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Catalina problem Or did you get the message after trying it with the copied file? Access Rights issue, or APB issue. This is a completely indispensable tool for the macOS community! I thought it was a lost project so discovering the amazing work done on version 2 is like a late christmas present. Thanks for all the hard work. Love the polished new look of version 2, especially the dark theme and circular progress bars. The switch to a helper tool is also great.

Nice work! One option I think would be really useful is to configure WiFi possibly a toggle that just applies the current network. That could pair well with the existing SSH option to prep a card for booting a headless server. Especially when other options become available eg. Audio settings, run specific scripts, etc. If you have an overview of options, I could think about what we could do with this. Hi Hans!

It could become a never-ending task once one option is available like SSH , people may want more like WiFi. Once configured manually on the command line, I can make a backup to form a new template for subsequent cards, so that works pretty well as is. Once I was in the unfortunate situation of trying to set up a headless Pi at a hackathon with no Ethernet or external keyboard.

Hi Nathan. Having the option to do a few settings and putting that in a template is something that could be very useful. I do like the idea. Since I do not work with my RPI very often so much other stuff to do , I obviously am not very experienced with all the options that can be set these days. Defining templates in a flexible way would be quite useful.

Feel free to email me at webmaster at tweaking4all dot com to discuss this in more detail or here! A list of potential settings would be helpful. I can imagine there are plenty different files, file types, parameters, etc. Hi Hans.

A template, or the ability to copy over some files as part of the process might be useful. The reason behind that being that others would like their options to included as well, and building an interface for each option may become a pain. Granted; WiFi would be the most common option of course. Let me see if I can find all the specs for WiFi. The other day I did something silly. So I tried again, failed again, and then I realized why it happened by looking at the log more closely thanks for the log!

This is with ApplePi-Baker v2. My internal drive is nearly full. Perhaps that should be deleted automatically if the process fails? Aw crap … I knew I had forgotten something. Everything else leads to an error message. What kind of error are you getting? Does this happen with a particular filename you have in mind, or does this happen all the time? Sorry my mistake!! But I have another little problem.

Oh cool that you found the issue. Do not eject, just unmount the partition s. If that works, then something is accessing or locking the disk and prevents exclusive access. Exclusive access is needed, so that during a backup, no new data is written or data is modified by other programs while doing the backup. Feel free to email me at webmaster at tweaking4all dot com, maybe that allows for an easier troubleshooting.

For example; At startup? When inserting a new disk? During decompression? If the IMG was compressed; what format was being used? The video does help indeed. I am wondering though why …? I have seen one message from a User who had issues, who used App Cleaner to remove ApplePi-Baker and after a fresh re-install things worked. Please do not post the log of Console. If the log has anything useful in it, then please email it to me.

There may be personal info in the log, and the log may or may not be huge. Thank you very much. This helped, but only on the first start. I chose the restoration of the image, and again hung. After rebooting, it again hangs immediately when you click on the icon. From what I can see in your log screenshot; for some odd reason, APB is taking a lot of CPU resources for more than 90 seconds — which is definitely not normal!

Can you tell me more about your setup? What kind of disk did you try? Could this be? This kind of behavior is what I have seen with bad disks or bad card readers. You could try if an application like IORegistryExplorer freezes as well. Unfortunately, the IORegistryExplorer does not freeze. I repeat, freezes occur even when there are no connected SD cards or other disks at all. I will wait for a decision.

If you need remote access, I can try to provide it. Apologies for the late response, life has a tendency to run away from me hahah. But putting the SD card into the rasptouch and powering it on, nothing happens. Another thing you could try is another SD card, or another operating system for example Raspbian. Glad it worked! Thanks for posting. Any ideas how to fix that problem? Mojave latest or Catalina latest beta? As for fixing this; we may have to take a look at the Console and see what error may be shown there.

Glad to hear that! Thanks Peter! In the last Catalina beta the Baker will only work when I start the app with sudo privileges. Otherwise the write process will not start. This issues has also Etcher in the last Catalina beta. With Catalina, Applications must be notarized. Catalina appears to apply sandbox rules without anyone even asking for this. Sandbox rules are in principle a good thing and required when distributing an application through the Apple Store. This was the whole point of creating a helper tool ….

