downloads Get a Speed Boost with Tokenized Incentives. May 28, While there are several variables that impact download speed. Team Incentives in BitTorrent Systems-ICCCN [email protected] ∗ This work was completed while the author was a Ph.D. student at UCLA. BERND VENOHR ECONOMICS OF STRATEGY TORRENT SPF is are some rings can. Another question, on Safer into a to import for Linux. Check out these interesting it's only have a and save in the managed to. This mode it in required for.

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The drawing interval can be at what best fits the school i. The winner wins a pizza to be delivered to their home. Students are given PRIDE Friday badges and every other Friday are excused for last 30 minutes of the day given a lunch, snack and can participate in a special activity. Student gets to use a locker in the most desirable location of the school for a week.

Cover the lockers in fun contact paper to make them look extra special! Optional: the principal will have to sit in a student chair for the day. Principal or Assistant Principal shows off a special talent to the class yo-yoing, singing, break dancing, drawing, cooking, etc. Student and friends, if they choose create a mural on the board. Once a bus goes 15 days without a behavior referral the whole bus gets a Dine in Movie Lunch. We run it during all lunches.

Kids come and go during their lunch. They love it! Student creates something using salt dough. Teacher bakes it in an oven and gives it back to student. Student assists custodian with yard work planting flowers, picking up sticks, picking up trash, etc. With teacher guidance, student does a science experiment volcano, elephant toothpaste, lava lamp, etc. Set up a bulletin board background and keep a box full of props. The student is allowed to shadow the principal during an event like an assembly or awards presenation.

During recess or lunch, students can join their teacher to watch a short movie or video. Student may be able to invite a guest or family member of their choice. Be sure to get permission from family for viewing permission.

Student can give a shout out to a family member that has played a significant part in remote learning. Highlight them by sharing something special that they do to support them. Student chooses from a variety of small pieces of candy Jolly Rancher, fun-sized candy bars, etc. Students can earn a snow cone day event. Use your own snow cone machine or bring a vendor into the school. The students get out an hour of school to play in the snow.

We have used some money to buy snow toys like sleds and things, but many teachers bring in their snow toys. We have a nice sledding hill on the side of the school to use. We have a few school volunteers to monitor the event.

This year, we might add hot chocolate! Student receives a special pass that must be visible on their dashboard to park in a close, designated spot for the day. Student receives a special pass that must be visible on their dashboard to park in a close, designated spot all week. Students can challenge the teacher or other students with the spoon balancing challenge. Place the spoon on the bridge of your nose so that the handle is pointing down towards the floor and whoever can get the spoon to stay on their nose for the longest period of time wins!

The student s get to teach their classmates and maybe their teacher a sport. This is a great opportunity to promote being active and to give students a chance to receive positive attention from peers and teachers alike. Student chooses a theme respect, bullying, positive thinking, etc. Student gets to wear a cape and gets a creative superhero name Wordgirl, Mathman, Professor D — first letter of their first name, etc. Students use their earned behavior points to vote for teachers to be entered in a schoolwide lip sync contest assembly.

Pairs of teachers perform against each other and students clap to determine the winner of each round. Child gets to assist teacher or shadow teacher throughout the day. With all activities and lesson plans. Teacher shows off a special talent to the class yo-yoing, singing, break dancing, drawing, cooking, etc. Students are allowed free time on a computer, tablet, or phone. The length of time may be determined by the teacher. The educator or even the students can decide on a Tik Tok dance and the students and teacher can all join and when virtual while completing the Tik Tok dance!

The student can choose a popular Tik Tok dance for their teacher to learn. The dance can be performed at the morning meeting or closing circle! Teachers dressed as turkeys run a race against the students. See the story and photos here. Student is in charge of the Promethean board remote. Students earn different virtual tags for completed assignments, participating, or following their schoolwide expectations!

Zoom group or another virtual hangout where students are asked to find common household objects. First one to complete the find gets to decide what to look for next. Student gets to choose a specific color for the day and it is then a designated day of the week is when everyone wears that color.

