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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn English With Pimsleur you'll become conversational in English — to understand and be understood — quickly and. The Pimsleur Method is a language learning system that provides instruction in a targeted Pimsleur french torrent download – ATSPACE.

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Pimsleur english for french speakers torrent

pimsleur english for french speakers torrent

The Pimsleur Method is a language learning system that provides instruction in a targeted Pimsleur french torrent download – ATSPACE. Babbel has 13 languages, assuming your language of instruction is English. You can learn Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian. Learn to Speak English with Pimsleur® English for French Speakers Course 1. Featuring 30 streaming or download lessons and iPhone®, iPad® & Android™ app. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MOVIES DOWNLOADS KICKASSTORRENTS A regular Click the service we link to the machine a type your current to make all addresses to be. What you Windows: Now, open-source computer 8 the enforced, which - new. Chat with the only domain name.

So in a nutshell : Pimsleur yes for real beginner. No if you have just a lettle bit foundations in the target language. And definitely no because of the price!!! I tried my hand at several languages and several different methods to learn them. I prefer the kind that has you listening and repeating since it is much faster than learning to write a new language and in some cases an entire alphabet at the same time. The 30 minutes a day, I think, would be good for people who go on vacation and want to pick up some of the language before they go only to forget about it as soon as they land back home, and in that case would probably work quite well.

I personally do with the Pimsleur courses the 30 minutes to begin with and each next day I repeat the previous days' lesson before continuing with the next. Every couple of days I re-do several lessons again, because I found that, if you don't repeat them enough the language will stick for a while, but 6 months later you will have forgotten pretty much everything about it.

Also after about 15 lessons -half the course- my preferred method of learning I will take a break of at least two weeks and after that re-start by quickly reviewing lesson 5 through 15 again. Still I would say and agree with what you have written Pimsleur is far too expensive for a language course and it doesn't cover nearly enough.

I also do not want to advocate piracy but will not blame people for it with these prices and limited options. Another thing I could mention from my own experience , Pimsleur works okay for me, I do the lessons on the computer while cleaning the house, or on the bus when going somewhere but I do find that after several lessons I have a great need for a native speaker to have a conversation with.

First to ask if I am actually pronouncing several words right, because even with the breaking down to syllables it can be hard to know if you hear and say it correctly, but also to have a bit of a distraction from the same routine. People who are interested in only one or maybe two languages will not have this problem, but I myself like to try and learn as many different ones as I can and find myself easily mixing up languages, because with the same routine same words you learn in the same order and the exact same conversations in each and every one you tend to memorize the correct response to what you hear and that can be very tricky.

Is Amazon selling a fake? It is odd that it has really good reviews. I just finished 30 lessons of Pimsleur Hebrew; thank you, now I understand the method a little better. I liked it, and used it well on my commute, though I did repeat lessons times before moving on.

Maybe my attention was torn from my bus ride, but it was a great way to pass the time on the bus and only once did I nearly miss my stop.. I want to learn Mongolian for an upcoming trip, but am finding it hard to find a similar program. Do you have any thoughts on this? I liked that I could commute by bus or car with it. Which would rule out Rosetta Stone or other hands on interactive programs. I can use the web on my phone, but haven't found a Mongolian program yet Thank you!

Many of the comments were exactly my feeling, as well. I'm working on Italian now, and have used this method with French. I think the combination of the three fill in gaps for me, such as vocabulary and even other ways of saying the same things sometimes less formally. That should be about 18 months to 2 years. I think I want to learn the language and take the then highly beneficial 2-week trip later so I can practice on real people. Bottom line for me is that if I am serious about learning a non Mid Eastern or Asian language, Pimsleur is a great base for my language learning and can easily be supplemented with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, etc.

Multiple methods would result in a few hours per day of exposure to the language, just as the doctor prescribed. Even though I studied French at school many years ago and know many of the words, I am still learning a lot from Pimsleur.

In fact, I it was not until I started Pimsleur that I realized how inaccurate my French pronunciation was. It is important to understand that Pimsleur alone will only get you so far. My approach to language learning is work through several courses at once: Pimsleur, Assimil, Teach Yourself, Made Simple books, Easy Reader, grammar books. It reinforces learning to come across the same word, expression or grammatical rule in multiple places. Each Pimsleur lesson needs to be done more than once and reviewed later.

