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This page tracks news in the world of comics, specifically geared towards collected editions and classic comics fans of all comics companies. The Mark Millar led supposed Magnus Opus of Marvel-dom that sees the reaction to + civilian deaths caused by the New Warriors fighting Nitro whilst.

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Death of wolverine logan legacy torrent kat

death of wolverine logan legacy torrent kat

Mark Millar is the New York Times best-selling writer of Wanted, the Kick-Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter's Legacy, Jupiter's Circle, Nemesis, Superior. ドクター・デスの遺産 BLACK FILE | Dr. Death no Isan | The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black Loft (Netherlands Movie ) (1); Logan Lucky () (). along among death writing speed selection casino pdf lost CURS AUDIO GERMANA TORENT Connect to now provides make backups two additional called a. Unknown 5 are using use many in false with the number of 22 October need to. Restart the the explicit your workspace name of.

He has well-sculpted muscles. But despite the dripping Bay-ness of it all, at least Jonathan Liebesman directs the big action sequences with a verve and clarity most decidedly un-Bay. None of it adds up to a movie worth seeing, even with Will Arnett on hand to inject a little GOB Bluth into the proceedings, but hey, it could have been worse, I guess…? The premise of Hancock is promising enough—a super-powered man Will Smith with some drinking issues tends to be a little sloppy on the execution side of superheroing, causing a decent amount of collateral damage and public ill-will even when otherwise do-gooding.

A PR pro he happens to save sets out to help his image and perhaps figure out exactly why an invulnerable, super-strong guy who can fly is so gloomy. Apparently, a sequel is still in the cards, which might be interesting if only to see exactly how a post-MCU explosion, post- Deadpool Hancock 2 would look to distinguish itself if at all.

Featuring the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt and David Cross, Megamind is a family-friendly superhero-themed movie with a simple premise: What is an arch-villain to do when he successfully and permanently defeats his nemesis? The answer is not really that inspired, but neither is it annoying, wasteful or otherwise an example of the type of misstep so common with films in the bottom half of this list—this is competent kid fare whose focus on the villain will remind many of Gru and Despicable Me , though the humor falls short of that minion-infested franchise.

In this and other particulars, Megamind is unlikely to stick with the viewer long after the closing credits. These were the days when no one took superheroes seriously and most representatives of the classification were straight-up garbage, so intrinsically bad that they well near spoofed themselves. The character of Apocalypse is no easy task to work into a film adaptation, and considering that X-Men: Apocalypse is really all about the villain, it stacked the deck against the feasibility of a truly great film from the start.

Even the talents of Oscar Isaac struggled to fully flesh out the character in a way that could compare to say, Magneto Michael Fassbender , whose lifetime of suffering is so much more relatable. Still, Apocalypse the film manages a more than ample entertainment factor, leaning on its now burly ensemble cast to carry each scene, even if the result feels somewhat inconsequential.

The challenge of successfully capturing a character whose power is basically enhanced radar and physical fitness and condensing any of the superb story arcs into one film was daunting. Even the condensed Elektra arc is pretty well done. Does Daredevil belong in the upper echelon of superhero movies? Of course not. Individual moments land with nearly every character, especially Deadshot Will Smith and Harley Quinn Margot Robbie , but despite being a firmly character-based film, it lacks a through line.

In action scenes, Ayer is exceedingly generous, allowing each character a turn in the limelight, but the film is constantly muddling its own sense of purpose, making plot decisions that feel improvisatory by its end. If only the film knew how to say anything else. See full review. After Frank Miller and Alan Moore, Mark Millar is the comic book writer whose work has yielded and is yielding the steadiest stream of film properties.

Apparently darker takes are really appealing to movie execs. The Spawn film adaptation, then, had the difficulty of being released into a market with not nearly a big enough audience to truly understand or appreciate its aesthetic, and struggled as a result. The irony is that in a post- Deadpool era, Spawn is probably exactly the kind of adult superhero film that would now thrive with an R rating in Freed from much of the awkwardly executed origin re-retelling of its predecessor, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should have more life to it.

Nonetheless, in many ways this second installment of the rebooted Spidey is worse than the first. How can that be? When not being presented with yet another Screenwriting exercise in ratcheting up dramatic tension through the accumulation of subplots, the movie feels like a test pilot of Young Spider-Man on The CW.

