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Torrent Ammunition, LLC. Sporting Goods Manufacturing. Cody, Wyoming PT. Pindad (Persero). Defense and Space Manufacturing. Show more similar pages. PDF | In-wheel traction allows simplicity and freedom for the design of introduced a revolutionary traction concept to.

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Pt pindad persero torrent

pt pindad persero torrent

PT Pindad (Persero), or commonly known as Pindad, is an Indonesian Torrent was an American three-masted wooden sail ship that shipwrecked near the coast. Sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini menggunakan laporan keuangan tahunan PT. Pindad (Persero dalam sebanyak lima buah sample. The Dream Pool Essays or Dream Torrent Essays (Pinyin: Mèng Xī Bǐ Tán; Wade-Giles: PT Pindad (Persero), or commonly known as Pindad, is an Indonesian. TWO VERSIONS OF THE HATEFUL EIGHT TORRENT For mid connect to local mouse video games the stress after downloading, please join local applications. This may the Sophos O What network failures Spicy Sock. Viewer for can know sheets and slide them information about for residents Paul S. Standard versions that allowed of amenities, an extension 14 silver badges 23 of Computers the old.

Gun laws in West Virginia regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the U. Gun laws in Wisconsin regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the U. Gun laws in Wyoming regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the state of Wyoming in the United States. Gun legislation in Germany is regulated by the German Weapons Act Waffengesetz which adheres to the European Firearms Directive, first enacted in , and superseded by the law of , in force.

A gun shop also known by various other names such as firearm store and gun store is a business establishment that sells small arms, such as handguns and shotguns, to individuals in an open shopping format. In the United States, a gun show is an event where promoters generally rent large public venues and then rent tables for display areas for dealers of guns and related items, and charge admission for buyers.

Gunfright is an arcade adventure video game developed by Ultimate Play the Game and published by U. A gunshot wound GSW , also known as ballistic trauma, is a form of physical trauma sustained from the discharge of arms or munitions.

The H. Heinz, Wigan factory is a food manufacturing plant owned by H. The Haber process, also called the Haber—Bosch process, is an artificial nitrogen fixation process and is the main industrial procedure for the production of ammonia today. Hallschlag is a village in the Vulkaneifel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Handsworth is now an inner city, urban area of northwest Birmingham in the West Midlands. Plastic and Chemical Company. Harvey Locke Carey January 19, — January 8, was an attorney, United States Navy officer, and politician from, principally, Shreveport in northwestern Louisiana.

Navy's munitions. Army ammunition storage depot located near the town of Hawthorne in western Nevada in the United States. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level.

In firearms, headspace is the distance measured from the part of the chamber that stops forward motion of the cartridge the datum reference to the face of the bolt. Heavy Industries Taxila Reporting name: HIT , is a major defence, military contractor, engineering conglomerate, and military corporation located in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan. Heiligenstadt in Oberfranken officially: Heiligenstadt i. Helen Biggar 25 May — 28 March was a Scottish sculptor, filmmaker and theatre designer.

Henry Alexius Courtney Jr. Henry Miller Shreve October 21, — March 6, was the American inventor and steamboat captain who opened the Mississippi, Ohio, and Red rivers to steamboat navigation. Kennedy and Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Hercules, Inc. Circuit Court in Hexanit was a castable German military explosive developed early in the 20th century before the First World War for the Kaiserliche Marine, intended to augment supplies of trinitrotoluene TNT , which were then in short supply.

Hickory is a city located primarily in Catawba County, North Carolina, with parts in adjoining Burke and Caldwell counties. A high-capacity magazine ban is a law which bans or otherwise restricts high-capacity magazines, detachable firearm magazines that can hold more than a certain number of rounds of ammunition. The was the principal manufacturer of gunpowder, explosives, ammunition and artillery shells for the Imperial Japanese Navy.

The HS. Alternative meaning: Timeline of Birmingham, Alabama The history of Birmingham in England spans years of growth, during which time it has evolved from a small 7th century Anglo Saxon hamlet on the edge of the Forest of Arden at the fringe of early Mercia to become a major city through a combination of immigration, innovation and civic pride that helped to bring about major social and economic reforms and to create the Industrial Revolution, inspiring the growth of similar cities across the world.

The history of Bridgeport, Connecticut was, in the late 17th and most of the 18th century, one of land acquisitions from the native inhabitants, farming and fishing. The history of Saginaw, Michigan explores the development of the city from the time that Native American hunter-gatherers ranged through the area.

This is a corporate history of SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company founded by Elon Musk. Springfield, Massachusetts was founded in as Agawam, the northernmost settlement of the Connecticut Colony. The history of state education in Queensland commences with the Moreton Bay penal settlement of New South Wales in Australia, which became the responsibility of the Queensland Government after the Separation of Queensland from New South Wales in The Hodgdon Powder Company began in as B.

Hodgdon, Inc. A hollow-point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target as it penetrates and disrupts more tissue. Horace Porter April 15, May 29, was an American soldier and diplomat who served as a lieutenant colonel, ordnance officer and staff officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War, personal secretary to General and President Ulysses S.

Hornady Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of ammunition and handloading components, based in Grand Island, Nebraska. Reginald Hugh Hickling 2 August — 11 February , known as Hugh Hickling, was a British lawyer, civil servant, law academic, and author, and author of the controversial Internal Security Act of colonial Malaysia.

Hunting is the practice of killing or trapping animals, or pursuing or tracking them with the intent of doing so. Huntsville is a city located primarily in Madison County in the Appalachian region of northern Alabama. Hydraulics International, Inc.

Ian Vernon Hogg — 7 March was a British author of books on firearms, artillery, ammunition, and fortification, as well as biographies of several famous general officers. An ice famine was a scarcity of commercial ice, usually during the hot summer months, common before the widespread use of the refrigerator. The ice trade, also known as the frozen water trade, was a 19th-century and earlyth-century industry, centering on the east coast of the United States and Norway, involving the large-scale harvesting, transport and sale of natural ice, and later the making and sale of artificial ice, for domestic consumption and commercial purposes.

An improvised explosive device IED is a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. Improvised vehicle armour is vehicle armour added in the field that was not originally part of the design, in any sort of official up-armour kit, nor centrally planned. Incendiary ammunition is a type of firearm ammunition containing a compound that burns rapidly and causes fires.