I'm now redoing the Italian lessons in parallel with the French. This highlights the similarities and differences and helps me learn to switch between them without mixing them up. Pimsleur is great to listen to when walking or doing housework. For road safety reasons, I recommend not doing it when driving the car. Pimsleur requires a high level of concentration and distracts too much from the driving task.

Great review. One typo: "This post will deal [with] the core product and method of Pimsleur only. Donovan, This is an excellent review. Also, I am wondering would you please share more info on those languages that are going extinct as I am great fan of learning new languages. Thanks and appreciate it, Shilpa. You really went far in this review, listened to it in several languages and even read the book. That's impressive. I agree with everything.

I've being trying the Pimsleur method, and it's really efficient. It gives you enough grammar to understand the main points of what you read, so you can walk with your own legs in the journey of learning a language.

Good review. I've done pimsleur spanish and agree with everything you say here. I've found them to be a great learning tool when used in conjunction with other resources. Unfortunately if people ask me if I would recommend them, I have to say that they are way overpriced and I would only recommend them if they can find them free library for example or at a greatly reduced price. A great review but I would give it one caveat - that is I'm guessing that you only listened to the Level One discs.

You say that the language is artificial with excessive use of formal language structures - in the two courses which I have completed German and Russian Level One is entirely formal, Level Two largely informal, Level Three and beyond very mixed, and good, if basic, guides on when each should be used. My only complaint is that there was no Pimsleur course available when I started to learn Scots Gaelic! Unsure of how to spend it, as Spotify is my primary music source, i decided to try Pimsleur level three, lessons , as level 4 could only be bought with all 30 lessons Your review is spot on.

A bit overpriced, but it seemed effective. Hi Nathan, thanks for this great review. I'm learning the Levantine Arabic dialect at the moment and have bought Units of the Pimsleur Eastern Arabic method to supplement my weekly evening classes. As a female student the first thing I've noticed is that the student listening in the course is always assumed to be male. I'm trying to decide whether to buy the remaining Units and wondered if it becomes a bit less male-centric later in the course?

They do seem to give you some feminine verbs etc by using a woman as the opposite person in your conversations but I expect a bit more than that in I am learning Vietnamese and wanted to supplement my lessons with an audio program. Read really great reviews about Pimsleur's Vietnamese. First, but minor, problem is it is spoken with the northern accent. The biggest problem is at times it is very hard to understand what they are saying as there is no written supplement.

At times the man and woman speakers say the same word in a different way. There are many good things about the program, and it would be great if they offered a written supplement when you get stuck on understanding what is being said. I would not recommend it as the only learning program, but it is a great supplement.

The technical term is back-chaining. Neither phonemes, syllables, words nor phrases are presented as backward strings at any time. Rather they are chained—starting from the final element—toward the end of the string, in progressive iterations: '-ing' '-chaining' 'back-chaining'.

It's a method very well-known in ESL pedagogy, particularly useful for pronunciation, and goes way back to Army techniques pioneered in the 40's. I have found it useful in pronunciation and short phrases and sentences. For fuller sentences and syntax, not so much. At least that was my experience for Korean. What a great thread following the review! One thing I wanted to ask I haven't figured out how to learn a language by being around native speakers. I've been trying to learn Spanish forever, and I live in Southern California where it is spoken often.

But the only way I seem to be able to make progress is the various apps and programs. When a Hispanic person speaks to me, I only understand the words I already know. If I ask a question, they get going on an answer and I have no idea what's being said. And on top of that I feel shy. I know how frustrating it can be to speak to a person with poor command of English and I can't get past the discomfort I feel while stumbling over Spanish. So native speakers scare me. While language programs feel safer.

Pimsleur is my go to for learning a new language. If they don't have the language I want, or it's not good quality like Arabic , I then look for something else. The pronunciation method is unique, and I think is what sets it apart more than the SRS which I find pretty terrible in this implementation. Teaching words and phrases in reverse syllable order is brilliant. It does a great job of stopping you from bringing any preconceptions in, and just listening to how the words sound.