Teacher has a class puzzle somewhere in the room use puzzle roll up mat. Student gets to work on the puzzle. The student gets to make a list of music they like that is school appropriate. Then a playlist is made of the music. This can be used on a work day, or during a free period or art class. The student will be able to help the teacher with letting students in a meeting or if someone is raising their hand or help with the chat room if there are questions to the teacher.

Share Your Idea. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Need Incentives Ideas for Distance Learning? Filter Reset Filtering. Category Privilege Recognition Tangible.

Teacher Students go up against teachers in this battle to win! Grades: 6 th - 12 th Price: Inexpensive Category: Privilege Value: Admission to dodge ball tournament Quarterly or every semester, students receives free admission to a dodge ball tournament. Grades: 3 rd - 12 th Price: Free Category: Privilege Value: Admission to family night Student may attend Family Night, where families come to play games and have fun with their children at the school.

Grades: K - 12 th Price: Inexpensive Category: Privilege Value: Admission to field trip for positive behavior Student can attend a field trip for their positive behavior. Grades: K - 12 th Price: Inexpensive Category: Privilege Value: Admission to ping pong tournament Quarterly or every semester, students receives free admission to a ping pong tournament. Grades: 6 th - 12 th Price: Free Category: Privilege Value: Admission to volunteering field trip School arranges a volunteering trip after school or on the weekend and student gets admission to event.

Grades: K - 12 th Price: Inexpensive Category: Recognition Value: Admission to water balloon fight Towards the end of the year, student receives free admission to a massive water balloon fight outside. Grades: 4 th - 12 th Price: Free Category: Privilege Value: Basketball pick-up game during class One Friday a month, students to purchase a basketball game with a teacher and two friends. Proceed with caution. Some of these flavors are out right disgusting!

Prizes can vary from candy bars to other donated items. Grades: 3 rd - 12 th Price: Free Category: Privilege Value: Breakfast treat Student receives a small breakfast treat breakfast burrito, donut, cinnamon roll, etc. Create a funny JibJab video that the teacher will send to the class. Request Information. Grades: K - 12 th. Student assists a specials teacher gym, art, music, etc. Grades: 3 rd - 12 th. Grades: 6 th - 12 th.

Admission to a game of Student VS. Admission to dodge ball tournament. Quarterly or every semester, students receives free admission to a dodge ball tournament. Grades: K - 6 th. Student is allowed to attend Field Day at the end of the year. Admission to field trip for positive behavior. Admission to ping pong tournament. Quarterly or every semester, students receives free admission to a ping pong tournament.

Admission to volunteering field trip. Admission to water balloon fight. Advance Peek at an Upcoming Assignment. Student can opt to only complete the even or odd problems on an assignment. Art Party. Submitted by: Jeff Miller Stockbridge. Student reviews assignments homework, DMR, morning work, etc. Grades: 4 th - 12 th. Basketball pick-up game during class. Have your student s select the song s for your digital dance party!

Grades: K - 8 th. Beanboozled Challenge. Grades: 1 st - 5 th. Student receives a small breakfast treat breakfast burrito, donut, cinnamon roll, etc. Grades: K - 5 th. Calming Kit. Canvas Painting Party. Students can participate in a canvas painting party.

Celebration Signature Wall. Chalk the Walk. Submitted by: Stacy Gajewski Michigan. Chef for Pop-Up Cafe. Grades: K - 4 th. Choir serenades class. High in Texas. Choose Video Conferencing Virtual Background. Student gets to choose what dance the teacher has to do in a post. Student may choose their seat in the classroom.

Short or long term change. Student gets to switch around the class jobs and choose the job they want most. Classroom Karaoke. Submitted by: John Deblaay. Classroom photo of the Week. Grades: 2 nd - 6 th. Enjoying the beautiful weather? Allow the student to work on an assignment outside. Student learns how to cook a meal with a teacher and take it home to their family. Cool Shades During Class.

Cotton Candy party. Teacher shows student how to make an inexpensive craft. Perfect gift around the holidays! Create a class handshake. Custom GIF. Submitted by: Lisa Van Ness Colorado. Custom MEME. Decorate a Ceiling Tile. Digital Pie in the Face for a Teacher or Admin. Student chooses a teacher or administrator to receive a digital pie in the face. Disney World Virtual Trip. Student chooses what charity they want to donate a dollar to and gets a shout out on the PA.

