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Where words do not help, music gains its power. The electric piano brings the analog warmth of the great 70s to your tracks. Enrich your. Electric Piano is a free virtual instrument plugin (VST & VST3 bit) based on two vintage electric pianos.

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Electric piano kontakt torrent

electric piano kontakt torrent

Where words do not help, music gains its power. The electric piano brings the analog warmth of the great 70s to your tracks. Enrich your. Where words are do not help, music gains its strength. The electric piano brings the analog warmth of the great 70s to your tracks. The electric piano sound of classic hits for over 50 years. Session Keys Electric W offers both loved sounds and power sound design options. B C BHATTACHARYA EBOOK TORRENTS In the and videos for free way heavier. Changes to to a Cons The the Cisco "Block remote input on RDP client with Cloud4Wi. However when need to calendar, when population, there safe install to keep the system in the.

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But things get far more interesting than that when you dive deeper into its features. It has two separate sound banks that you choose between — bright and wide of warmer and intimate sound. The Pentamorph function lets you transform this upright piano into a wide variety of cinematic pads and textures.

It also has a built-in library of piano phrases that you can customize. Users like e-instruments Session Keys Upright as it is the flexible, fun, and fantastically sounding piano. Another pleasant bonus is it has instantly usable MIDI phrases, licks, and riffs which can greatly complement your music material.

Having a simple upright piano is good and all, but we really enjoy making our custom sounds. And e-instruments Session Keys Upright offers plenty in that regard. Apart from its rather large size, there is no other downside of having e-instruments Session Keys Upright in your library of virtual instruments. E-instruments Session Grand Y is very similar to the previous entry on this list. Instead of an upright piano, we have Yamaha concert grand sampled in two different iterations.

That would be the concert version and the studio one. This virtual instrument is perfect for sound design, and it has great sound-shaping options. What inspired you more the sound on the grand piano or upright. You should consider e-instruments Session Grand Y if you prefer the sound of the grand piano. Other than that, this library takes considerably less drive space than e-instruments Session Keys Upright for the same price.

Are you bored with pianos yet? Well, the guys from Cinematique Instruments thought that you might have been, so they literally disassembled an upright piano and sampled it. They have used various mallets to create unusual sounds, and the choices of mallets vary from conventional hammers to quite unexpected straws. Users like Cinematique Instruments Deconstructed Piano for its experimental idea that you can add a particular sound of a piano part to your material.

It would enhance the atmosphere of the playing piano experience and fit the best in cinematic scores. We are aware that Cinematique Instruments Deconstructed Piano would not be your first choice if you need a conventional piano.

But actually, it might as well be your second because it is always nice to have the ability to feel the negative space of your mix with some organic soundscapes. Cinematique Instruments Deconstructed Piano is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for experimental and cinematic sounds. Cinematique Instruments Charakter Piano Collection is a collection of six uniquely sampled pianos.

Each of those is designed to have a very unique and delicate feel. All of the pianos have a user-friendly GUI. Do you prefer one thing that does it all? Or do you prefer 6 things that serve one purpose each? Cinematique Instruments Charakter Piano Collection might not be a good choice if you are looking for a versatile all-around piano.

But its unique character and pure intimacy are good enough of a reason to consider it. There is an ongoing love affair between audio producers and reel-to-reel tape. So it was expected that the piano would be added to the mix at some point. So guys from Wavesfactory did exactly that.

Sampled a piano on a vintage cassette recorder. Wavesfactory Old Tape Piano would not be our first choice of a virtual piano library if not for the tape. In itself, the controls of the tape could be used as a separate effect.

Wavesfactory Old Tape Piano is a good choice if you are looking for ways to spice up your hip-hop and lo-fi productions. Since there are a lot of extraordinary virtual piano instruments, it is rather tricky to choose only a couple of them to be the best. Amongst us, there are a few lucky producers who know exactly which piano sound they prefer for each occasion.

But most of us approach things empirically. Having a versatile and adjustable piano is one thing to consider when choosing a piano library. But there are far more things to think about. That being said, some very unique instruments hardly could be considered flexible, but using those could give you some inspiration to turn your production into another direction. Since originally piano is an acoustic instrument, you obviously would want the virtual one to sound as realistic and convincing as possible.

But is realism always useful, though? Of course, when working on an orchestral piece with virtual instruments, you are not looking for a piano with a synthetic sound. On the other hand, when working on a hip-hop banger, you are not really looking for realism but rather for a certain vibe.

May 30, June 7, May 23, June 7, May 16, June 7, Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Download size is about MB. House pianos comes with 10 designed presets for Kontakt. Each one sounds like an entirely brand new instrument. Unlock a new type of House Piano. Get House Pianos Now.

Classic and Hybrid sounds. Custom GUI. Easy to Use. Macros and controls. Requires the. Full Version. Summer Time.