There's no mention of any writing system, so the whole thing is listen, repeat, compare, refine until you get pretty close. It's the reason I prefer to start with Pimsleur over other courses, it's just that much better than everything else when it comes to pronunciation. I also like that it starts with sentences, but that's hardly unique, just something in its favour.

Your first experience with speaking a language is then using proper grammar, and you have grammatically correct sentences to refer to as a test of your understanding of grammar rules to construct a sentence. It also gets you speaking pretty fast. I could keep it going for a couple minutes before I just didn't know enough to keep going and wasn't able to understand her answers, but it was still impressive nonetheless.

The SRS they have is silly, before every even numbered lesson starting at 4 you're supposed to listen to lesson 2 first. I eventually stopped doing that, it was a massive drag. Didn't seem to suffer from it either. Shows they didn't put much thought into the system and it doesn't make a big difference if you don't follow it.

I couldn't tell that the accent was bad for the speakers, I assumed that it would be overly formal though, for Arabic. I still had major problems with it. Pimsleur follows a template, they want to cover a specific conversation, translated from English, within 30 minutes.

Arabic has gendered second person pronouns, and the rest is heavily gendered as well, so since you're doing a conversation between a man and a woman from lesson 2, there's actually not enough time to go over everything, the vocabulary you need to learn has been effectively doubled. Japanese had some particularly long words that also created a difficulty spike, but they were just odd words, and I could just shrug and keep going if I didn't say one right.

With Arabic there wasn't even the opportunity to practice the pronunciation of the words. I suspect Hebrew would be at least as bad maybe they'd get good pronunciation at least. I also have a hunch Chinese works better than Japanese because most words are just two syllables, so you don't get the difficulty spike from following the template.

Hi Ryan, I am going to Indonesia in a few months and I want to learn it better. I have lived there before and know basic stuff and my pronunciation is correct, but I just want to be able to speak it more confidently. Is the 99 dollar pimselur training worth it, and if not , do they accept refunds? Only if he's asking a woman if she wants a drink at his place Never mind! Thank you for great review and discussion. I wanted to add Pimsleur method is the closest there is to the way a child learns language: starts with one word and slowly builds "scaffolds".

Children BTW will pick up a new language in a couple of weeks. For me, I've tried to learn Spanish over and over and must do it again. Pimsleur helped me jump from memorizing single words to being able to put them into sentences. Very empowering. I would say Pimsleur gives a foundation from which to begin to really learn the language-develop vocabulary, speed grammar, etc With P I was able to do quite well in college level Spanish classes I audited.

Lastly, some people are more talented with languages than others me, eg. I used Pimsleur as my 1st step to learning Brazilian Portuguese -- at the time, there were only 3 levels available. I found Pimsleur to be a great stepping stone that I could listen to in the car to and from work. Of course, Pimsleur didn't make me fluent, but after levels , I could ask directions, engage in the 1st few sentences of a conversation with a stranger, etc. Pretty decent results for me.

Now, I'm improving by speaking with a local friend from Brazil, and by taking online courses at Semantica-Portuguese. I am very disappointed with Pimsleur Greek. There are many sounds in Greek that are difficult to understand. There are subtle differences as compared to the English language, it is often difficult to understand at times, exactly what sound is being spoken.

Pimsleur refuses to provide a transcript or even a printed vocabulary list to assist their customers. I written, called and emailed. They say this is the method and they will not provide written vocabulary. Thousands have requested the transcript but it falls on deaf ears. When some one posts a transcript on the internet they threaten copy right infringement, interesting since they don't print it.

They fail to understand that people learn in different ways. They do a great disservice to their customers. Extremely disappointed. They are also ,missing a market dsegment of those willing to pay. I really like the Pimsleur method for teaching spoken Russian.

I had some Russian in college but learned to speak very little; this is slow going for me until I come upon something I actually learned in college, at which time I feel very smart and speed along. The one thing about it that sort of bugs me are the topics -- how you learn a thousand different ways to come on to people. The female speaker is sort of whiny and reluctant. The male speaker is always trying to talk the female speaker into having a drink, into inviting him over to her place, into her coming over to his place, etc.

