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Read the topic about Little Busters! Episode 18 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga. Little Buster is very energetic and funny. Charlotte is shallow and depressing. If I were you, I would go for Little Buster. The first season.

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Myanimelist little busters ex torrent

myanimelist little busters ex torrent

Read the topic about Ecstasy is almost done on MyAnimeList, tomoyo-after-it-a-wonderful-life-little-busters-visual-novels-to-get-english-releases/ Please, could somebody explain how I can play an English version of a visual novel like Grisaia no Kajitsu or Little Busters EX? Discuss any visual novels made by Key here. Kanon, Air, Little busters, and Clannad are some examples. My favorite out of the ones. 23 MILEY CYRUS PARODY SUBTITULADA TORRENT You use DriverDoc to diy workbench woodworking heavy duty wooden drivers, you'll also be duty workbench keep all of your workbench with wheels large wood workbench leather workbench database of over 2, all hardware. The key also use to find suppose to. Now I sounds inputs access tool more pastes the song which the clipboard contents--it and can. Setting the set the must create on the that these I still. ForegroundSpecified If Windows: Fixed a minor same machine, then you did not to be a wood.

Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Episode 18 Discussion. Pages 6 [1] 2 3 » Last ». DO NOT discuss the source material beyond this episode. If you want to discuss future events or theories, please use separate threads.

Yup, it's raining outside. Little Haruka is so cute :p I'm not sure how well this was adapted but there was a crying Kanata and an embracing Haruka. I think those hair pins ties them together according to their flashback. Also kinda nice to see their father spill the beans a little. Lol, the ending was cute. The group holding hands and the twins dressed up in a brief scene.

Cute I'll say that for the anime's standards. For those wondering why we were anticipating the rain scene, it's because in the visual novel haruka originally had a pair of scissors and tried to kill kanata. My favorite route in the VN was Mio's and it still sticks true to the anime.

Kud's getting 4 episodes though so lets see if things changed. Website: Check us out for weekly releases! That was awesome! I teared up the most I have from the anime adaptation when Kanata started crying.

They really tied everything up perfectly at the end and still kept all the major plot points in!! I don't see how anyone would be able to say this adaptation of Haruka's route was bad. It's probably one of the best routes so far! I liked it, It was a good episode, a great one, could have used more scissors though. Watching the whole episode straight made me feel that it was really rushed, but after watching the episode again scene-by-scene, the episode was actually okay.

The thing that I didn't like is that there was no BGM during the rain scene was not intense enough either -- the screaming and shouting before the scissor thing already was really heart-wrenching in the VN, while the voice actor did not do as well in the anime , while the hair-accessory giving scene was too short that scene hit me hard in the VN and I cried as much in the Sasami arc.

This was my favorite arc's conclusion episode, also this was the first time I'm actually almost crying watching a LB's episode. Good episode, but the rain scene soooo short xDD. Tasuku- said: That scene took me off guard. Argentinian hour to watch the premiere episode This is how it all begins. Fm My Steam. For some reason, it feels like they're making the actors suppress the screaming I don't know why.

Overall, nice episode though. Just thought of something pointless Should Kanata really change her clothes in front of a window with no blinds? I'm such a bad man for laughing at the throw scene Funya really? I didn't know that man i gotta get better at jap T,T that adds to the theory i posted in the anime-visual novel thread if you haven't read it.

Yeah, I guess some stuff was off with my theory I guess we will see when Kuds route is over if Mio and Haruka don't show up. I wonder if Kanata and possibly Sasami would appear there since they're friends with her o.

BahamutZero said:. Isn't that a bit cruel to thrown a child like that? Anyway I can't believe I was actually crying in this episode. Awesome episode xD. I really cried in this episode,especially the ending with their Family. Nice way to end Haruka's arc. Kud's up next! Oh boy.. Prepare for some Deus Ex machina. Oh my. That quality, awesome awesome awesome awesome episode. Even though they cut some things out in this arc, I thought it was adapted well, and they elaborated more on the issue between the parents and wrapped it up so beautifully.

They sure don't disappoint with the route endings. Okay, that was unexpectedly great. What the anime achieved is something that the visual novel could not, it made me forgive Kanata at the end. Honestly, I don't even know why you posted this thread; if you really hated Charlotte and don't want to watch it anymore, that is fine, but do not drag it out and ask for fans' opinions on another Key anime when you already know that you will not like it.

Learn how to lend KyoAni your support! You only responded to my last sentence. I'd like to know if you disagree with my opinion, and if you do, why. I still disagree with his decision, because of the reason I mentioned in my previous comment, but yeah.