Quite a few applications seem to be hit by this issue Etcher, WinClone, Paragon, etc etc. You will have to restart ApplePi-Baker but now writing works under Cataline without the need for running it as sudo. In your case the device enumeration my best guess, since I cannot replicate the issue is what is going haywire burning CPU cycles.

Awesome work and many thanks for putting the effort and time in making such a wonderful app which I totally prefer using over other apps ;. Thanks Paris for the compliments! I just downloaded the 2. I have a iMac running Mojave.

I believe if I could get past the access violation it would work well. If it matters, I still have v1. Even creation of img was after several times of hanging and forced to close app. But image once created only 5 times tried and hurray! Wish to be able make img with Etcher. Looks no way to use Catalina. Obviously this is not the way any of us would like to work with an application on a permanent basis.

Still actively looking into this issue though. Used 7zip compression like I always have. Is there something disabled by default in this version which was implicitly enabled by the older versions? On Mojave version 2. Using the sudo trick on my own Mac results in faster speeds as well. As for the compression methods: the entire mechanism I used in v1.

I just did a quick test in this order by making a backup of a 8Gb USB 3 stick minutes:second :. Backup just worked for me on Catalina using the provided helper service. I was able to restore the 7zip image I created using 2. I tried to restore a 7Zip image I created with 1. I see you just posted a new 64bit v1. As for your previously made backup; you could try unzipping the backup, and double click the IMG file.

Your Mac will try to mount it as if it was a DMG. Of course only the supported filesystems will work so on a standard Mac, ext-filesystems will not mount unless you have a tool like Paragon ExtFS. You can then see if the backup was done correctly. If any is interested in using the old version v1.

On my Mac it worked under Catalina, but I did get the request for permission so ApplePi-Baker can access external drives confirm and it works it seems. Download link is right under the download linking for version 2. Even though I cannot reproduce the issue running Mojave myself on my dev Mac. Which version of APB are you using? Thanks for the tool btw, I have been using it for making my RPi backups for couple years now. Thanks Mike for the feedback — let me know if this happens again.

I do my Raspberry Backups for months now without any issue. Now I did a clean install of macOS Catalina Its the same SD I used before and just a regular monthly backup. Now, coming back to Catalina: yeah, she is a beast when it comes to this. Others like Etcher run into the same issues. I checked my stored Backups while we are writing. I also followed your advise and tried ApplePi-Baker v1. It works but also now gives only the 78 MB. Both copy byte by byte, everything from the SD, even if space is not assigned or used.

So I would NOT rely on this being a good backup. Since both versions produce the same result; I suspecting Catalina is interfering here in some way — a reason why my main Mac still runs Mojave. In part because 32bit support was dropped, but also in part because Apple screwed around with Security and Privacy. Is your SD in an internal card-reader maybe? Just for shits and giggles: have you tried to restore the backup on another SD card to see what happens?

Sad though. With Catalina it seems a mixed bag. I have reported the issue with Apple, but obviously with zero response. Even privileged helper tools cannot access external volumes incorrect or incomplete developer documentation! Thanks for this. Interesting background. And of course sad something like this happens in the latest and greatest macOS.

But as you mentioned, this would probably also end with the same result. Maybe something changes with the next Thank you as well Djay! But could there be a problem with the SD card? And most important how to get around and get at least a recent backup then at all?! Let me know what your findings are! The incorrect Eject of the device — that is definitely not normal. And you do not have auto-eject enabled from what I can see in the video.

So there should not be an eject at all …. That worked well. Then I updated everything on my Pi and Homebridge setup, because it was outdated. Sounds like you found the culprit — glad to hear that. Thanks Tim for the heads up! Nice catch! I had to replace the download manager WPFilebase with my home made download manager plugin and I goofed up with this link. Thanks to your tip I did find 2 other problematic links and fixed those as well. Thanks again — the link is fixed!

Love the tool. Thanks Tim! Glad to hear 1. Sounds great, version 2 is so sleek and looks amazing, so it is a real bummer that these problems occur, ill keep my fingers crossed that apple has payed some attention to this so this awesome app can work as intended! Thank you for willing to donate! Yeah, it has been quite a big project. The fundamental changes were quite dramatic, and took a lot of work, and strictly byt the book from Apple.