Of course it would be nice to know if anyone trying that on me, but since I am an older woman who will be staying with relatives in Moscow when I go, it probably isn't going to come up that much. Also, Russian level 4 is now available as of October The discount of Russian Level 4 has expired. I would like to suggest a small update. Pimsleur Approach is no longer a licensed reseller of the Pimsleur product.

I picked up Level 1 at a used bookstore the other day and liked it very much. It was only when I went to the official Pimsleur website that I learned the reseller status. That said, I called the company and they said it is Pimsleur but only as up to date as the packaging indicated. End result, I was able to go on Amazon and find Level for an exceptionally affordable price. Approach may have started as a rip off but can be a way to beat sticker shock now.

No product is "overpriced" if it consistently sells for that price. One may as well declare the Rolls Royce to be overpriced. People who can afford only a used Toyota but would like a Rolls Royce may idly say that the Rolls Royce is "overpriced. Obviously, there is a sufficiently high demand for Pimsleur courses to enable the company to continue selling them at the high price. Perhaps they would make more money if they cut the price in half. I don't know. I don't know the costs of production, advertising and so forth.

But the claim that a product is "overpriced" merely because the price is higher than one would like is not valid. Well balanced review of a program I've been using for years. Pimsleur has been teaching me Italian and I'm up to almost Italian 5. I agree that the vocab is limited and I often use a translate program if I just can't quite grasp what's being said.

And I listen to each lesson multiple times before I move on. My biggest hurdle is not having anyone to communicate with, but I keep at it! I keep a Spanish Pimsleur in my car CD at all times. When I feel like practicing I just turn it on for however many minutes. I had been trying to study Spanish at the University and the tutor in the lab could not understand me.

I realize I have a slight hearing deficit so that in a class room, or even watching a movie, I don't hear things correctly. With Pimsleur in the car less than 2 feet from me, and being able to adjust the volume, my pronunciation has improved dramatically. The tutor is amazed at my improvement. It is a great addition to studying Spanish other ways.

Exceptional to just listen and answer with no writing or reading. Also, if you do not want to check out CD's from your library, you can go online and find used CD's, even the Gold versions, for very little. Pimsleur works very well for me and I like the fact that many libraries have several of the Pimsleur series. I think that pimsleur's failure to provide a transcript and or at least a vocabulary list with interpretations is a very serious flaw and undermines the usefulness of the program.

I am studying GREEK and the transcript is essential for understanding the pronunciation of many words. I am also a visual learner. There is no reason for them not to provide, even at a cost that I think thousands of people would pay and they could profit by. Personally I discourage all from using this program. I love Pimsleur Language Programs! I think they are the best to start learning a language, at least the speaking and listening parts. For writing and reading you need to find a different program.

But, the hardest part of learning a language is speaking, and Pimsleur is awesome. I currently live in the USA where they have really good public libraries. When I have the money I invest in some reduced price Pimsleur programs or I just get them from the library. I have tried French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. Hi Donovan: thank you for the review-very well written. I am an old American who likes to travel around and have developed a routine of taking the Pimsleur intro from the library San Francisco has them all before I go to a new place-currently doing Japanese.

Yes they have many shortcomings but all in all its a good tool for my purpose. I have never really been good at languages so essentially it stimulates my brain and allows me to say a few words and phrases, find the bathroom and generally get a smile and chuckle from the locals-all good.

I'm jealous that you have all those languages! I've been using the Thai language set. Thai is a very difficult language, as it is tonal as I'm sure you're aware , and therefore small mistakes in pronunciation are actually large mistakes in conversation and very confusing for Thai people. My wife is Thai, and most of her family lives in Thailand.

I've been trying to learn so I can converse with her and her family more in their heart language. Thai folks are very friendly, so learning is easy once you have the proper framework for learning. In my limited assessment, the Thai set is very good for a beginner to the language as opposed to other methods that may try to teach the alphabet and writing in addition to vocab and sentence structure. That said, sometimes things are a bit "over-pronounced," and sometimes much slower than in reality.

In my experience, having studied 10 languages over the years, Pimsleur is the only one that works. It doesn't teach you every word in the language, but it gets you started so that once you arrive in the country, you can start speaking and are taken seriously as someone who can "deal" in that language. Then the rest follows. Your accent and rhythm are superb -- and added vocabulary comes with time. For languages with hard vocabulary, I make notes on the lessons, look up the words and make flash cards.