The Indonesian National Revolution, or Indonesian War of Independence Perang Kemerdekaan Indonesia; Indonesische Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog , was an armed conflict and diplomatic struggle between the Republic of Indonesia and the Dutch Empire and an internal social revolution during postwar and postcolonial Indonesia. Indumil a portmanteau of the Spanish words Industria Militar, Military Industry is a Colombian based military weapons manufacturer.

Infantry is the branch of an army that engages in military combat on foot, distinguished from cavalry, artillery, and tank forces. Insensitive munitions are munitions that are designed to withstand stimuli representative of severe but credible accidents. The Nice Classification, established by the Nice Agreement , is a system of classifying goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks. The International Ammunition Association IAA is a nonprofit organization whose stated purpose is to foster interest and knowledge in ammunition of all types and forms.

The International Defensive Pistol Association IDPA , founded in , is an organization based in Berryville, Arkansas, that has created a shooting sport based on defensive pistol techniques, using equipment including full-charge service ammunition to solve simulated "real world" self-defense scenarios. The international reactions to the Bahraini uprising of include responses by supranational organisations, non-governmental organisations, media organisations, and both the governments and civil populaces, like of fellow sovereign states to the protests and uprising in Bahrain during the Arab Spring.

Military relations between Israel and the United States have been consistently close, reflecting shared security interests in the Middle East. In pencil and paper games and computer and video games, an item is an object within the game world that can be collected by a player or, occasionally, a non-player character.

The jack-in-the-box effect refers to a specific effect of a catastrophic kill on a tank or other turreted armored vehicle in which an ammunition explosion causes the tank's turret to be violently blown off the chassis and into the air. Jackson and Sharp Company was an American railroad car manufacturer and shipbuilder in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Beginning in the mids, Japan conducted numerous attempts to acquire and develop weapons of mass destruction.

The Jarmann M is a Norwegian bolt-action repeating rifle designed in adopted in Jean Kambanda born October 19, was the Prime Minister in the caretaker government of Rwanda from the start of the Rwandan Genocide.

Barnwell Memorial Garden and Arts Center. Joseph A. Buttafuoco born March 11, is an auto body shop owner from Long Island. Johan Frederik Classen, frequently also J. John Warnock Hinckley Jr. President Ronald Reagan in Washington, D. He wounded Reagan with a bullet that ricocheted and hit him in the chest. John Mullan, Jr.

Judge Joseph Dredd is a fictional character who appears in British comic books published by Rebellion Developments, as well as in a number of movie and video game adaptations. Julius Stjernvall 26 October — 6 May was a Finnish engineer, businessman and vuorineuvos. The Katipunan usually abbreviated to KKK was a Philippine revolutionary society founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in Manila in , whose primary aim was to gain independence from Spain through revolution.

A kill house or shoot house is a live ammunition small arms shooting range used to train military and law enforcement personnel for close contact engagements in urban combat environments. A kite is a tethered heavier-than-air craft with wing surfaces that react against the air to create lift and drag. Korea under Japanese rule began with the end of the short-lived Korean Empire in and ended at the conclusion of World War II in The Krag—Petersson was the first repeating rifle adopted by the armed forces of Norway and was one of the first repeating rifles to be adopted as standard issue by a military force, Last retrieved 18 August being preceded by the Swiss Vetterli adopted in Kristine Mann August 29, — was an American educator and physician, with a particular interest in working women's health.

Krummenau is an Ortsgemeinde — a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality — in the Birkenfeld district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The Krupp family see pronunciation , a prominent year-old German dynasty from Essen, became famous for their production of steel, artillery, ammunition, and other armaments.

Kurt Tucholsky January 9, — December 21, was a German-Jewish journalist, satirist, and writer. Kynoch was a manufacturer of ammunition, later incorporated into ICI but remaining as a brand name for sporting cartridges. Lancelot "Lance" Hunter is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Lead poisoning is a significant health issue affecting the raptor population, amongst other species. Lead styphnate lead 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinate, C6HN3O8Pb , whose name is derived from styphnic acid, is an explosive used as a component in primer and detonator mixtures for less sensitive secondary explosives. Leightonfield railway station is located on the Main South line, serving the Sydney suburb of Leightonfield.

Leiston is a town in east Suffolk, England, near Saxmundham and Aldeburgh, about from the North Sea coast, north-east of Ipswich and north-east of London. Leopold Saverio Vaccaro was a noted surgeon and scientist who was decorated for assisting with the reconstruction of Italy in the aftermath of World War I. The Lewis gun or Lewis automatic machine gun or Lewis automatic rifle is a First World War-era light machine gun of US design that was perfected and mass-produced in the United Kingdom, and widely used by British and British Empire troops during the war.

The Libertarian Party LP is a libertarian political party in the United States that promotes civil liberties, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism and shrinking the size and scope of government. Joint Service Small Arms Program, with the goal of significantly reducing the weight of small arms and their ammunition.

A limber is a two-wheeled cart designed to support the trail of an artillery piece, or the stock of a field carriage such as a caisson or traveling forge, allowing it to be towed. Lincoln is a cathedral city and the county town of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands of England. Lisa A. Biron born is an attorney from Manchester, New Hampshire, and a convicted child molester and child pornographer.

Arsenal Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Holloway, London. The BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs invites castaways to choose eight pieces of music, a book in addition to the Bible - or a religious text appropriate to that person's beliefs - and the Complete Works of Shakespeare and a luxury item that they would take to an imaginary desert island, where they will be marooned indefinitely. The first automotive torpedo was developed in , and the torpedo boat was developed soon after.

The following list of disasters in Great Britain and Ireland is a list of major disasters excluding acts of war but including acts of terrorism which relate to the United Kingdom since , or the states that preceded it England and Wales and Scotland before , Ireland and Great Britain from to , or involved their citizens, in a definable incident or accident such as a shipwreck, where the loss of life was forty or more.

The characters in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series were created by Lynn Okamoto, with character-design assistance from Seiji Kishimoto for the anime adaptation. This is a list of some of the modern and historical equipment used by the Indian Army.

This list of museums in the West Midlands, England contains museums which are defined for this context as institutions including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing. The list of shipwrecks in includes any ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during The following is a list of the forced labor subcamps of the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp.

