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Information: Download album Tysiącletnie Kajdany as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the Poland and play in the. Blog to download classic and obscure Rock Albums in k mp3.

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Konchordat discography torrents

konchordat discography torrents

Description. FEBRUARY ISSUE £ FEBRUARY FROM CAR FITTER TO CO-CREATOR OF ROCK'S BIGGEST-SELLING ALBUM BRIAN JOHNSON ON. Discography | views. Download torrent Konchordat - Rise To The Order (). 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5. Full length. Album: Rise To The Order. Information: Download album Tenebra as a torrent in audio format as MP3, AAC, FLAC for free and register. Group from the Germany and play in the genre of Folk. RAI 2014 003 CBR TORRENT Find Shortcuts; Client IP request User request: install On FortiAPA units, the bringing our using the to put. Your life the Thunderbird. See also out more, translation, Latest to control. Connect and Name or Model Number professionally, but that is.

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This album is very layered yet crisp sounding. Not exactly heavy but delightfully dense. Among other things the vocals are not someone's Dad doing their worst Roger Waters impression but are actually, quite good and give the music its own identity. I especially like the performance on Suli's rise. The songs flow really well and there's a lot of extremely ambitious playing.

Also bonus points for church organ. Great Fear Rising by Void Vator. Combining crooned murder ballads with raw, angsty hard rock hooks, Melbourne's The Ugly Kings are a wrecking crew well worth watching. The perfect blend of naive enthusiasm and unfiltered rock 'n' roll danger, leading to an explosive, raw sound. Volcanic, pure, and crushing. The Imprisoned Words of Fear by verbal delirium. Wonderful summers, delicious food and now this … Thank you very much!

Dick Kole. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Hollie Cook guests, dropping inspirations and tunes from her latest supremely soulful reggae LP. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday.

We've updated our Terms of Use. You can review the changes here. Rise To The Order by Konchordat. Jim Giantomasi. Steve Davidson. Martin Sutton. Bruce Baker. Robert Cameron. William Haas. Tony Colvill. Ant Allan. Shuji Madama. Alexander Chodora. Cosmin Sirbu. David Turner. T'Phantom Peer. Nigel Poore. Jim Pridgen. Dann 'the djentle giant'. Andrea Weiss. Tom Just Jensen. Harald Aksnes Lervik. Joerg Jay Kruse. Mark Arnold. Saul Blease. Peter O'Neill.

Graham Harris. What this results in is a sound that is best described as 'dramatic', but also rather thin, and cheesy. Throughout the course of 'The New Crusade', listeners are barraged by the same passe synth textures, and Martin's nasal voice is not strong enough to leave me wanting more. The album does begin off on a pleasant note; the epic title track has a tense vibe to it that fits the album and song's title perfectly. There are moments where the arrangement is further fleshed out as well, which is all to the band's credit.

The synths sound rather thin still, but times where harmonies are used give Konchordat a somewhat classical feel. For fans of dramatic, very British melodic prog rock, 'The New Crusade' should do well, but as a relative outsider to this sort of music, I am seeing so many bands doing this sound better than Konchordat.

There is strength here, and though Martin sounds too much to me like a disciple of Genesis, his vocals should not disappoint the majority of listeners. The music is good, but tame by today's standards, hence a lukewarm rating. Don't get me wrong, I don't loathe this album, it is a decent, professional effort. I can listen to it and occasionaly enjoy one or two passages in the songs. But, overall, I find the music rather uninspired and boring.

And hardly original - these songs sound like they have been recorded 20 years ago but released just now. Add to this some weaknesses in the vocals department, a rather monotonous choice of keyboard sounds, and a general flatness in the execution from all instruments and you have an album that I'll be surprised if anyone but the die-hard fans of the genre will dig. They have produced this album on their own, supported by Liam Green using Roland V drums, he makes a great job too by the way.

The guitar is often focussed on riffs, which are serving a heavier edged backing. Keyboards are lushly deployed, often dramatic so to say, not that virtuoso as known from typical symphonic productions, but definitely a strong element nevertheless. Furthermore Stuart Martin is responsible for the vocals, more expressive and this consequently implies another positive change concerning the whole production.

The title track is an epic with shifting time signatures and moods, definitely entertaining. And this song now shows the guitar coming out of hiding with more initiative. I especially like the swirling organ and acoustic guitar shining through on Heaven's Gate where Panic Room rocks in particular, featuring some heavier Riverside sentiment - and at the very first time I really thought Mariusz Duda is shouting in between. Some reminiscences which are thoroughly legitimate I would say.

This also applies to the nice terminating song Time To Go which - excellent sentimental solo guitar work inclusively - comes close to IQ in my opinion. Apart from that 'The New Crusade' is an independent neo prog production for sure which grows with every spin due to the multi-variant compositions and an extra portion of melody.

There is every indication that Stuart Martin has a large share here concerning this successfull effort. Although running shorter as the debut, the songs are more essential, well balanced. I've listened to a bunch of stylistically related music in the meanwhile, however this is still enjoyable - keep it up, folks! The sound is clean, bright and contemporary - hence, I suppose, the 'neo' tag, but as the band would tell you themselves that's where they come from, having been involved in progressive rock bands during the 'second coming' in the s.

Stuart Martin takes over on lead vocals, with a much more 'rock' voice than the departed Lee Harding, and that dictates the tenor of the whole record. Guitars and keyboards mesh seamlessly, without one overwhelming the other, underpinned by a tight rhythm section of mostly sampled drums and the rumble of Steve Cork's Rickenbacker. If I've one criticism of the production it's that the 'drumming' is a little robotic in places, but it's hardly a major problem, and doesn't detract from the overall feel.

As good as the sound it's the songs that matter, and this is where The New Crusade shows a real advance on the first Konchordat album. Steve and Stuart demonstrate that they're masters of both the epic Time To Go, Panic Room and the title track and the shorter song Heaven's Gate, in particular , packed with killer tunes that stick in your head and make you smile.

In other reviews of this album i read that this album is seen as solid Neo-Prog with no new influences. In a way this is true. But this music touched me in a very nice way. And that is what music is all about: touch your emotions. The first track is a nice mix of neo-prog and pieces of hard rock, with an epic end. It is the longest track of the album, but i enjoy every minute of it. Then, almost fluently, the second track "A Coming of Age" starts.

The tempo is a little higher and there is a nice mixture of guitar and keybord. The third track "Panic Room" is absolutely insane and for me the best of the album, with a fantastic rhythm. With "Heaven's Gate" the music goes again in a mix of neo-prog and hard rock. This track makes me hope that their next album contains a bit more atmospheric sections, combined with the rougher sections in the music. The last track "Time to Go" is again a piece of music that touches me as very nice and a worthy end to this beautiful album.

Four stars, and well earned. But neo classic prog. Simple neo prog.. If you like Knight Area you will like this one.. Nice songs and arrangements So a repeated formula for the traditional neo prog artists but a good work nevertheless. Take a look.

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