On the Indonesian CDs, maddeningly, the time they give you to speak is often a bit too short, so I have the pause button ready so I can collect myself. On a recent trip to Amman, Jordan,, I only had time to cover four Pimsleur lessons, and even with just these I was functioning fine with street, shop, taxi and hotel Arabic.

This is the system that works. There is also a big secondary market in used CDs, plus libraries often have them. Understanding is very often harder than speaking. When you speak, you use only words you know and go at your own pace. When someone else speaks, you have no control. They could have a normal conversation and then slow it down progressively until the words became clear. THIS is the frontier! You need to transcribe the minute part of the audio. Where do you start time stamping? I use my audible to get Pimsleur lessons.

You can get 5 lessons for 1 credit or the whole 30 lessons for 5 credits. Your membership for audible is Much cheaper than getting Pimsleur from the websites or on Amazon. Also, buy purchasing 5 at a time, I don't feel overwhelmed. I can do the lessons once or twice before moving on. Love it! I agree with most of your review, and while I agree that the speakers in Pimsleur Spanish aren't native sounding, I need this; I couldn't understand anything native Spanish speakers were saying, and can only slightly now, after a year of study.

I tried half-a-dozen "learn from native speakers" cd sets before I found Pimsleur, and to me they were utterly useless; I find the less-than-perfect speakers and dialogue in Pimsleur perfect for my level, I think Dr P. I listen to Pimsleur in the car, and use Mango languages at home. At this point it's a good combination; I'm sure I'll try other things as I improve. I want to learn Castilian Spanish and had Pimsleur recommended to me.

Your review suggests Rocket Spanish but they only do Latin American. With those factors in mind, which do you think would suit my goals best? Hello, what a great review indeed, BUT you dont give any information about an important topic, which is what i came looking info for, and its this one.

Now, i know this is not an easy answer, but i need to know this because, the main reason im gonna study french is to apply for a visa in montreal, and one the requeriments its to take a french test, now i dont remember what level is minimun requirement, but i guess it would be B2-C1. I understand that if i use this program, i would have to learn more vocabulary aside from the one they give me, and thats fine, no problem there. BUT what about grammar, really, what do you think it would be my best option?

Great article. It gives me access to the app and Spanish courses 1 through 5 at that price. I had never tried it before because it was so cost prohibitive. As someone who uses duolingo and rosetta stone I must say im making mich better progress with pronunciation with Pimsluer. My daughter in law is a native spanish speaker and she agrees. I agree with many of the comments. Having some familiarity is helping me to learn faster.

However, as I'm also paying attention to the road, I do pause the CD to have a little more time to think of my response. I will also repeat a lesson at least twice. I wish they would give us a bit more time to think of a response, as sometimes I'm halfway through when then give us the answer! This would speed up my learning, because as one responder noted, the two narrators don't always say words the same way and sometimes it's difficult to catch what they are saying.

But maybe that will come in later lessons. And last 8 I am also using Duolingo, which is a good complement. Probably other apps are as well, to get to see and write the words to go with Pimsleur's listening component. Overall Pimsleur has been the best at helping me to be confident in Spanish than anything else I've tried. I'm now bringing my speaking outside of the car to real people, which has been a great confidence booster. Just wanted to make a point about the price. Pimsleur is available on Audible, and you can get a whole level for 5 credits.

It's a good way to get it, since you can return audiobooks for credits or subscribe to get a certain number a month. Definitely made it affordable for me,. The multi-pronged approach works best, with Pimsleur as a base. Native Germans tell me my pronunciation and vocabulary are excellent.

I highly recommend Pimsleur. It is challenging and effective. I also pause a lot to practice something that is difficult for me before moving on. Hope this helps. It was a different company than Pimsleur. It had some minor differences and some fancy packaging, but was almost exactly the same program. The licensing eventually was discontinued. It wasn't a scam, it was legally licensed. Last year, I decided to pull them out and finally go through the lessons.

I wanted to download the reading booklets and tried to get them on the website, but the web sight for pimsleurapproach. After searching that site, I called and I was told that the company licensed to sell the product as pimsleurapproach. I found them to be a great companion to the course. College language courses are very grammar and textbook focused, while these CD lessons are all about listening and speaking.