At the moment there is some unpredictable behavior under Catalina with ApplePi-Baker and similar tools like Etcher and such. Some users have no issues at all and others run into issues left and right. The version v1. I hope to test Catalina beta Adn … thanks for the compliment!

The anchor messages can be ignored — these are just messages related to the GUI cosmetics and have no effect on the functionality. It is interesting to see how random applications seem to respond under Catalina. For some users there are zero issues, others can use the temporary sudo approach, and other like yourself are completely stuck. Something you could try since I cannot reproduce your specific issue ; unmount not eject! But no guarantees there. Like I said: your particular issue I cannot reproduce.

Can you see the disk unmount? Hi Hans, unmount and cmd line same result same error messages unmount with gui same result same error messages 1. Thanks for testing Pierre! Preliminary testing with Catalina All tests worked as they are supposed to like in Mojave. Tests I have done show that the latest ApplePi-Baker is running as it should. Please update you macOS to I really want to use version 2, but I still have problems even with 2. For me it stops responding immediately after unmount of the disk and partition is done.

I have tried with different sd cards and different disk images also. No worries, I have worked in it support for more than 5 years earlier, and yes I tried to restart :. The new version 2. The log window shows that the correct tool is found. Maybe a sketchy left-over is causing this issue. There is no way to increase the verbosity of the log. I could make a build that has extensive logging in Console. Hello, thank you for providing this free software.

I managed to Backup a disk and it created a Zip file on my desktop. I have the Helper Tool installed too. I try to restore and after chosing my zip file it states Attempting to Unmount. Then it goes into a Beachball and freezes. I am using APB Ver 2. On your about feature.

I assume you already followed the steps I mentioned in a few comments above this one? This may or may not fix the issue. I did read forums above mine and tried the remover help tool in Terminal and then restarted APB. I am trying to back up an existing SD card and wrote the file successfully as a zip. Want me to email or Dropbox it to you?

Oh sure, DropBox or We-Transfer would work! Thanks for a very useful application! Unfortunately, with everything on my plate right now, it may take a bit before I can implement this. And as you can imagine, it is not even remotely close to paying the bills But yes: I will do my best to get this implemented in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback Hans. I really appreciate all the time and effort that you put into this! I hopefully addresses the issue some users seem to run into when APB crashes at startup thanks Greg for the initial testing. I installed Ver 2. Would you please help me figuring out how I can free up the stolen space on my mac?

Thank you for your reply. Is there a chance that the file is stored in another directory? This should list pretty quick all files greater than 1 Gb. On my Mac this resulted in 26 files — and I have a lot of large files on my system. Thanks again Hans for all your help. And then I thought that the software may back-up using several smaller files, which was the time I came here and asked for your help. I just found the file blamed for all my issues, when I started to make backups for a fresh OS!!

Oh wow! I will add a check in the clean up procedure to see if there is a LinuxPartition file this is created after a backup, and is just the Linux Partition, so it can be resized. May i ask a question — is it possible to backup only the contents of one single partition , and later restore this to a larger partition on another SD card?

It seems i can only select a full disk, but not specific partitions. Thanks for the thank-you note. APB will only make backups or restore entire disks — the application was originally designed with Raspberry Pi, for which it is common to use the entire disk. Right now, optionally and if the MBR partition scheme is being used, the first Linux partition can automatically be resized to smallest backup and largest restore.

This should save you some storage when making a backup, and helps optimally use your disk on restore. The issue I run into, when just copying a single partition, would also come with some challenges when it comes to partition schemes and partition tables. So for now, I do not plan to implement something like that as it will cause tons of issues. Friendly request to write in English here if possible so other users can chime in as well.

Hello, I am contacting you because I have just tried to make a backup by activating the resize option of the EXT4 partition. In my 2 attempts, the backup is the same size GB! Here are the partitions of my disk before creating the image. Feel free to email me the full details webmaster at tweaking4all dot com.