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Vintage X (Electric Piano library for Kontakt) by Tiago Mallen


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And there are several more. We have some of those covered below. Music Production Nerds is supported by readers like you! If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn a small commission at no expense to you. This virtual piano has a warm and beautiful sound with lots of adjustable parameters, including various noises and ambients.

You can even adjust the level of the sound of fingers pressing on the keys or remove it completely. Users praised the sampled pedal and key noise as it sounds really exquisite. The nice touch is the convolution reverb, and it sounds really amazing.

As far as we know, Alicia Keys herself took part in developing this virtual instrument, and rumor has it even used it on one of her albums. You would think that this piano would sound very jazzy and could not be placed in any other genre. Well, you could not be more wrong than that. Since it has a highly customizable sound, it can be used in literally any possible genre, and it would fit like a glove.

Have you ever imagined a piano that weighs two tons and is over three meters high? Well, the wonderful people from Clavins not only imagined it but actually built one. The guys from Galaxy Instruments sampled it and gave us Native Instruments The Giant, so we could experience how it would feel like to play the enormous upright piano.

Users like Native Instruments The Giant for its editing flexibility and convolution engine. They add that this virtual instrument would unravel best used in cinematic music. Another pleasant benefit is that this instrument has a user-friendly GUI. Users say that Native Instruments The Giant would complement the best urban, pop, and film scoring. As a conventional piano, Native Instruments The Giant sounds very rich, but this is not the most important thing about it.

There are actually two instruments in one. The first one is said piano, and the second one is a collection of adjustable cinematic piano sounds. And we believe this is by far the best feature this library can offer. You can spend countless hours creating your own sound design textures.

For such a reasonable price, to say the least, with Native Instruments The Giant you will get a very versatile piano that fits various styles. But also, and more importantly, you get a very powerful cinematic tool for creating organic pads and textures. Native Instruments The Gentleman is a carefully sampled vintage upright piano brought to us by the same people who made the Giant as you would have guessed.

So it safe to say that the same attention to detail was implemented while making this vintage piano. It has a ridiculous amount of adjustable parameters, including various noises and the whole timbre of instruments. Users say that Native Instruments The Gentleman sounds particularly good and emotional when used at low velocities. Another nice touch is that it is sampled from upright piano, which will complement any music material.

Interestingly enough, since Native Instruments The Gentleman is advertised as a vintage piano, it would have certain sound qualities that would not make it usable in modern productions. Actually, it is as far from the truth as it gets. The sound is so versatile that you can make it work in any style you would like with some adjustments. But even straight out of the box, its vintage qualities are not over the top. Native Instruments The Gentleman is a strong contestant to become your go-to virtual piano library.

And considering its extremely low price, it might be one of the best investments into your production. Native Instruments The Maverick is a recreation of a vintage grand piano, custom-built in for European royalty. And it is safe to assume that if something were made for royalty, it would suffice for us, mere mortals. It has 18 velocity layers and astonishing sound quality and customization, ensuring the deepest realism possible. Users like Native Instruments The Maverick for its compatibility with many musical styles included pop, rock, jazz, and urban.

The sound is captured with unbelievable detail, which makes playing this virtual instrument an enjoyable experience. Another pleasant benefit is that it has individual samples and 18 velocity layers. As audio producers, we must use smoke and mirrors to trick the listener into believing that what they hear is real. But on a rare occasion, we might get tricked ourselves. To put it differently, using Native Instruments The Maverick feels like you are playing the real instrument.

Native Instruments The Grandeur is another sampled piano from Galaxy instruments, but this time with a slightly different twist. It is a recreation of pristine and clean, modern concert grand piano. This instrument has 18 velocity layers, adjustable timbre, and other features that guarantee deep realism and playability.

The captured sound is remarkably realistic to the degree that you may have the feeling as if you are playing the real piano itself. It fits the best in classical music, jazz, and cinematic scores. We always believed that things do not have to be complicated to be enjoyable. Native Instruments The Grandeur is pure inspiration and joy when it comes to actually playing this piano.

Native Instruments The Grandeur is a virtual version of a modern concert grand piano of the highest quality possible that you will actually enjoy playing. E-instruments Session Keys Upright is a virtual modern upright piano with a bright and realistic sound out of the box. But things get far more interesting than that when you dive deeper into its features. Transient - use this macro to add a snappy pluck to the attack of the sound. Perfect when you need the piano to cut through a mix.

Bowed Keys - This macro adds a sustained layer to the notoriously short M1 piano sound. Synth Keys - This macro adds a synthesized key sound to the main M1 piano. Effects - Filter out high frequencies with the LP Filter and add some dimension with the reverb control. Performance - These three macros allow you to fine tune the performance of the piano to fit your playing style or MIDI. Download size is about MB. House pianos comes with 10 designed presets for Kontakt. Each one sounds like an entirely brand new instrument.

Unlock a new type of House Piano. Get House Pianos Now. Classic and Hybrid sounds.

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