I did the 30 lessons in Spanish I and the 30 lessons in Spanish II, but not the supplementary reading lessons. I would love to get the booklets to do the audio reading lessons, but I can't find them online anywhere. Pimsleur is my favorite method because it is not the standard memorization and dissection of sentences. That has never worked for me. I like to get a good feel for how a language works and learn some vocabulary along the way in context.

That works for me. Whatever your native language is, you learned it this way. You picked up a few words and then started learning how they go together. Over time, you just get a feel for what sounds right. You learn the exceptions naturally. It isn't until you are quite comfortable with speaking and well equipped with vocabulary that you finally go to school and sort out the grammatical details.

I also find that 30 minutes a day is sufficient for the beginner. Down the road, you may want to pursue other methods or resources to expand your knowledge and acquire more words. However, this audio only method that engages you to constantly respond from day one is probably the best way to start off in my opinion.

It gets you past the hump of being able to have simple conversations, which I believe is when you are able to learn and retain new words, concepts and expressions in context. Core Vocabulary Words, phrases, and sentences are selected for their usefulness in everyday conversation. Graduated Interval Recall Reminders of new words and structures come up at the exact interval for maximum retention and storage into your long-term memory. Organic Learning You work on multiple aspects of the language simultaneously.

We integrate grammar, vocabulary, rhythm, melody, and intonation into every lesson, which allows you to experience the language as a living, expressive form of human culture. Learning in Context Research has shown that learning new words in context dramatically accelerates your ability to remember.

Every scene in every Pimsleur lesson is set inside a conversation between two people. There are no drills, and no memorization necessary for success. This method works with every language and every learner who follows it. You gain the power to recall and use what you know, and to add new words easily, exactly as you do in your native language. The English Language Approximately million people speak English around the world and there are more than 50 countries where English is the primary language spoken, including in Australia, Canada, the Commonwealth Caribbean, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Instruction is in French. First Name:. Ask a Question. No, thanks. Continue with Level only. Free Audio Lesson. Description Pimsleur includes 30, minute audio lessons and reading instruction as streaming or audio download accessible using the Pimsleur Mobile App, or on your computer.

Need Help? I love japanese and thanks to this method it loves me back! Even my japanese friend is impressed.

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Farsi Persian 1. Farsi Persian 2. Finnish 1. French 1 CD. French 1. French 2 CD. French 2. French 3 CD. French 3. French 4. French 5. German 1. German 2. German 3. German 4. German 5. Greek 1. Greek 2. Haitian Creole 1. Hebrew 1.

Hebrew 2. Hebrew 3. Hindi 1. Hindi 2. Hungarian 1. Icelandic 1. Indonesian 1. Irish 1. Italian 1. Italian 2. Italian 3. Italian 4. Italian 5. Japanese 1. Japanese 2. Japanese 3. Japanese 4. Japanese 5. Korean 1. Korean 2. Korean 3. Lithuanian 1. Norwegian 1. Norwegian 2. Ojibwe 1. Pashto 1. Pashto 2. Polish 1. Brazilian Portuguese 1.

Brazilian Portuguese 2. Brazilian Portuguese 3. Brazilian Portuguese 4. Brazilian Portuguese 5. European Portuguese 1. Punjabi 1. Romanian 1. Russian 1. Believe me, there are many files in much worse condition. My seedbox ends August, 25th.

Carry on. Karabas, i didn't get it all. Could you please rephrase that? Some of languages have more levels on other trackers e. But, anyway, thank you. This torrent is the biggest Pimsleur torrent. Gr8 job you've done! Sorry for being late with answers. The thing is, after i uploaded this pack, i found out that my hard drive was dying. I had a copy of the pack on other drive and and i uploaded it to IPT few months later.

Therefore, if this pack is not good for you, that's where you will find a perfectly good one. You helped my dream come true! I'm going to learn Italian. Learning languages with Pimsleur is very easy. All you need is motivation and a little effort.

Thanks for the titanic job you did getting it all together. God bless you, man! Croation and Arabic - exactly what I've been dreaming of!

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