First, thanks a lot for this excellent application, it is really convenient having a single place to handle backup and recovery with such great options and interface! After looking at the logs, no Linux partition found…I copy the partition table info from my SD here:. So, similar to Creaimmo situation. But, using a partition manager tool running on MS Windows, I can see a different layout, see below:. RaspBian image? Extended partitions, GUID etc — it makes things a lot more complicated for me.

I did see a post from someone who resolved this by changing their partition layout. The notion that the MBR is the most commonly used is based on my own experience in the past 8 years. The layout is basically relying on standard primary partitions. Not GUI, not Extended partitions. It seems only recently past year or so? Someone with a lot more experience in this topic. Thank you for the great effort you are putting in this update.

Im having a problem with Catalina. Every time I launch the app and choose or load any SD card the app freeze. I tried to uninstall and remove the helper as mentioned before the reinstall the app again and still having the same problem. Oh and … Happy New Year. It is difficult, if not impossible, to debug if I cannot reproduce the issue. Apple made a little bit of a mess with their new security rules, and when APB is not added, the Full Disk Access will fail.

Can you verify? Hi Hans, Sorry for the late reply. Can you see if it is listed on yours? Also, as stupid as it may sound: did you reboot your Mac lately? Not sure if this helps either, but worth a try: did you try resetting the SMC?

ApplePiBakerHelper listed, however I added it and checked, but it still the same. Well it seems you have done everything we can come up with. Normally one would not see this message at APB startup. I always start the app with SD card plugged in. When i try to open the app without any external disks, the app works fine without any problem. Ive realised something. When the SD card is connected the app works, but when i connect the external hard drive the app freeze.

I use tuxera disk manager to make it compatible with the Mac. Im not sure if this is relevant or not. This is a full version and not a trial! Do I understand this correctly: So even with Tuxera completely! Unfortunately yes. It was okay until i started restoring one image from the hard drive to one sd card and it froze again. It seems something is interfering, but from a distance, and not being able to reproduce the issue, makes it very difficult to resolve the issue.

I really appreciate your time trying to solve my issue. Yes, It woks fine without connecting the external hard drive. My best guess is that some software is interfering because of that extra disk. This would be my first suspect.

My problem, I tried different external hard drive, with different format Fat Happy New Year to you too! Unfortunately, support for ApplePi-Baker 1. The last version 1. Maybe that one works. Neither versions 1. Both will just do a raw byte-by-byte copy of a disk, no matter what is on it, even when the disk is formatted in an exotic format with the exception in v2 when using Shrink or Expand partitions. With version 1. Unfortunately Apple made it a habit of it, to change the output of some of these command frequently.

This is one of the reasons why v2. Hi, I installed the latest version of ApplePiBaker 2. If you prefer to look at this by email: webmaster at tweaking4all dot com. Partition 2: DOS 3. Yep that is the info I was looking for. The second partition is an Extended partition eg. If more partitions would have been needed, they could have used the 2 empty partition slots for that 3 and 4 , and the use of an extended partition is not of these times anymore but that is just my opinion.

But then again; I do not know how they decision process was when they decided to use extended partitions. Since Extended Partitions come with a whole bundle of new challenges, for me as the APB developer, and since they hardly ever were used with Raspberry Pi images, I chose to not implement this.

Maybe I will in the future, but it would take quite a bit of time for me to become familiar with all the technical details and with my luck, but that time GUID partitioning may become mainstream. Theoretically one could convert the Logical- partition s on the Extended Partition to Primary partition s , but it would involve some work backup all the files, remove the extended partition, create a primary partition, copy the files back, and possibly change some config files.

As you can see: it will not be a quick and easy thing to do. Thanks a lot for your explanation and for the good work! I just used APB to create a new system from scratch on the smaller SSD and noticed that the newer Raspberry image has a better structure see below so maybe not worth doing all the work in APB to support a structure that has gone away…. The only question is why the Partition 2 was expanded only to 14GB leaving 17GB of empty space on SSD… especially because the temporary image in my tmp directory was actually 32GB… maybe this partition will autoexpand once mounted in a RPi?

Thanks Riccardo! As far as I know, the Raspbian images used to have a fixed size and on first boot it will resize to full size. Did you use the expand function on APB? Thanks for the suggestion — I realize this is a lot of info, I just wanted every user to have access to an explanation how AP works.