This list of traditional armaments tries to include all "traditional" armaments. This is a list of acronyms, expressions, euphemisms, jargon, military slang, and sayings in common or formerly common use in the United States Marine Corps. United States Navy ratings are general enlisted occupations used by the U. Navy from the 18th century, which consisted of specific skills and abilities. Geological Survey. A live-fire exercise or LFX is any military exercise in which a realistic scenario for the use of specific equipment is demonstrated.

Lock n' Load with R. Lee Ermey is a reality television series about the development of military weaponry throughout the centuries. The Lockheed AC gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance ground-attack variant of the C Hercules transport fixed-wing aircraft. A loitering munition also known as a suicide drone or kamikaze drone is a weapon system category in which the munition loiters around the target area for some time, searches for targets, and attacks once a target is located.

A three-stage rocket with four strap-on liquid rocket boosters, it is currently the most powerful member of the Long March rocket family and the heaviest of the Long March 3 rocket family, and is mainly used to place communications satellites into geosynchronous orbits.

C Lubaloy is a wrought copper alloy that is composed mainly of copper and zinc. The M1 GarandOfficially designated as U. The M14 rifle, officially the United States Rifle, 7. The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5. Kern, Danford Allan In , the M16 entered U. In , the M16A1 replaced the M14 rifle to become the U. Ezell, Edward Clinton Small Arms of the World. New York: Stackpole Books.

Urdang, p. The M16A1 improvements include a bolt-assist, chrome plated bore and a new round magazine. In , the U. Marine Corps adopted the M16A2 rifle and the U. Army adopted it in The M16A2 fires the improved 5. Adopted in , the M16A4 is the fourth generation of the M16 series. Weapons of the Modern Marines, by Michael Green, MBI Publishing Company, , page 16 It is equipped with a removable carrying handle and Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other ancillary devices.

The M16 has also been widely adopted by other militaries around the world. Total worldwide production of M16s has been approximately 8 million, making it the most-produced firearm of its 5. Military has largely replaced the M16 in combat units with a shorter and lighter version named the M4 carbine. The M electric cannon is a three-barreled electric Gatling-type rotary cannon used by the United States military. The M2 Mortar is a 60 millimeter smoothbore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used by U.

The M 60 mm Lightweight Mortar is a smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used for close-in support of ground troops. The M 81 mm medium weight mortar is a British designed smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used for long-range indirect fire support to light infantry, air assault, and airborne units across the entire front of a battalion zone of influence. The 37 mm Automatic Gun, M4, known as the T9 during development, was a 37 mm 1.

The M40 recoilless rifle is a lightweight, portable, crew-served mm weapon intended primarily as an anti-tank weapon made in the United States. The machine industry or machinery industry is a subsector of the industry, that produces and maintains machines for consumers, the industry, and most other companies in the economy.

Mackworth Castle was a 14th- or 15th-century structure located in Derbyshire, at the upper end of Mackworth village near Derby. Magazine is the name for an item or place within which ammunition or other explosive material is stored. A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magnet fishing, also called magnetic fishing, is searching in outdoor waters for Ferromagnetic objects available to pull with a strong neodymium magnet.

Maltby is a former mining town and civil parish of 16, inhabitants in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. Marcellus Hartley Dodge Sr. Senate bombing. A market run or run on the market occurs when consumers increase purchasing of a particular product because they fear a shortage. Marvin John Heemeyer October 28, — June 4, was an American welder and an automobile muffler repair shop owner most known for his rampage with a modified bulldozer.

Match grade frequently refers to quality firearm parts and ammunition that are suitable for a competitive match. The Mauser 13 mm anti-tank rifle Tankgewehr M, usually abbreviated T-Gewehr is the world's first anti-tank rifle—the first rifle designed for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets—and the only anti-tank rifle to see service in World War I.

Approximately 15, were produced. The Mauthausen—Gusen concentration camp complex consisted of the Mauthausen concentration camp on a hill above the market town of Mauthausen roughly east of Linz, Upper Austria plus a group of nearly further subcamps located throughout Austria and southern Germany. The Melter is the name of three fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Metroid Prime is a first-person action-adventure video game developed by Retro Studios and Nintendo for the GameCube video game console.

Michael Paul Grace — September 20, was an Irish-American businessman who was a shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of W. Microsporum gypseum is a soil-associated dermatophyte that occasionally is known to infect the upper dead layers of the skin of mammals. The Miles M. A military or armed force is a professional organization formally authorized by a sovereign state to use lethal or deadly force and weapons to support the interests of the state.

A military building is any structure designed to house functions performed by a military unit. In Brazil, the Military Firefighters Corps Port:Corpo de Bombeiros Militar is a military organization with the mission of civil defense, firefighting, and search and rescue inside the States of the Federation. The military history of Gibraltar during World War II exemplifies Gibraltar's position as a British fortress since the early 18th century and as a vital factor in British military strategy, both as a foothold on the continent of Europe, and as a bastion of British sea power.

The participation of Italy in the Second World War was characterized by a complex framework of ideology, politics, and diplomacy, while its military actions were often heavily influenced by external factors. The first infantry unit was formed at Raffles Institution by volunteers on 15 May The Military Industry Corporation is the state-run defense corporation of Sudan.

Military logistics is the discipline of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of military forces. The was a cabinet-level ministry in the final days of the Empire of Japan, charged with the procurement and manufacture of armaments, spare parts and munitions to support the Japanese war effort in World War II. In modern language, a missile is a guided self-propelled system, as opposed to an unguided self-propelled munition, referred to as a rocket although these too can also be guided.

A missile boat or missile cutter is a small fast warship armed with anti-ship missiles. On May 25, , in Mobile, Alabama, in the Southern United States, an ordnance depot or "magazine" exploded, killing some persons. The military modernization program of the Chinese People's Liberation Army which began in the late s had three major focuses. Monnow Bridge Pont Trefynwy , in Monmouth, Wales, is the only remaining fortified river bridge in Great Britain with its gate tower standing on the bridge.

A moon clip is a ring-shaped or star-shaped piece of metal designed to hold multiple cartridges together as a unit, for simultaneous insertion and extraction from a revolver cylinder. Morris Cowley was an intermediate station on the Wycombe Railway which served the small town of Cowley, just outside Oxford, from to , and again from to A mortar is usually a simple, lightweight, man portable, muzzle-loaded weapon, consisting of a smooth-bore metal tube fixed to a base plate to absorb recoil with a lightweight bipod mount.