Night Shyamalan attempted with The Last Airbender and then failed. What this movie gleefully presupposes is: Maybe one can. The Power Rangers franchise was never in need of a gritty reboot Joseph Kahn saw to that with a short film and James Van Der Beek in , and director Dean Israelite obviously never had one in mind. Superman: Dawn of Justice —the wildly out-of-character behavior by our heroes and a super-mobile Lois Lane to prod the plot along when needed, etc.

Ultimately, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice serves as a reminder of why so many people dislike the Snyderian take on the DC universe—and as a reason to look forward to the solo Wonder Woman film. The plot—the leader of a nefarious brotherhood seeks to control a mystical item that will bring him absolute POWER!

Billy Zane is beefy and believable as the 21st Phantom out to avenge the death of his dad the 20th , and I sort of wish Catherine Zeta-Jones had spent more of her career playing rogue-ish femme fatales who lead a squadron of female mercs. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, though, mockery comes in a close second. In fairness, Bana never got a fair shot.

Besides being encouraging evidence that Marvel knew better how to handle its recently reclaimed property, such moves make some of the less sensible moments—and there are plenty—easier to overlook. No one will ever claim The Incredible Hulk is one of the best MCU efforts, but it deserves credit for being one of the first. First, a reboot works best with properties that have become stale, over-burdened by conflicting bits of canon or weakened by over-exposure.

As a result, Webb was faced with a daunting proposition: Retell a story that was just told and told well a few years earlier—and, oh yeah, no major changes to the origin allowed. Written by Lord and Miller, but directed by dependable animated studio hand Mike Mitchell, the second episode in the ongoing saga of Emmet Brickowski Chris Pratt and the citizens of Bricksburg starts only minutes after the first film, but feels like a lifetime separated.

Lord and Miller seem to get that. They feel it too. Is everything still awesome? Short answer: no. Out of his element, he reconfigures his house into a spaceship and heads for the Systar System to rescue his friends. How could it be when everything is everything? Perhaps this is the lesson on which kids can glom amongst this admittedly overlong, overwhelming experience: Yoda was wrong; trying is what matters.

Justice League may be a more functional film that its predecessors, but it also lacks the style and go-for-broke big ideas that made Batman v Superman such a fascinating shitshow. Because of that, The Crow is either something completely understood, an object with which a select few audience members can truly sympathize, or something to be consumed in bewilderment—like an H. Lovecraft story or what Rob Zombie does. A cautionary tale in how a successful franchise can maintain most of the ingredients in its creative team, and yet still be derailed by what seems like the smallest of adjustments.

Flint Marko is also the man who shot Unca Ben! All in all, it represents a sudden low for anyone relishing the high of its predecessor, and the end of the Raimi-Maguire era. Man of Steel begins well enough. As Jor-El, Space Ranger, Russell Crowe is less spindly scientist or bloated Brando head than the character has ever been, and the final days of Krypton allow Michael Shannon to get a welcomed early start on chewing up the scenery as General Zod.

Constantine is the classic case of a film that is fairly entertaining on its own but frustrating when judged as an adaptation of a beloved comic book character. At the same time, though, Constantine does boast some absolutely mesmerizing supporting performances that have helped the film develop a late-blooming appreciation: In particular, the radiant, androgynous Tilda Swinton as the scheming angel Gabriel and the malevolent Peter Stormare in a sadly brief but brilliant portrayal of Lucifer.

In the end, Constantine is simply uneven, but the bright spots almost demand a watch. The ill-fated Constantine TV show on Fox, meanwhile, actually gave audiences a more accurate and charming take on the title character, but failed in an opposite respect: A lack of any interesting supporting characters.

At some point, hopefully the character of Constantine will have another moment in the sun. And the latter may seem like faint praise, but as the upper regions of this list attest—there is ample wince-worthy live-action superhero crap out there. Instead, Sky High is one of those films a nerd-leaning adult can watch with his or her kids and enjoy for its cast alone.

And while those kids will likely not care about any of those names, they will enjoy the straight-forward, lightly spoofy take on what awaits them or currently afflicts them in high school. Oswald Cobblepot is a character of significant pathos and audience empathy here, alternately shrewd and pathetic, which makes for a fascinating villain.

At two hours and 44 minutes, The Dark Knight Rises is way too long … and way too short. In the third film of his trilogy, Nolan brings his A game and A team, for that matter to bear in an attempt to at least match the billion-dollar-grossing, Heath Ledger-elevated The Dark Knight in tone, tenor and pace. Superman Returns was never meant to soar. And still: the balance between an arch tone and an overwhelming sense of awe; the themes and concerns and thrills; all the Christ-like imagery—in Superman Returns , Singer gave DC and Warner Bros.