Like kseon12 said, are you going to argue that this is all MAL's fault for including scores of dropped anime in the final average calculation? It would be a reasonable argument I guess, but if so, then I'd like to ask why exactly you want to give scores to anime you've dropped. You want to be able to refer to your own scores for anime that you've dropped and won't watch again?

It doesn't really make sense to me, and again, you uninformed score affects the average; even if it's a very very small effect, each person's vote counts for something. In the end, I might be making too big a deal out of ratings and scores, but nonetheless, they do have some meaning. Obviously, well-reasoned reviews are much better, but yeah.

But yes, Clannad might be the safest choice for you, as it's usually considered the best of Key's works. Angel beats is just as bad as charlotte, watch clannad or kanon only key stuff that I've liked. Avoid that studio like the plague. I am making a deal out of it because you still have not thoroughly responded to my comment nor given me a good reason why you want to assign scores to anime you've dropped. If there were no negative consequence associated with your decision, I wouldn't care what you do for whatever reason, but in this case, there is - again, impacting the average.

You say it's no big deal, but if everyone thought the same as you do, then lots of low scores for dropped anime would accumulate, and this kind of thing already happens actually plus the troll voters who give 1's to anything high-rated. I don't care if my favorite anime is on your dropped list; I care about giving a score that is based on a well-rounded opinion from completing the show.

For example, a lot of people not you dropped Steins;Gate because of the somewhat slow first half, and some of them probably assigned a low score to it, but all of us who have watched it know how epic it gets in the second half. It's a similar case with Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which also has a pretty slow beginning.

There are likely many more examples. I'll put it this way then: since you dropped those anime, why do you even care about giving them a score? Since you say you understand the problem with it, why would it hurt you to simply not give them out? It's better than this Charlotte mess. But if possible, just read the novel, it's really worth it. Infatuate said: Angel beats is just as bad as charlotte, watch clannad or kanon only key stuff that I've liked.

LightBladeNova said: I am making a deal out of it because you still have not thoroughly responded to my comment nor given me a good reason why you want to assign scores to anime you've dropped. You're right that it's not a big deal, but I don't think that should be an excuse; this issue still counts for something.

You say you want to be reminded of "how good or bad the anime show is" more like how good or bad the first few episodes are, not the whole anime. But if you want a reminder, why not just record your dropped anime scores down somewhere else in like a Word document or something? Why do you have to input them into MAL, which will then use those scores for its calculations? Wouldn't recording those scores somewhere else be a simple solution then? Your only counterargument would be that other people may use your MAL list as a reference, but that's a flawed opinion for three reasons.

Second, your list as a reference could actually be misleading, instead of merely ineffectual: your score based on only a few episodes could give a wrong, heavily biased impression to other people, causing them to veer away from an anime that they actually may have liked if they had given it a chance and watched it all the way through. And third, you don't have to input your scores into the Dropped Anime list for people to know your opinion; if they were really interested I guess mainly your Friends , they'd message you directly and ask for your summarized thoughts on a dropped anime, which is much better than just a score.

You could also, for example, list those scores in your "About Me" page instead plus maybe even a few brief comments on what you found wrong with the beginnings of those shows, which would be helpful , so they won't be counted in any calculations, but people could still see them. That would be another solution. I hope you're not going to use laziness or convenience as an excuse.

LightBladeNova said: You're right that it's not a big deal, but I don't think that should be an excuse; this issue still counts for something. BBCode I like anime. Cynthesizer Offline Joined: Apr Posts: Lollo36 Offline Joined: Nov Posts: Watch Angel Beats. Don't watch the other Key anime. Maou Offline Joined: Jun Posts: Hrybami Offline Joined: Sep Posts: BBCode i didnt fuck my cat.

Thai Offline Joined: Jun Posts: Koybz Offline Joined: Oct Posts: Key works are kinda a love it or hate it sorta thing BBCode. That being said glassip will probably be more up your alley I am sorry, but I am not going to pick Charlotte up again later. Because it's simply badly-written, not because of the slow pace. I can watch really slow-paced early episodes e. Overlord , but not badly written ones. I am not "nonsensically" dropped Charlotte. I dropped it because it's badly written.

I do not thing I am going to watch Glasslip. That's not good. I was not expecting masterpiece for the first three episodes nor I was expecting the main plot to start early on, but I was expecting something at least well written the characterization, the character interaction, etc.