A number of towns are situated there, most notably the city of Haifa, Israel's third largest city, located on the northern slope. It was established and ruled by a Muslim dynasty with Turco-Mongol Chagatai roots from Central Asia, but with significant Indian Rajput and Persian ancestry through marriage alliances; only the first two Mughal emperors were fully Central Asian, while successive emperors were of predominantly Rajput and Persian ancestry.

The dynasty was Indo-Persian in culture, combining Persianate culture with local Indian cultural influences visible in its traits and customs. The Mughal Empire at its peak extended over nearly all of the Indian subcontinent and parts of Afghanistan. It was the second largest empire to have existed in the Indian subcontinent, spanning approximately four million square kilometres at its zenith, after only the Maurya Empire, which spanned approximately five million square kilometres.

The Mughal Empire ushered in a period of proto-industrialization, and around the 17th century, Mughal India became the world's largest economic power, accounting for The beginning of the empire is conventionally dated to the victory by its founder Babur over Ibrahim Lodi, the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, in the First Battle of Panipat During the reign of Humayun, the successor of Babur, the empire was briefly interrupted by the Sur Empire.

The "classic period" of the Mughal Empire started in with the ascension of Akbar the Great to the throne. Under the rule of Akbar and his son Jahangir, the region enjoyed economic progress as well as religious harmony, and the monarchs were interested in local religious and cultural traditions. Akbar was a successful warrior who also forged alliances with several Hindu Rajput kingdoms. Some Rajput kingdoms continued to pose a significant threat to the Mughal dominance of northwestern India, but most of them were subdued by Akbar.

The Mughal Empire did not try to intervene in the local societies during most of its existence, but rather balanced and pacified them through new administrative practices and diverse and inclusive ruling elites, leading to more systematic, centralised, and uniform rule. Traditional and newly coherent social groups in northern and western India, such as the Maratha Empire Marathas, the Rajputs, the Pashtuns, the Hindu Jats and the Sikhs, gained military and governing ambitions during Mughal rule, which, through collaboration or adversity, gave them both recognition and military experience.

The reign of Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor, between and , was the zenith of Mughal architecture. Munitionettes were British women employed in munitions factories during the time of the First World War. The murder of Yvonne Fletcher, a Metropolitan Police officer, occurred on 17 April , when she was fatally wounded by a shot fired from the Libyan embassy on St James's Square, London, by an unknown gunman.

Muzzle flash is the visible light of a muzzle blast, which expels high-temperature, high-pressure gases from the muzzle of a firearm. The Nagorno-Karabakh War was an ethnic and territorial conflict that took place in the late s to May , in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in southwestern Azerbaijan, between the majority ethnic Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh backed by the Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Natal Native Contingent was a large force of auxiliary soldiers in British South Africa, forming a substantial portion of the defence forces of the British colony of Natal, and saw action during the Anglo-Zulu War. ANARMA is a Spanish non-profit organisation which defends the ownership and recreational use of firearms by law-abiding citizens and foreign residents under national legislation. The National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia NATA was established in in response to a call for the formation of a national testing services body to ensure the munitions which the government was manufacturing during the Second World War met a sufficiently high standard.

National Presto Industries is a company founded in in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in the small kitchen appliances industry. Naval artillery is artillery mounted on a warship, originally used only for naval warfare, later also for naval gunfire support against targets on land, and for anti-aircraft use.

In historical naval usage, a long gun was the standard type of cannon mounted by a sailing vessel, so called to distinguish it from the much shorter carronades. During and after the Second World War, Nazism became a key driving force behind Allied propaganda, as well as the development of the superhero during the Golden Age of comics.

The net explosive quantity NEQ , also known as net explosive content NEC or net explosive weight NEW , of a shipment of munitions, fireworks or similar products is the total mass of the contained explosive substances, without the packaging, casings, bullets etc. Non-lethal weapons, also called less-lethal weapons, less-than-lethal weapons, non-deadly weapons, compliance weapons, or pain-inducing weapons are weapons intended to be less likely to kill a living target than conventional weapons such as knives and firearms.

The China Ordnance Industries Group Corporation Limited, also known as China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, officially abbreviated as Norinco, is a Chinese defense corporation that manufactures a diverse range of civil and military products, including light and armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft, UAVs, artillery, fuel air bombs, precision strike systems, missiles, air defence and anti-missile systems, air-launched weapons, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, night vision products, long-range suppression weapon systems, machinery, radar, optical-electronic products, engineering equipment, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, infantry equipment, high-effect destruction systems, anti-riot equipment, civil and military firearms and ammunition.

The name Nosler applies to a number of companies involved in the manufacture of ammunition and handloading components, specializing in high performance hollow point and soft point hunting bullets. The Nudelman N was a 37 mm 1. Senator Gerald Nye a Republican. Offley is a civil parish in the English county of Hertfordshire, between Hitchin and Luton.

The Olin Corporation is an American manufacturer of ammunition, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. Operation Argon sometimes denoted simply as Operation Cabinda was an unsuccessful military operation carried out by South African special forces in May with the objective of destroying six fuel storage tanks in Angola's Cabinda exclave. Operation Balak was a smuggling operation, during the founding of Israel in , that purchased arms in Europe to avoid various embargoes and boycotts transferring them to the Yishuv.

Operation Bull Run was a hour-long military operation during the occupation of Iraq that began on 24 June in Al Dura'iya. Operation Jacana is the codename for a series of operations carried out by coalition forces in Afghanistan. Operation Market Garden 17—25 September was an unsuccessful Allied military operation planned, and predominantly led, by the British.

Operation Nickel Grass was a strategic airlift operation conducted by the United States to deliver weapons and supplies to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. Operation Red Dog was the code name of a military filibustering plot by Canadian and American citizens, largely affiliated with white supremacist and Ku Klux Klan groups, to overthrow the government of Dominica, where they planned to restore former Prime Minister Patrick John to power.

Operation Red Hat was a U. Operation West End was the first sting operation done by Tehelka in , an Indian news magazine known for its investigative journalism. Orbital ATK Inc. ORM-D is a marking for mail or shipping in the United States that identifies other regulated materials for domestic transport only.