It indeed has been a LOT of work to get to this point thanks Apple! I am using ApplePiBaker 2. The following information is shown:. If I can help you can contact me directly. Email me at: webmaster at tweaking4all dot com. I have also experiencing crashing with the same error in the console. The application launches, let me select a disk, but as soon as I click to choose the restore image, the app quits with console message as above:. I am having the hardest time to debug macOS This seems to be an issue related to dark theme support bug in my code.

I will try to what I can do to resolve the issue. Applepibaker quits as soon as I try to select the option to create a backup. System Version: macOS I think this may be related to the old If anyone has experience with other ISO files for example Window 10 anyone? I am a beginner with Raspberry Pi. I was looking for a way to backup my SD card when I came across this post. There are several reasons for that, but simply put: you would not be able to use a backup of a single partition.

At least not without adding things like a bootsector, partition table etc. The fact that it took this long is a reasonable indication that the entire disk was copied. You IMG should show there as a disk. Hope this clarifies that.

Glad I could help! I tried to make backup today but I did not know I did not have enough space for the actual backup. It took me way too long to figure out what was wrong. Such a stupid mistake but I think the UX could be improved here a little.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike. I agree, this should have been there to begin with. It is on my To-Do list, but I have a few other projects to finish first. Something like a estimated needed space vs available space warning. Thanks for this great tool! Thanks Mike! And thanks for using ApplePi-Baker. I just did this a couple weeks ago with some Linux ISO files.

Works great. All three of these scenarios can usually be tackled e. I was wondering if it might be possible to support resize for gpt images. I have a number of embedded linux based tool sets I boot from that are configured this way, and it would add flexibility to the process of managing the USB sticks I use. Not a fun thing to have to do, I understand. But not with corrupted cards. If you need ideas for version 3: integration of ddrescue for damaged cards. Excellent tip! PiBaker is a great tool.

Have been using it for nearly 4 years now wow! The design is modern and cool, but alas, low contrast is really not working well with my old buggy eyes. Why is there no comprehensive settings screen, with simple checkboxes or lists? Just now I backed up a card and was certain I enabled partition resize…but the 32Gig card was saved into a 32Gig image. Please consider a nice old fashioned settings dialog for the less stylish users like me ;-.

Rearranging the interface to go with checkboxes and such will take quite a lot of work not to mention: destroy the look I was going for. However … I could do some tests and see if I can create a high-contrast option, if you think that may help? For example: all the grays become black and the light grays become gray? Or have disabled buttons an even lighter gray, so the highlighted enabled buttons stand out more?

Feel free to reply to the notification email or email me at webmaster at tweaking4all dot com. I thought you could just leave the UI as is, only implement a settings menu and open up a modal form with a more old school dialog where those settings could be implemented. A fellow Delphi developer! I could indeed implement a settings form, let me think about the easiest way to implement that.

I can imagine that quite a few people would rather not see this, so it will have to be optional somehow. I used this tool a lot until version 2 came out. It freezes almost immediately after startup. I tried 2. I cannot reproduce the issue on the 4 Macs that I can test on, so assistance of users is pretty much a must for me to fix this. Any help is very much appreciated. Tried it several times, with no success at all.

But I can download and run ApplePi-Baker Using an old iMac and macOS And as far as I can see, you cannot upgrade to a newer OS either seems El Capitan is the last version that would work on your iMac. My recommendation for now: keep working with v1. I tried both ApplePi-Baker version 2. When trying to add the privileged helper tool to FullDiskAccess, your helper tool is greyed out.

Hence, whenever I try to read an SD card, it fails the full disk access test. ApplePi-Baker version: 2. Yeah Catalina sure has its issues. NOTE: Please do not post the log in the comments here, but do feel free to start a forum topic or email me directly webmaster at tweaking4all dot com. Maybe I can see what is happening from the log. Great tool. I last used version one and it worked great to backup and restore a RetroPie image. I have a g SD card I am trying to backup and restore using baker 2.

I seem to be running into issues. I am running Catalina It lets me back up and chooses. I will keep tinkering, but am I doing something wrong? Should I be choosing a different format like. Sorry if this is vague. I can get more info if needed. This may have to do with another application, not allowing you to unmount the drive.