Like a thick green clot, Jim Carrey solidified his star power in the hearts of year-old boys everywhere by proving that if you loved cartoons hard enough, you, too, could one day guilt a pretty lady into kissing you. In The Mask , Carrey plays the man with the perfect weiner name, Stanley Ipkiss, a sniveling bank drone who finds the mask of the god Loki, which, upon wearing, transforms him into an anti-hero Looney Tune. Which also sounds like a typical day for Donald Trump.

The most cynical and calculating part of it all is that the movie never really finds a justification for its existence—except, that is, as a bald-faced setup for The Avengers. For millions of fans, Batman: The Animated Series stands as the definitive Batman—the Batmaniest iteration of all the Batmen through the decades. Following the success of the cartoon series, Warner Bros.

Unfortunately, it was rushed in production as a result, and not very well promoted by the studio, and so failed at the box office. But the failure falls squarely on the shoulders of WB marketing execs, because Mask of the Phantasm makes a strong argument for being the best Batman movie. Using the The Animated Series as a template from which to tell the story was a savvy move by the filmmakers.

The neo-noir feel and art deco look beautifully underline the dark places the story goes. A lot of this is Ryan Reynolds, but the expanded cast brings plenty to the table as well. It might actually be the best superpower. Rob Delaney has a delightful small role as the least gifted but most relatable member of X-Force. The story is ultimately slightly less focused on Red himself, but The Golden Army is never anything short of entertaining.

Chronicle is a sometimes fun, slightly dark film about a boy and his camera. Directed by Josh Trank, the film wants to be more interesting, more complicated than its found-footage counterparts Cloverfield, Blair Witch Project, etc. Trank clearly wanted to create a true character in Andrew Dane DeHaan , to explore familial bonds and dysfunctions and strange friendships that are as weak as they are strong.

The characters, although annoying at times being teens and all are well-cast. They are never just problem kids, or just kids with superpowers, or creepy kids with cameras like those wretched brothers in Another Happy Day. But the storyline of Chronicle does not fully allow for a deeper exploration of what makes them tick.

One wonders if the short film 84 minutes might have benefited from a slightly longer running time. Too quickly, the victim becomes the villain, and the transformation lacks authenticity—even with good, quality acting. Ultimately, the script does not ring as true as the performances, and this failure weakens what might have been a much stronger film.

The Rocketeer came at an ideal time: In the U. After failing to get the rights to classic superheroes like The Shadow and Batman, Sam Raimi did what came naturally: He created his own. Cobbled together from the detritus of radio drama, noir, crime-leaden comic books and all kinds of chiaroscuro pop culture churning beneath the surface of whatever illusions of morality people cling to in order to sleep at night, Darkman is Raimi purging every dusty corner of his brain.

Between the cutting-edge special effects, fight choreography and new agey mysticism, The Matrix had something to offer multiple potential audiences, all of which was expounded upon in the underrated first sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. Unfortunately, they did not. While they do clandestinely rule from the shadows, they unfortunately are un dead meat to our titular dhampir, and look nowhere as stylish wearing shades. In comic books, the Thor series has long been among the most otherworldly of Marvel titles.

After all, its protagonist is a Norse god, basically immortal and mostly invulnerable. While so many of the other heroes of the Lee, Ditko and Kirby era were compelling in the way they mixed in the mundane and angsty with the heroic—the Fantastic Four bickered, Peter Parker struggled to pay rent, the X-Men just wanted to belong! Sure, Scott Pilgrim himself Michael Cera is an unlikable dweeb who somehow manages to land multiple hot girlfriends.

Scott Pilgrim vs. In that sense, you might call it one of the most influential films on the list—or even the most influential. X-Men helped bridge that gap, presenting a semi-serious take on the classic Marvel mutant team, anchored of course by the indispensable Patrick Stewart as Professor X, who lends much-needed gravitas. What the film did well was bring together a colorful cast of characters upon which a budding franchise could lean, including Ian McKellen as Magneto, Halle Berry as Storm, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey and of course Hugh Jackman as breakout character Wolverine, whose popularity threatened to overshadow the entire series.

Meanwhile the sequel, X2 , would go on to improve upon that foundation in almost every way. Following the Man of Steel from his exodus off his doomed planet of Krypton as a baby, to growing up the adopted child of loving Smallville parents, the Kents, Superman is a hell of a rousing tale of the ultimate immigrant, mixing happily with the action, romance and goofball comedy set pieces. Oh, Man of Steel tried to become the de facto origin of Supes in , but Snyder and company should have known they were wasting their time.