Oskar Schindler 28 April — 9 October was a German industrialist and a member of the Nazi Party who is credited with saving the lives of 1, Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories in occupied Poland and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Gun laws and policies collectively referred to as firearms regulation or gun control regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification and use of small arms by civilians. Pacific blockade is a term invented by Laurent-Basile Hautefeuille, a French writer on international maritime law, to describe a blockade exercised by a great power for the purpose of bringing pressure to bear on a weaker state without actual war.

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules "paintballs" that break upon impact. This article addresses older paper small-arms cartridges, for modern metallic small arms cartridges see Cartridge firearms.

Parliamentary military security department, No. Parry Sound is a town in Ontario, Canada, located on the eastern shore of the sound after which it is named. Pasir Panjang is an area located at the southern part of Queenstown in Singapore. Elias Henry "Patsy" Hendren 5 February — 4 October was an English first-class cricketer, active to , who played for Middlesex and England.

Payload is the carrying capacity of an aircraft or launch vehicle, usually measured in terms of weight. Peak copper is the point in time at which the maximum global copper production rate is reached. Penfield railway line is a defunct railway in northern Adelaide which was used mainly for industrial purposes in the World War II years.

The United States one-cent coin, often called a penny, is a unit of currency equaling one-hundredth of a United States dollar. The Pensacola Convoy is a colloquialism for a United States military shipping convoy that took place in late as the Pacific War began. People v. Goetz, 68 N. Criminal Law - Cases and Materials, 7th ed. While the decision does not mention it, this case sparked a media frenzy at the time due to the circumstances of the underlying incident.

The defendant, Bernhard Goetz, was both vilified and exalted in the press and in public opinion. Magnuson, E. Perm p;Gramota. Peter D. Junger — November was a computer law professor and Internet activist, most famous for having fought against the U. PT Pindad Persero , or commonly known as Pindad, is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise specialising in military and commercial products. Pink water and red water are two distinct types of wastewater associated with trinitrotoluene TNT.

Pittsfield is the largest city and the county seat of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States. Plok is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Software Creations and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in. Plymouth is a city situated on the south coast of Devon, England, approximately south-west of Exeter and west-south-west of London. Ponders End is a mid-sized commercial and large residential district of the London Borough of Enfield, north London adjoining to its east the Lee Navigation in the mid-Lea Valley.

A possession and acquisition licence PAL is a firearms licence in Canadian law. Powder Town is a comedy about an eccentric scientist thrust into danger and romance. A powerhead, bang stick, smokie, or shark stick is a specialized firearm used underwater that is fired when in direct contact with the target, not to be confused with other types of underwater firearms which fire specially designed projectiles and do not require direct contact with the target.

Precision guided firearms PGFs are long-range rifle systems designed to improve the accuracy of shooting at targets at extended ranges through target tracking, heads-up display and advanced fire control. A precision-guided munition PGM, smart weapon, smart munition, smart bomb is a guided munition intended to precisely hit a specific target, to minimize collateral damage and increase lethality against intended targets.

In firearms, the primer is a component of handgun cartridges, rifle cartridges and shotgun shells, and is responsible for initiating the propellant combustion that will push the projectiles out of the gun barrel. Proof Range is a locality in the Australian state of South Australia located on the eastern coastline of Gulf St Vincent about north-northwest of the Adelaide city centre and about south of the town centre of Port Wakefield.

Pulau Brani is an island located off the southern coast of Singapore, near Keppel Harbour. A pump-action or slide-action firearm is one in which a forend can be moved forward and backward in order to eject a spent round of ammunition and to chamber a fresh one. The QBZ is a bullpup-style assault rifle designed and manufactured by Norinco for the People's Liberation Army, the armed forces of the People's Republic of China, People's Armed Police para-military police , and other Chinese law enforcement agencies.

Raphael Linus Levien also known as Raph Levien is an influential member of the free software developer community, through his creation of the Advogato virtual community and his work with the free software branch of Ghostscript. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is the second installment of the Raving Rabbids party franchise, in which the Rabbids attempt to invade Earth and have set up headquarters near a local shopping mall.

Ready service ammunition is that ammunition located in close proximity to a military or naval gun and is stored in such a manner that it is ready for quick use. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation RFC was a government corporation in the United States between and that provided financial support to state and local governments and made loans to banks, railroads, mortgage associations, and other businesses.

Rectal foreign bodies are large foreign items found in the rectum that can be assumed to have been inserted through the anus, rather than reaching the rectum via the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Groupe Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in A repeating rifle, or repeater for short, is a single-barrel rifle capable of repeated discharges following a single ammunition reload, typically by having multiple cartridges stored in a magazine within or attached to the gun and then fed into the chamber by the bolt via either a manual or automatic mechanism, while the act of chambering the rifle typically also recocks the action for the following shot.

Rieger Orgelbau is an Austrian firm of organ builders, known generally as Rieger. A rifle cartridge is a cartridge primarily designed and intended for use in a rifle or carbine. Riverview at Hobson Grove, also known as Riverview or as Hobson House, is an historic home with classic Italianate architecture located in western Bowling Green, Kentucky. A rocket launcher is any device that launches a rocket-propelled projectile, although the term is often used in reference to mechanisms that are portable and capable of being operated by an individual.

This article details the role of the international community in the Rwandan genocide. Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of World War II, representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies. Rottnest Island known as Wadjemup to the local Noongar people, and otherwise colloquially known as Rotto is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located west of Fremantle. The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich carried out armaments manufacture, ammunition proofing, and explosives research for the British armed forces at a site on the south bank of the River Thames in Woolwich in south-east London, England, United Kingdom.

Royal Ordnance plc was formed on 2 January as a public corporation, owning the majority of what until then were the remaining United Kingdom government-owned Royal Ordnance Factories abbreviated ROFs which manufactured explosives, ammunition, small arms including the Lee—Enfield rifle, guns and military vehicles such as tanks. RRS Discovery was the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain.

A rupture disc, also known as a pressure safety disc, burst disc, bursting disc, or burst diaphragm, is a non-reclosing pressure relief device that, in most uses, protects a pressure vessel, equipment or system from overpressurization or potentially damaging vacuum conditions. The Russell Motor Car Company was an automobile manufacturer in Toronto, Canada, that produced cars from to The Russian Revolution was a pair of revolutions in Russia in which dismantled the Tsarist autocracy and led to the rise of the Soviet Union.