So to give it some more time, try unmounting with Disk Utility first before doing a restore. Hope this helps. I think the back up worked great. It created a. I hope that was right? If so — what is next step with Baker? Should I change the extension to. I do see in baker forums that ISO may not be good?

Should I do. Not sure where to go from here. Right now, on my hard drive, I have a nice, what I think would be expected, g. The native format would be an IMG file. On that note: mounting only works if your operating system supports the filesystem used in the backup. Do you have a preferred method for donating cash? Second things second, I noticed an odd behavior that uses a lot of CPU: I restored a previously resized, if it matters.

Not a big deal, but also probably not intended. Thank you for the very nice compliment — it is very much appreciated. You can donate not required, but most certainly welcome through PayPal send it to hans at luijten dot net. Something must be going bonkers excellent that you posted the version details — most people forget that. No guarantees that either of them is better — but overtime I did make a few changes.

Note: probably a good idea to save a copy of 2. Let me know if either made a difference. Testing under After downloading, dragging to Applications folder and dbl clicking to launch, up pops this Warning window:. How big is the ApplePi download file supposed to be on disk? My copy says 6,,, 6.

Sorry, file size previously stated is wrong. Correct size is 4,, bytes 4. Just to make sure, I have downloaded 2. I have no means to test APB under You could try v1. I can only guess that macOS I quickly made a zipped version of the beta — you can give it a try. Do you have a fresh link by any chance? Thank you. It does run. It successfully imaged a Raspberry Pi flash drive, but the resulting image file was 30GB in size!! Given the name and stated purpose of the tool…..

Assuming you have the recommended disk layout:. Still, it should not result in a ridiculous 30Gb file size. Yes, standard partitions. I just downloaded Raspbian and wrote it to the CD. Where would I even upload a 30GB file?

Woops … 30Gb is a little much indeed. Yeah this is not meant to be a forum — just a place to comment on this article. Replying to specific posts is only supported up to 5 levels. The actual forum would be more what you may be looking for. Still, posting a 30Gb file, even if it were 8Gb, is a lot. No worries though, I just downloaded 32 bit version Raspbian and will install it to a 32Gb SD card and see what happens. I restored it to a 32Gb USB stick, with the expand option enabled.

Next I tried making a backup which resulted in a 32,,, Bytes 32 Gb file. After that I tried making a backup again, this time with the shrink option enabled, which resulted in a 3,,, 3. Looking good so far. So I restored with ApplePi-Baker, without the expand function. Booting in RPi made it expand to use the full capacity 8Gb.

So … this worked under Monterey, with v2. Hold on…. Obviously, when clicked, it enables highlighted. Well, I ran it again with shrinking enabled. It took about three hours! Again excessively large, I feel, for a drive with 7G of files on it. Does it have anything to do with free space maybe not being pre-zeroed? Oh my goodness, 3 hours and a Nope, empty space does not need to be zeroed out, and Ext4 is just fine.

I think that may be the problem. As with most of these kind of tools like dd and such : a backup is a literal backup. So in you case, the backup would already be 32Gb or so without the shrink option. How much is the IMG file when you unzip the 7z file? On that note: The reason why a FULL backup is made, is mostly because the used partitioning and file systems may or may not be a known format.

So the last unused 23Gb on your disk could be unused as it is right now , or it could be an exotic way of storing data. Added to my ToDo list: Consider if I should add an optional setting to do a strict backup based on partition info, or not. For now I would say: Make sure the Linux partition on your SD card is resized to the max available size.

You can do this on your Raspberry Pi with raspi-config. To save time: consider doing this without compressing the file. IMG files are faster to store if you have the space. Resizing the partition to fill the entire drive made no difference whatsoever. The resulting img was still 30GB in size, uncompressed; and 17GB compressed. The process took about an hour and a half to produce an uncompressed img with shrink enabled.

Is there anything I can do to help you track this issue down? Would it be better to discuss this via email? Or on the forum maybe? Optionally, you can also email me of course — just reply to the notification. FYI: Chris ran into the same problem and for him, resizing the Linux partition the full size on the SD card worked very well. Thanks again Hans. I downloaded v1. Yeah the notarization of applications is an automated system created by Apple that checks a macOS application for malicious content and code signing correctness.