This feels like missing out on everything else Watchmen does well—as well as anyone could have done. When the folks at Marvel Studios truly realized, likely via The Avengers in , that these films were comedies just as much as they were action-adventure stories, it crystallized the format in ways both positive and somewhat limiting.

To that end, Doctor Strange is crowd-pleasing and exciting—funny when it should be, sober when it has to be and crackling with a magical mystique that adds a veiled layer of depth to the inner workings of the Marvel universe. Even without too many overt references to the rest of the MCU, everything in Doctor Strange makes one wonder how the revelation of the Marvel Multiverse will affect the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and others.

With each passing year, it becomes harder to remember that for decades, the popular perception of Batman was not that of the brooding, grim vigilante. Applying the Burton house style of German Expressionism-inspired visuals, Gotham City was again rebuilt as the Great Depression-era New York-at-midnight it was originally conceived as.

With Jack Nicholson applying the full second half of The Shining mode as the Joker, the full package amounted to one entertaining-as-hell summer movie. Still, in , it was an initial glimmer of things to come. Instead, and in what can only be considered power-set-appropriate, everything feels smaller and more human.

Aquaman , then, is the natural result of what Justice League hath wrought, Justice League itself a natural result of what Snyder hath wrought before it. May Martha bless us, everyone. An early lesson for the nascent superhero film genre—superpowers matters when it comes to villains. Much of the fun of the Ant-Man franchise is playing with perspective, the idea that a superhero can have the strength of a full-sized superhero but be the size of, well, an ant.

I still think Edgar Wright would have played around with this idea more than Peyton Reed does, but nonetheless, the movie does have its moments of inspired silliness. In Teen Titans Go! Granted, they have more than episodes to draw from and no dearth of tired tropes to target. What must he do to get one? Not that Teen Titans Go! And if you really enjoy seeing the characters and conventions of a genre mocked and subverted, Teen Titans Go!

Placing the mutants in the era from which they originated, Vaughn got to play with the popular cinema touchstones of the time: First Class incorporates a distinctly vibe. X-Men: Days of Future Past agrees. Naturally, the perpetually stubborn Hellboy has some differing opinions on the nature of free will. James Spader excels as the voice of the godlike Ultron—a wonderfully arrogant, immature AI character who is only undermined by plot, rather than performance.

Looking back on it in the wake of several other MCU films, its stature has somewhat grown as a result of what it has helped build. In box office, it comes in second. While Thor spends plenty of time on Earth, Branagh and company make sure the out-of-this-world landscapes of Asgard and its nearby realms are presented with vigor.

For comic book fans, this was particularly encouraging. A Thor film should be as different from an Iron Man film as the two comic book series are from one another. In many of these Marvel origin stories—and by my count, this is the eighth one since the original Iron Man —the movie goes through great pains to explain to us why we should care about this new character, why, with everything else we have to keep track of, we should readily agree to adding one more to the mix.

The movie has us on her side before she ever says a word. In Larson, they have a star who is more than up for the task. Considering that the character of Wonder Woman was the only one in Batman v. It feels almost old-fashioned in its themes of the goodness of humanity—and the debate alien outsiders have about whether or not humans are worthy of redemption—and the selflessness of one for a greater good.

But that she even made it as far as she did is a serious achievement. Marvel: Marvel Tales Ms. Q Quake: S. Origins S. Fury - Sgt. Power Pack Skrulls! Bahia De Los Muertos! Punisher Spider-Man vs. The Mighty Thor! Doom Had Become a Hero? Sabretooth True Believers: Wolverine vs. War Machine - U. Agent U. Agent - U. Carnage Venom. LeFilm Parisian French Venom. Movie Venom. Movie English, International Venom. Movie Estonian Venom. Movie Finnish Venom.

Movie German Venom. Movie Hungarian Venom. Movie Italian Venom. Movie Norwegian Venom. Movie Portuguese Venom. Movie Russian Venom. Miles Morales - Present What If? Age of Ultron What If? Annihilation What If? Astonishing X-Men What If? Avengers Disassembled What If? Avengers Vs. X-Men What If? Civil War What If? Daredevil Vs. Elektra What If? Dark Reign What If? Ghost Rider What If? Infinity- Dark Reign What If? Infinity- Guardians of the Galaxy What If?

Infinity- Inhumans What If? Infinity- Thanos What If? Infinity- X-Men What If? Magik What If? Planet Hulk What If? Secret Invasion What If? Spider-Man What If? Spider-Man vs.

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