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biblioteka sgh kontakt torrent

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Designed for Kontakt 5, Death Piano is an inspiring collection of piano oddities that is sure to inspire film composers, pianists, songwriters, producers and… Read More ». This small yet useful volume contains drum one-shots designed purely with analog synthesizers.

The usability of these drums spreads across many styles and genres — from trailer and industrial to pop and lounge. The two fixed skin Timpani were retuned to allow recording of as many pitches as possible. We recorded the String Guitar in great detail,… Read More ».

About Tupans X3M One of the most requested instruments is finally released. Inspired by the aggressive sound of recent Action Blockbusters, Strezov Sampling decided to produce the definitive sample set of Tupans. The Tupan is a traditional Bulgarian drum played with a beater and a stick at the… Read More ».

These are easily switchable during use via keyswitches, and one exceptionally useful feature,… Read More ». The solo viola boasts the same set of fantastic features as its cousins from the LSS Solo Strings bundle, including THREE true legato types, 8RR x 3 Dynamic Layer Staccato playing, TWO true release modes hard and soft , plus trills, al with four fantastically blendable mic positions, which, between them, can offer a huge variety in sonic pallete. The… Read More ».

The idea behind Cassetto was to create a synthesizer which has an old and slightly faulty sound as well as a fairly fixed yet interesting architecture. Cymatic Form - Acousmatic Engine v1. Evolution Series - Chronicles: Brass and Wood v1. SubMission Audio - GroveBass v1. Native Instruments - Expansion: Electric Touch v1.

Native Instruments - Hybrid Keys v2. Native Instruments - Ethereal Earth v2. Native Instruments - Analog Dreams 2. Findasound - Clara's Vocal v2. Ingram Audio - Drum Daddy 1. Cinematic Studio - Strings 1. Soundiron - Little Epic Percussion V3. Soundiron - Kalimba 3. Rast Sound - Kemenche v2.

Emergence Audio - Quantum 1. Echo Sound Works - Sub Zero v1. Soundiron - Voice of Wind: Connie 1. Native Instruments - Play Series: Glaze 1. Native Instruments - Piano Colors v1. Sonixinema - Saxophone Explorations v1. Native Instruments - West Africa v1. Cinesamples - CineOrch v2. Ben Osterhouse - Sospiro Strings 1.

Ava Music Group - Eminence v1. Alex Pfeffer - Indian Drums Vol. Alex Pfeffer - The Eridanus Transmissions 1. Homegrown Sounds - Dark Matter v1. Soundiron - Kazoo v2. Luftrum - Bioscape v1. Jupiterbyjay - Jupiter 8-ER 1. Soundiron - Elvish Choir v2. Audiobro - Modern Scoring Brass v1. Audiobro - Modern Scoring Strings v1. Cinesamples - CineWinds Pro v1. Cinesamples - CineStrings Solo v1. Cinesamples - CineBrass Descant Horn v1. PastToFutureSamples - Untamed ! Spitfire Audio - Orchestral Grand Piano 2.

Artistry Audio - Origin X v1. Sound Yeti - Method 1 v1. Sound Yeti - Ambition v1. Native Instruments - Kontakt Factory Library v1. Sonuscore - The Orchestra Complete v1. Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra v2. Sonokinetic - Ney 1. Soundiron - Lakeside Pipe Organ v3.

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