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Ruth is a young researcher in a college. She was asking for three of her ex's weddings. Along the way she is trying to find her soulmate and for a companion. Bukkake mas salvaje japones, Quiero compartir mi esposa porn, Ofertas televisores Videos axilas peludas, Pelicula tres bodas de mas momento sexo oral.

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Dani y ruth tres boda en mas torrents

dani y ruth tres boda en mas torrents

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Director Javier Ruiz Caldera. Top credits Director Javier Ruiz Caldera. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Trailer [OV]. Photos 6. Top cast Edit. Inma Cuesta Ruth as Ruth. Berto Romero Pedro as Pedro. Octavi Pujades Cristiano as Cristiano.

Toni Sevilla Alcalde as Alcalde. Javier Ruiz Caldera. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Connections Referenced in Ja, ik wil! User reviews 9 Review. Top review. Another Spanish comedy. Three Many Weddings is another typical Spanish comedy where you can watch people having drugs or having sex. One young scientist lady breaks up with her boyfriend in a nice spot, in the middle of a friend's wedding and in front of everyone.

After that, she is focused on her job working for a laboratory. But one day she starts to receive wedding invitations from several former boyfriends, actually three in a row. She decides to assist although she thinks that's not a good idea. For not going alone, she will go with a trainer who is working for her. The story is as simple as you could expect: woman breaks up with guy in boss's wedding and goes into depression mode: she is not going to find the love of her life, she gets drunk and does a one-night-stand with the first guy that comes through But then, suddenly, three of her former boyfriends decide to invite her to their weddings.

Ruth, the woman played by Inma Cuesta, doing a good job is reticent to go and angry at all of them at the same time, but Dani, who works for her, convinces Ruth that it could be good to go, show that she is not doing so bad, and And the movie does a great job and Inma Cuesta is game. The movie is funny, with some laugh-out moments. The evolution of Ruth's feelings for the men around her is not well developed and makes for an uneven ride, even if a fun one.

It doesn't break the rule book, but it is a good time at the movies. I'm not usually a follower of my country's comedy films, but every now and then you get to watch something that slaps you in the face, in the best of ways. This is one of the cases, as you don't expect the gags to be so enormously funny, and I mean "there's-something-about-Mary" kind of funny. The Farrelly brothers could have sign this script without blinking an eye. Javier Ruiz is undoubtedly the most promising comedy director there is in the Spanish movie industry, and the actors he picks are always good choices.

Inma Cuesta proves herself to be more than valuable in drama and comedy, and the rest of the cast is almost flawless. Give this movie a try and forget about the usual bullshit. This is NOT it. Fun and uplifting Spanish romantic comedy with crazy events , amusement and absurd situations. This entertaining film packs amusement , slapstick , comical situations , tongue-in-cheek , surrealist comedy including conventional pitfalls and many other things. Sitting in a strange middle ground between the completely absurd and the stylishly cool.

This is a fast crazy movie with lot of fun situations , antics , bemusement and with a bunch of very hilarious roles. This is another Spanish comedy romp , it is a bemusing story that contains lots of humor , entertainment , binge and involving a young scientific , her boyfriends and friends. Later on , she receives various weddings invitations from her previous fiances. There she meets a good-looking suitor , a plastic surgeon Quim Gutierrez who falls in love for her.

And the end it takes place a special celebration , a peculiar wedding in a bucolic outdoor between a prior boyfriend , now transvestite Paco Leon , and his sweetheart. Everything that you can imagine is far from the stupid things that may happen her , as it results in the wedding celebrations turned upside down. The premise is the following : What worse than getting wedded to your ex's wedding?

This is a slightly funny film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion , profanities , twists and triangular love stories. The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few ridiculous. Humor is sometimes cheesy and gross-out with numerous naughty and picaresque situations such as sex jokes , bad taste , threesome and adult scenes. This is a special Spanish comedy from the s with the usual ingredients such as wild humor topped with a little bit of original touches here and there and the tone of the film is light-hearted.

It turns out to be pleasantly fun that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure amusement in which entertainment and fun are guaranteed. The characters are quite odd , grotesque and weird and the film races on at incredible speed. Higlights of this film include an impressive irruption of a previous boyfriend on motorboat surrounded by three beautiful surfer girls and a spectacular as well as puzzling ending wedding. My feelings are extremely mixed but I must admit there are things I haven't been able to stop laughing about ; however , it also contains bad taste , piggy humor , abound sexual scenes , profanity and grossed themes.

A few of the scenes are amusing , they elicit chuckles but no very enjoyable laughters. Atmospheric musical score by Javier Rodero , including popular songs.

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