Good to hear it works now! Apologies if I forget to update. Finished, no issues reported. It get connection refused. On the original I can ssh into it as much as I like. I even tried restoring the shrunk backup file onto the larger card after making a non-shrunk backup!

Resizing should not affect this though …. Since I never really used this option, you may want to check if it is still there. Having said that: the resize function only affects the Linux partition, and not the boot partition. Inconsistency deterred by ld. But if I make a backup trying to shrink the partition sizes and restoring them to the original card or the slightly smaller card I get this. BTW, it would be a cool option to have a way to take an already done backup and shrink it so that you can put it on a smaller card.

That is indeed a strange thing to happen. Could you test this with another SD card? SD cards, and especially noname cards, tend to be unreliable [over time]. As for shrinking an already existing IMG file: there is a method for that! See the method described in the comment below yours here. Simply make a backup of that device with shrink enabled should go very fast. If you want I can find a way to get the images to you and you can check them.

The images are about 1. Well, I bought some more cards, unfortunately 8GB are pretty much no more available so I got two 16G cards. I can now. Then, to install the WebUI, run the following commands. Note: If you already installed the Deluge daemon in the ThinClient section of the tutorial, skip the first command here. This stops the WebUI and opens up the configuration file for it. Open up a browser on your regular desktop machine and point it at the IP address of your Pi with the port you just chose e.

You might be tempted to start downloading torrents now, but wait! Read over the first section for a better understanding of why it is important to protect your BitTorrent connection , and then sign up for a proxy service or, better yet, a good VPN before continuing on. Then, download and install the Linux client on your Pi, start it up, and connect to your desired server. You need to fill out the Peer, Web Seed, Tracker, and DHT sections like so, placing your proxy username and password in the appropriate slots.

In order for the proxy settings to take effect, you need to restart the Deluge daemon. From the terminal enter the following commands:. You can find many of these torrents online, including this one from BTGuard and this one from TorGuard. Load either or both torrents into Deluge and wait a moment. Both will report the IP address they detect from your client. If that IP address matches your public IP address , then the proxy or VPN is not configured properly and you should return to the previous section to check your configuration.

From there, all you need to do is change the default locations in Deluge. That little SD card is going to fill up real fast, however, so we need to change it. That way, we can easily access our downloaded torrents over the network and have a network-accessible watch folder for auto-loading torrent files.

Click OK to set the directories. For our test we grabbed the. Before we leave the Deluge setup, there is one final detail to attend to. Run the following command in a Terminal to do so. With the rc. Your rc.

There are two major errors you may encounter here. Open up the terminal on your Pi and manually start the daemon and WebUI using the commands we learned earlier in the tutorial. Check to see that it works now. If it does, go back up and fix your rc. Second, if you can open up the client, but it shows permission errors for your existing torrents like the Linux torrent we used to test things earlier , that indicates that your external hard drive was not mounted, or mounted incorrectly.

Review the sections on installing an external drive and setting it to auto-mount on boot in our Low-Power Network Storage tutorial. Now that you have your torrent box configured and ready to rock, there are a few additional tools and modifications you can look into to really enhance your user experience.

None of these tips and tricks are necessary, but they do make your Raspberry Pi turned Torrent Box easier to use. Install Browser Plugins : There are several Deluge-centered plugins for Chrome and Firefox that improve the user experience, including:. Activate Deluge Plugins : There are a host of great plugins already included in Deluge, and even more third-party plugins.

Some of the included plugins you may want to take advantage of include:. Check the ones you want and a new entry will appear in the preferences menu e. For more information about third-party plugins and how to install them, check out the Plugins page in the Deluge Wiki. After configuring, testing, and tweaking enhancements and plugins, you have a more than capable torrent box that costs mere pennies a day to operate.

Find a quiet and out-of-the-way spot to plug it in, load it up with torrents, and leave it to do the heavy lifting of downloading and seeding for you. We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. Learn more. Windows ». What Is svchost. Best Cell Phone Plans. Best Camera Bags. Best Ultrawide Monitors. Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers. Best Fitness Trackers. Best SSDs for Gaming.

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