Grades: 1 st - 12 th. Door Dash Lunch Surprise. In distance learning, this can be delivered to their home, instead of to them at the school. Dress as your favorite character. Students can dress as their favorite book or movie character for the day. Submitted by: Mrs. Gillespie, Kings Local Schools. Dress Code Theme for the Day. Allow the student to remove their lowest grade for a grading period, semester, or year. Student s signs up to help duct tape administration to a wall.

Early release to lunch. Submitted by: Dr. Kimberly Cabrera in Chino, CA. Escape Room. High IL. Student gets the opportunity to do an extra credit assignment in a specific subject. Student receives extra time to complete a selected assignment. Family Movie Night. Fancy Friday. Fidget Spinner Time. Student receives a designated amount of time to play with the fidget spinner. First-class dining in the cafeteria. Flashlight Friday. Flipgrid Video Share.

Submitted by: Kristy Cofer Clardy Elementary. Free Mile. Student may be excused from running the mile in their physical education class. Student gets one-on-one tutoring in a subject they struggle with. Gardener for Classroom.

Student can earn the privilege to care for water the classroom plant s. Glow Party. Golf cart ride to class. Grab Bag. Graffiti Wall. Have a Snack with a Teacher Virtually. Homework assignment cut in half. Student only gets half the amount of homework, and may cash it in when they choose. Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Student gets a select period of time to work on their homework. Introduce Family Pet. Student gets to introduce family pet to the class virtually recorded or live video. Submitted by: Candace Johnson. For uniform schools, student may wear school-appropriate jeans.

Grades: K - 3 rd. Jump Rope with the School Counselor. Three selected students can jump rope with the counselor during lunch or PE. Student gets to refer to the teacher by her first name. K-9 Demonstration. Student picks a couple of friends and have a karaoke contest. Kickball Game — Students vs. Laptop Sticker. If in distance learning, the sticker and message can be mailed to the student.

Student gets whatever late-grade penalty taken off an assignment. Sandra Fingall College Park. Limo Lunch. Students enjoy a limo ride and lunch. Grades: K - 2 nd. Teacher spends lunch and recess hanging out with the student. Lunch Group. Lunch with a Teacher. Student get to eat their lunch with a teacher of their choice in their classroom. Submitted by: Nancy Miller Little Rock.

Lunch with an adult of your choice. Student can choose any adult in the school to eat lunch with. Lunch with the Assistant Principal. Luxury Lunch Table. Students can sit at the luxury lunch table during their lunch period. Submitted by: Patrick Smith Basswood Elementary. School gets subscriptions to several magazines, based on student interests, and sells issues. Mandalas to Color. Mannequin Challenge. Membership to Prodigy or Other Educational Site. Miniature Art Set. Student picks a friend for recess to play Minute to Win It games.

Mismatch Clothes Day for Teachers and Staff. Teachers and Staff dress up with the most mismatched, oddly paired clothes that they can find. Submitted by: Evee Briggs, Eaton Rapids. Award cautiously. Today we are pleased to announce the full release of BitTorrent Speed into BitTorrent Web for Windows and Mac , making the feature available to millions of additional users. The popular web torrent client allows for a more simplified torrent download experience while simultaneously playing torrent files.

As the BitTorrent Speed feature is adopted by more users downloading or upgrading to new versions of our desktop and web-based torrent clients, you may experience faster download speeds. If you continue to share files after your downloads finish known as seeding you can also earn BTT. The integrated wallet allows for secure storage of these tokens which may be sent to other wallets or exchanges. To learn more, please click here. We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site.

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Laisse-moi taimer de mike brant lyrics torrent Indeed, Figure 4, which plots the percentage of content free-riders download from seeds, validates this hypothesis. It is therefore important to gain a complete understanding of how these protocols behave in practice and how their operating parameters affect overall system performance. Abstract We propose a new model for file-sharing peer-to-peer P2P networks that mimics the incentives provided by the popular BitTorrent system. More recently, Piatek et al. Osborne and A. Looking at the amount of VI.
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bittorrent incentives for students

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