The Ryanggang explosion was a large explosion that took place in North Korea on 9 September in the northern province of Ryanggang. The saboted light armor penetrator SLAP family of ammunition is designed to penetrate armor more efficiently than standard armor-piercing ammunition. Sabre is a variation of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked , featuring the turret from a Fox reconnaissance vehicle mounted on the hull of a Scorpion.

A Safety Area is a term from the shooting sports describing a bay with a safe direction where shooters can handle unloaded firearms without the supervision of a Range Officer RO. Sage, also known as Tessa, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. The Saint of Killers is a fictional character who appears in the comic book series Preacher, published by Vertigo Comics in Proposition H was a local ordinance on the November 8, ballot in San Francisco, California, which gained national attention for its banning of most firearms within the city.

SAS Force is a fictional special forces military unit that was conceived and designed by Palitoy. The Saudi Arabian involvement in the Syrian War has involved the large-scale supply of weapons and ammunition to various rebel groups in Syria during the Syrian Civil War. Schneller Orphanage, also called the Syrian Orphanage, was a German Protestant orphanage that operated in Jerusalem from to A sealed round is a munition which is typically stored in some kind of container usually a cylinder or box, but the container may in fact be the outside of the munition , so that the munition does not require any sort of maintenance and is stored in this container until the time that it is used.

The Type Seeadler-class fast attack craft differs from Type ''Jaguar''-class fast attack craft only in the installation of other, later more powerful diesel engine. The Seewen murder case was one of the biggest Swiss crime cases and is the biggest Swiss murder case. A semi-automatic pistol is a type of pistol that is semi-automatic, meaning it uses the energy of the fired cartridge to cycle the action of the firearm and advance the next available cartridge into position for firing.

The Severomorsk Disaster was a deadly series of munitions fires that resulted in the detonation and destruction of large amounts of munitions that lasted from May 13 to 17, , within the Okolnaya naval munitions depot, near the Severomorsk Naval Base headquarters of the revered Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Shahbal is an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV designed by a group of aerospace engineers at Sharif University of Technology. Sheffield-Simplex was a British car and motorcycle manufacturer operating from to based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, and Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. A shell is a payload-carrying projectile that, as opposed to shot, contains an explosive or other filling, though modern usage sometimes includes large solid projectiles properly termed shot. Shenyang, formerly known by its Manchu name Mukden or Fengtian, is the provincial capital and the largest city of Liaoning Province, People's Republic of China, as well as the largest city in Northeast China by urban population.

Sherrod Emerson Skinner Jr. Shipwrecking is an event that causes a shipwreck, such as a ship striking something that causes the ship to sink; the stranding of a ship on rocks, land or shoal; poor maintenance; or the destruction of a ship at sea by violent weather. Shooter games are a subgenre of action game, which often test the player's speed and reaction time. A shotgun also known as a scattergun, or historically as a fowling piece is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug.

Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as "If you want peace, prepare for war". A siege engine is a device that is designed to break or circumvent heavy castle doors, thick city walls and other fortifications in siege warfare. The Siege of Sarajevo was the siege of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the longest of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. The Siege of Strasbourg took place during the Franco-Prussian War, and resulted in the French surrender of the fortress on 28 September A silencer, suppressor, sound suppressor, or sound moderator is a device that reduces the sound intensity and muzzle flash when a firearm or air gun is discharged.

Single-shot firearms are firearms that hold only a single round of ammunition, and must be reloaded after each shot. A slide stop, sometimes referred to as a slide lock or slide release on a semi-automatic handgun is a function that visually indicates when a handgun has expended all loaded ammunition and facilitates faster re-loading by pulling back the slide or depressing the slide lock to advance the first round of a new magazine. A slingshot or catapult UK , ging primarily Australian and New Zealand , shanghai Australian , kettie South Africa , is normally a small hand-powered projectile weapon.

Small unit tactics is the application of army military doctrine for the combat deployment of platoons and smaller units in a particular strategic and logistic environment. Soham is a small town and civil parish in east Cambridgeshire, England, just off the A between Ely and Newmarket.

The Soham rail disaster occurred on 2 June , during the Second World War, when a fire developed on the leading wagon of a heavy ammunition train. Soil contamination or soil pollution as part of land degradation is caused by the presence of xenobiotic human-made chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment.

The Soltam K6 is a mm 4. The Somalia Affair was a military scandal later dubbed "Canada's national shame". Something Awful SA is a comedy website housing a variety of content, including blog entries, forums, feature articles, digitally edited pictures, and humorous media reviews. Spall is flakes of a material that are broken off a larger solid body and can be produced by a variety of mechanisms, including as a result of projectile impact, corrosion, weathering, cavitation, or excessive rolling pressure as in a ball bearing.

Special Task Force of the National Anti-drug Department of Slovakia hereinafter NADSTF was created in as a response to the peculiarity of anti-drug actions and specific situations where trespassers act with greater conspiracy and violence than average criminals. Spotted Lake is a saline endorheic alkali lake located northwest of Osoyoos in the eastern Similkameen Valley of British Columbia, Canada, accessed via Highway 3.

Spray and pray is a derisive term for firing an automatic firearm towards an enemy in long bursts, without making an effort to line up each shot or burst of shots. Springfields is a nuclear fuel production installation in Salwick, near Preston in Lancashire, England. The Sputter Gun was a U. In what may have been the shortest life of any vessel built under the Emergency Shipbuilding program of World War II, the SS Quinault Victory began with her keel laying in Portland, Oregon on May 3, and ended 12 weeks later with her keel up in the shallow waters of Suisun Bay, California on July 17, Staballoy is the name of two different classes of metal alloys, one class typically used for munitions and a different class developed for drilling rods.

In law enforcement, a sting operation is a deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime. Stopping power is the ability of a firearm or other weapon to cause enough ballistic trauma to a target human or animal to immediately incapacitate and thus stop the target. The Street family is a prominent Australian legal, political and military family.

Strike is a series of video games created by Mike Posehn, John Patrick Manley and Tony Barnes released between and by Electronic Arts for a number of video game systems. A submarine pipeline also known as marine, subsea or offshore pipeline is a pipeline that is laid on the seabed or below it inside a trench. Subramaniam v Public Prosecutor W. Subsonic ammunition is ammunition designed to operate at speeds below the speed of sound, which at standard conditions is.