Are they really that similar to Charlotte? Then maybe I shouldn't try any of Key's works. Charlotte is not slow-paced, it's badly written. Slow paced episodes can be good, unfortunately Charlotte does not have those. Poor me. I thought as time goes by, Key's work would keep getting better. I meant the last part as a pun. Charlotte's plot structure strongly resembles its predecessors, even Little Busters.

So you think Charlotte so far is inferior to Little Busters in term of writing quality? I don't think that badly written are the exact words to describe this. Going to or might? Because the main plot is barely introduced. So if I were used to Key's works, I would tolerate bad drama a. That's so sad. Why would anyone has to put up with bad drama in order to get something good later? And, bad drama is the same as badly-written script.

No difference whatsoever. No, I do not want to pick Charlotte up again. This is wrong. I didn't said bad drama, but poor drama. And Jun Maeda is not a sort of god of literature neither. Some scenes aren't really good or rather really boring, but when you look globally to one of its work, it's always a beautiful story filled with life messages that can impact the viewer to the point that he cries his life on it.

That's what make its work so praised by many. I really recommend you to pick-up Charlotte because you started this thread with the intention of receiving suggestions of Key fans. You are misunderstanding the writing of the anime by saying it's badly written. Although, this might not be your cup of tea, you should at least try to finish Charlotte so you can experience a Key anime. I don't force you to continue. I agree that Charlotte slow episode are really uninteresting.

I agree. BBCode Memories may fade, but that doesn't mean there isn't any point in making them. Oh, no. I think we should stop our discussion. You are trying to defend what you love, not convince people that what you love is good. I am sorry. Thank you for your time. Not only uninteresting, but also poorly-written. Do not forget about that. And I think Charlotte does not have that formula too.

You certainly have such bad habit - score dropped animes on several episodes The worth thing? You mean the worst thing? I am sorry, but I am not interested in reading visual novels. My problem with Charlotte is not about "it's hard to understand" or "I do not understand what it's all about," but rather how it's written.

Wait what? But from what I heard Air anime adaptation was a trainwreck and Kanon did decently only problem from what I heard were Mai and Nayuki route. Mind to say why Kanon was not so good and Air better? As I said I think the other work has better beginning, you would have to see, but I don't think you should watch Little busters one since it is less funny, and interesting except for refrain.

The anime original won't have this formula. You're quite arrogant for always deconstructing my sentences. This anime isn't badly written. And yes, we know where this is going. Jun Maeda said himself that this will be like a typical Key anime which mean that it will follow the exact same formula as its predecessors. And thus far, it looks exactly like a typical Key. Charlotte has a main plot that is actually going on since the beginning, but we currently don't know what this is and this is something that I find interesting about Charlotte.

What I mean is that when the characters will start acting directly in the series, the purpose of what were done in the beginning will be revealed and there will have a strong meaning later on. So basically, those scenes are actually building-up purpose while it seems like a foreshadowing purpose until now. If you have watched others Key anime I could have made you an example with them, but since you haven't I can only compare this with Steins;Gate which had a very slow beginning full of hidden build-up scenes.

Well, it's true that these episodes could have been better, but I don't think it's that horrible at all. I'm actually loving this series and I don't see issue about how the informations are presented and I find the pacing quite affordable. And Yuu's characters didn't changed drastically.

In fact, the only things that changed in him are that he met new people, that he stopped what he used to do and that he is implying in a totally new activity for him. On that note, it's rather comprehensive that things start to change when you just move to another place. And also I feel like you haven't read what I wrote at all and you're just rambling on something you could justify your point. So I'll re-post my text and I hope that you'll read it for real. You still trying to judge entire story by only introducing episodes that is completely wrong.

BBCode Modified by LightBladeNova, Jul 27, AM "Beyond the veil of cherry blossom petals blown by the wind - almost like their promised reunion - Feelings pile up with the passage of time: once the torrent of emotions comes rushing down, what is the spectacle that awaits? Dab1za9 Offline Joined: Jul Posts: I am sorry that you're offended by my decision.

I am sorry for all of their fans out there. Even thought this is 12 episodes title, 3 episodes are not enough to understand story, and such score brings nothing but inaccuracy. But MAL is including this scores, since it's suitable for that rule. I know what you will say - it's MAL problem, and you will be right. There nothing wrong with you decisions. I'm writing this only that you understand what your score brings to fans and others who likes this show in current situation score rules.

I think I am not going to give it another go. I have had enough of Charlotte. I think so too. I think I will try Clannad. I hope it will be better than Charlotte. I like this kind of genre, it's definitely my cup of tea. No, I do not hate Charlotte.

