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Antony and cleopatra 1972 dvd9 torrent

antony and cleopatra 1972 dvd9 torrent

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Language French. Script Gothic. Artists Talbot Master. Parchment codex. Miniature of of the death of Cleopatra; blood drips from her arms into the mouths of two dragons. Des cleres et nobles femmes, De claris mulieribus in an anonymous French translation. Origin France, Central Paris. Script Gothic cursive. Artists Master of Boethius BnF fr.

Langue: Latin. Title De casibus virorum illustrium in French translation Des cas des ruynes des nobles hommes et femmes. Origin Netherlands, S. The British Library, Royal 14 E. The deaths of Antony and Cleopatra, at the beginning of chapter 13 of book 6.

Paulinus Venetus, O. Type: manuscrit. Italie Naples. BL Egerton , f. Author Paolino Veneto. Title Abbreviamen de las Estorias begins imperfectly , or Chronologia magna. Origin France, S. Dimensions in mm x Source " Comments for this post were disabled by the author. The costumes, too, are sumptuous and capture all the grandeur of that glorious period in history. On the down side, Heston has chosen to use some film techniques that might have been considered "cutting-edge" at that time in the mid's, but that have a fairly dated feel now.

He employs several close-up "cross fades" of major characters like Antony and Octavius Caesar, just standing in front of a black screen and reacting facially, in order to convey what their "psychological inner selves" are thinking about the action going on.

These always feel a bit odd in an otherwise simply-told-tale. But then, it was the 70's Another thing purists will surely cry foul about is Heston's absolute re-working of Shakespeare's original script. He regularly exchanges Shakespeare's "thous" and "thees" to "yous", and even more cavalierly restructures and re-assigns entire scenes of dialogue to earlier or later in the play to serve his purposes.

He even out-and-out paraphrases a line or two in modern English, including Antony's last dying words. All this taken into account, however and even being somewhat of a purist myself , I still felt Heston's editorial choices were supportable, showed a good understanding of the story, and told the narrative quite well.

The performances, too, boast both pros and cons. Fans of his epic style will not be disappointed--lots of the trademark grunting, growling, and grandstanding, not to mention some shockingly overt groping of Cleopatra in several scenes. Hildegard Neil is nothing short of jaw-dropping to look at, and acquits herself well as Cleopatra--though she, like Heston, suffers a bit from a limited vocal range in the more emotional scenes, where some variation in pitch could have helped. John Castle is fantastic as Octavius Caesar--exactly the steely-eyed, calculating adversary I'm certain Shakespeare had in mind.

Eric Porter gives perhaps the most naturalistic and nuanced performance in the film, as Antony's trusted soldier and the audience's lens, Enobarbus.

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Caesar and Cleopatra - (1945) - Full Movie

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antony and cleopatra 1972 dvd9 torrent

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