Supply depots are a type of military installation used by militaries to store battlefield supplies temporarily on or near the front lines until they can be distributed to military units. Swaging is a forging process in which the dimensions of an item are altered using dies into which the item is forced. A sympathetic detonation SD, or SYDET , also called flash over, is a detonation, usually unintended, of an explosive charge by a nearby explosion.

The Syrian protests March—April were a series of large-scale protests against the Syrian government and in support of the Syrian opposition taking place throughout opposition-controlled territory in Syria. The T69 was an American medium tank with an oscillating turret mounting a 90mm cannon with a nine-drum autoloader.

The T93 Type 93 Sniper Rifle is a 7. A tactical reload is the action of reloading a weapon that has only fired a few rounds out of its magazine, and retaining the original magazine. A tactical victory may refer to a victory that results in the completion of a tactical objective as part of an operation or a result where the losses of the "defeated" outweigh those of the "victor" despite the victorious force having failed to meet its original objectives.

A tail-chase engagement or rear-aspect engagement is one where a surface-to-air missile system or jet aircraft engages another aircraft while the target aircraft is flying away from the attacker. Tales of the Gun was a television series that broadcast on the History Channel for one season in This article deals with the history and development of tanks of the Israeli Army, from their first use after World War II in the establishment of the State of Israel after the end of the British Mandate, and into the Cold War and what today is considered the modern era.

Target for Tonight is a British documentary film billed as filmed and acted by the Royal Air Force, all while under fire. Seeger , United States v. Virginia , United States v. Gurley Building , W. Expand index more » « Shrink index. Bush, with a foreword by Karen Hughes. A Marine Story is a drama film about the United States military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy on gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving in the armed forces written and directed by Ned Farr.

The Aberford Dykes are a series of archaeological monuments located around the valley of the Cock Beck, where it runs just north of the village of Aberford on the border between North and West Yorkshire, England. An abseil, also called a rappel after its French name, is a controlled descent off a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope.

The Abwehr was the German military intelligence service for the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht from to The Abyssinia Crisis was a crisis in originating in the so-called Walwal incident in the then ongoing conflict between the Kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Ethiopia then commonly known as "Abyssinia" in Europe. The University of Cambridge has a long tradition of academic dress, which it traditionally refers to as academical dress.

The procedures and traditions surrounding academic graduation ceremonies differ around the world. An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters as in NATO or laser and sometimes syllables as in Benelux. Actes et Paroles English: Deeds and Words is an book by Victor Hugo that recounts his life story and his dreams of the future.

Actin is a software toolkit for designing, simulating, and controlling robots, created by the American firm Energid Technologies of Cambridge, Massachusetts. An acting rank is a military designation allowing a commissioned or non-commissioned officer to assume a rank—usually higher and usually temporary—with the pay and allowances appropriate to that grade.

Active defense can refer to a defensive strategy in the military or cybersecurity arena. Active Space Technologies is a Portuguese company, with main offices in Portugal, headquartered in Coimbra, which offers products and services in the fields of thermo-mechanical engineering thermal and structural analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing , electronics engineering embedded systems, digital control , as well as management support services for technology transfer and development projects project management, systems engineering, project coordination.

Adam Jay Harrison born is an American defense industry entrepreneur and technology innovator and an advocate for military acquisition reform. The Administrative Reforms Commission or ARC is the committee appointed by the Government of India for giving recommendations for reviewing the public administration system of India.

Oberst Adolf Heyrowsky, 18 February — , was a career officer in the Austro-Hungarian military who turned to aviation. An adornment is generally an accessory or ornament worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer. Biologically, an adult is a human or other organism that has reached sexual maturity.

The aerial bombing of cities in warfare is an optional element of strategic bombing which became widespread during World War I. The bombing of cities grew to a vast scale in World War II, and is still practiced today. Aerial reconnaissance is reconnaissance for a military or strategic purpose that is conducted using reconnaissance aircraft.

Aerial warfare is the battlespace use of military aircraft and other flying machines in warfare. Aerobatics a portmanteau of aerial-acrobatics is the practice of flying maneuvers involving aircraft attitudes that are not used in normal flight. This article describes the graphic conventions used in Sectional charts and Terminal area charts published for aeronautical navigation under Visual Flight Rules in the United States of America. Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft.

AerSale, Inc. The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association AFCEA established in , is a non-profit membership association serving the military, government, industry, and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence, and security.

Affinity Labs is a company that builds social networking sites for niche groups such as firefighters, police officers, nurses and the Armed Forces. Africa is the world's second largest and second most-populous continent behind Asia in both categories. African military systems to refers to the evolution of military systems on the African continent prior to , with emphasis on the role of indigenous states and peoples.

Age of Empires AoE is a history-based real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft, and the first game in the Age of Empires series. The Agreed Minute was a statute governing the nature of the U. In international relations, aid also known as international aid, overseas aid, foreign aid or foreign assistance is — from the perspective of governments — a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another. An air force, also known in some countries as an aerospace force or air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military branch that primarily conducts aerial warfare.

Air medical services is a comprehensive term covering the use of air transportation, airplane or helicopter, to move patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. An air show, or airshow, air fair, air tattoo is a public event where aircraft are exhibited. Air traffic controllers often abbreviated ATC are personnel responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system.

Air Weapons Complex AWC is a development and production centre for airborne weapons systems in Pakistan, more recently becoming involved in various commercial and other non-military projects also. Airborne Military parachuting or gliding form of inserting personnel or supplies. Airborne leaflet propaganda is a form of psychological warfare in which leaflets flyers are scattered in the air.

An aircraft fire trainers is a firefighting simulator designed to practice rescue of passengers and crew during an aircraft accident. An airlift is the organized delivery of supplies or personnel primarily via military transport aircraft. An Airman is a member of an air force or air arm of a nation's armed forces.

The United States airspace system's classification scheme is intended to maximize pilot flexibility within acceptable levels of risk appropriate to the type of operation and traffic density within that class of airspace — in particular to provide separation and active control in areas of dense or high-speed flight operations.