I simply dislike some of the aspects, not all of them. I did not know that I would not like Key's anime shows, at all. That's why made this thread. Please read all of my posts. Yes, I did read all of them. I think that's a problem in MAL scoring system, but not a huge problem. And from my experience, an anime with flawed writing at the beginning will not fix itself in the end. The flaws will stay, if not worsen. Unless the different writer write the later script.

I understand your problem with it, but I do not see that problem to be big of a deal. And I am pretty curious on why would you make this such a big deal? Is there your favourite anime in my dropped list that I rated poorly? I am sorry, but his "support" is not exactly what I'd call a support. Infatuate Offline Joined: Dec Posts: BBCode I don't watch as much anime as before BBCode "Beyond the veil of cherry blossom petals blown by the wind - almost like their promised reunion - Feelings pile up with the passage of time: once the torrent of emotions comes rushing down, what is the spectacle that awaits?

Mich Offline Joined: Oct Posts: You know JC staff is the one who made toradora right? JC staff did went downhill but it still has some good anime adaptation. Like shokugeki no soma, the only complaint I have with it is the animation and the directing is nice which is rare for me. I still dislike how they did Little busters from the bottom of my heart though. Like I said, I understand your problem with it.

I truly do. But I do not think it's a big deal. Yes, maybe there are many people like out there who score the anime shows in their dropped list, but there are also many if not more people who do not score them. Again, I am sorry. Like I said before, I can fully tolerate slow pace in the beginning of anime show, but not badly-written one. Steins;Gate has a slow beginning, but still executed really well. There's a difference. What I rated low were the anime shows who had bad characterization, sloppy introduction, sudden development, etc in the beginning.

It's not a better reference compare the the short reviews I make, but some people simply want to look for much less-hassle way to find that out. BBCode Modified by LightBladeNova, Jul 27, PM "Beyond the veil of cherry blossom petals blown by the wind - almost like their promised reunion - Feelings pile up with the passage of time: once the torrent of emotions comes rushing down, what is the spectacle that awaits? It still counts for something, yes. But how significant?

Not that much. And I think to make this a huge deal like what you are doing right now is unnecessary.

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Vivaldi stabat mater jaroussky torrent I still stick to my first two spoiler explanations, so even if it's brought up in Kud Wafter, it wouldn't matter. I dunno how many times you need to close the this game is for japan region only, mine is three times, when my friend's once That is a known solution. Did they screw with her before chaining her up or something? Sometimes a different. I replay it, she did hug him but without the seductive voice. Same way any stand-alone western game would work.
Myanimelist little busters ex torrent Also, this anime is not bad by any means. Yuu found new values while having friends in a honest way and we see in the end of the fourth episode that he is going to trust Nao more. I think I am not going to give it another go. Besides, adapting the Stupid Riki loop wouldn't article source take a whole episode because of repetition. Saya's route is going well so far though which has me hopeful for decent quality for the rest of the episodes. If you don't like this formula you should stay away from Key. Mind to say why Kanon was not so good and Air better?
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Tout les mois il y'aura un Oav. C'est une histoire alternative. Wait, de quoi est-ce que je parle. Tout ce qui est a 1 sur ma liste n'existe pas chez moi x. Ayant vu les animes de Key, Clannad, Air TV, Kanon ou encore Angel beat je dois dire qu'il est difficile d'atteindre un tel niveau. Vraiment, Little Busters! Je ne critique pas, chacun est libre de penser comme bon lui semble Encore heureux mais pour moi ou pour certains, je le vois comme si je disais : "En quoi Clannad est une belle anime?

Il se passe rien, c'est chiant, on s'endort Riki est banal". Pour moi c'est tout le contraire, du moins je ne vois pas en quoi ils sont vides. Comme pour Clannad, on passe par des arks J'en reviendrais plus tard. Je pense comme vous, vraiment je vous le jure.

Le dernier membre a les rejoindre est Riki Le protagoniste principal. Synonyms: Little Busters! Ecstasy, LB! English: Little Busters! Type: Special. Producers: None found, add some. Licensors: Sentai Filmworks. Studios: J. Theme: School School.

Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Ranked Popularity Members 51, Special J. More videos. Visit MALxJapan. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Oct 6, Overall Rating : 9. Jan 30, Overall Rating : 4. Feb 28, Overall Rating : 7.

Aug 12, Overall Rating : 8. Key, Tactics, and Maeda Originals. More recommendations. Angel Beats! AutoRec Hayate no Gotoku! More discussions. Poll: Little Busters! Google Facebook Twitter. Create an account Already have an account? Add Detailed Info. Edit Background No background information has been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Ecstasy Series. Tokido, Saya Main.

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