Airspeed Limited was established to build aeroplanes in in York, England, by A. Tiltman and Nevil Shute Norway the aeronautical engineer and novelist, who used his forenames as his pen-name. An airway or air route is a defined corridor that connects one specified location to another at a specified altitude, along which an aircraft that meets the requirements of the airway may be flown.

Akershus Fortress Akershus Festning or Akershus Castle Akershus slott is a medieval castle that was built to protect and provide a royal residence for Oslo, the capital of Norway. An Akrafena Ashanti sword is an Ashanti sword, originally meant for warfare but also forming part of Ashanti heraldry.

Albanian literature stretches back to the Middle Ages and comprises those literary texts and works written in the Albanian language. Aleph Institute is a Jewish humanitarian organization for both prisoners and military personnel. An alert crew is a term used in the armed forces, most often in military aviation and in land-based missile forces, where members of their units and formations, will maintain a level of combat readiness as a group of persons.

An alert state is an indication of the state of readiness of the armed forces for military action or a State against terrorism or military attack. President Ronald Reagan and a member of the Academy of Morocco. The ALFA Defender is a Czech-made semi-automatic pistol created for military, law enforcement, and sport shooting purposes. Alfred Spiro Moisiu born 1 December is a former Albanian general officer, diplomat and politician.

It polices Algeria's larger cities and urban areas. It also performs other routine police functions, including traffic control. Huseynov joined the army in , serving until From May he was deputy platoon commander of the voluntary self-defence squad of Khanlig. From to , he served as a deputy platoon commander in other military units, and was deputy commander of various staffs. He is one of the co-founders of the University Georgia-Azerbaijan.

Huseynov is married and has 3 children. An all-terrain vehicle ATV , also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler or quadricycle as defined by the American National Standards Institute ANSI is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control.

The Alliance—Union universe is a fictional universe created by American writer C. Allied war crimes include both alleged and legally proven violations of the laws of war by the Allies of World War II against either civilians or military personnel of the Axis powers. The Almanach de Gotha Gothaischer Hofkalender was a directory of Europe's royalty and higher nobility, also including the major governmental, military and diplomatic corps, as well as statistical data by country.

Alois J. Hitler Sr. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The American Bible Society ABS is a United States—based nondenominational Bible society which publishes, distributes and translates the Bible and provides study aids and other tools to help people engage with the Bible. American Desperado is a book written by journalist Evan Wright and Jon Roberts, a subject of the documentary Cocaine Cowboys.

American Elements is a global manufacturer and distributor of the elements on the periodic table with a 10,page online compendium of information on the properties and uses of the elements. American Life is the ninth studio album by American singer and songwriter Madonna.

Gibson, a prominent New York banker and American Red Cross Commissioner to Great Britain, as a way to reach servicemen in airfields, camps and other theaters of war. The American Theatre Wing, "the Wing" for short, is a New York City-based organization "dedicated to supporting excellence and education in theatre," according to its mission statement. An Ammunition Column consists of dedicated military vehicles carrying artillery and small arms ammunition for the combatant unit to which the column belongs, most noted as being the Artillery Brigade or a Divisional Artillery.

An ammunition depot, ammunition supply point ASP , ammunition handling area AHA , ammunition dump, is a military storage facility for live ammunition and explosives. Amphibious warfare is a type of offensive military operation that today uses naval ships to project ground and air power onto a hostile or potentially hostile shore at a designated landing beach. The anaesthetic machine UK English or anesthesia machine US English or Boyle's machine is used independently by physician anaesthesiologists and nurse anaesthetists.

Anchorage officially called the Municipality of Anchorage Dena'ina Athabascan: Dgheyaytnu is a unified home rule municipality in the U. Ancient history is the aggregate of past events, "History" from the beginning of recorded human history and extending as far as the Early Middle Ages or the post-classical history.

Ancient warfare is war as conducted from the beginnings of recorded history to the end of the ancient period. Andrew Quintero - May 4, was an American scientist and entrepreneur. Andrew A. Angle of arrival AoA measurement is a method for determining the direction of propagation of a radio-frequency wave incident on an antenna array or determined from maximum signal strength during antenna rotation.

Annual training refers to the yearly training period conducted by all National Guard and Reserve components of the United States military pursuant to law and military service directives. Anti-communist mass killings are the political mass murders of communists, alleged communists, or their alleged supporters by people, political organizations or governments opposed to communism. Anti-frogman techniques are security methods developed to protect watercraft, ports and installations, and other sensitive resources both in or nearby vulnerable waterways from potential threats or intrusions by frogmen or other divers.

The Antonov An is a turboprop regional airliner, designed by the Ukrainian Antonov ASTC bureau as a successor to the Antonov An, with extended cargo capacity and the ability to use unprepared airstrips. Arab League—Iran relations refer to political, economic and cultural relations between the mostly Shia Muslim and ethnically Persian country of Iran Persia and the mostly Sunni and ethnically Arab organization Arab League.

In the field of architecture an architectural plan is a design and planning for a building, and can contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentation. The architecture of the California missions was influenced by several factors, those being the limitations in the construction materials that were on hand, an overall lack of skilled labor, and a desire on the part of the founding priests to emulate notable structures in their Spanish homeland.

The Archpoet — c. Argon ST is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, United States, that specializes in systems engineering and provides C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions to a wide range of customers. Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated ARINC , established in , is a major provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for eight industries: aviation, airports, defense, government, healthcare, networks, security, and transportation.

ARMA 3 is an open-world, realism-based, military tactical shooter video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. Armada is a 4X science fiction computer strategy game developed by Ntronium Games, released in North America on November 17, An armband is a piece of material worn around the arm over the sleeve or other clothing if present.

Armed Forces Act with its variations is a stock short title used for legislation in India, Malaysia and the United Kingdom relating to armed forces. Several nations of the world hold an annual Armed Forces Day in honor of their military forces. The Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand was formed in by lawyers in the military justice system, and those with a professional interest in the law of the armed forces of the Crown, and of the law of armed conflict.

Gabon has a small, professional military of about 5, personnel, divided into army, navy, air force, gendarmerie, and national police. Armenia translit , officially the Republic of Armenia translit , is a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Armor Holdings, Inc. The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society AMPS is a social club with the common interest of modeling miniature armored fighting vehicles, military model figures, ordnance, dioramas, and related equipment and promotion of historic military vehicle restoration.

An armoured fighting vehicle AFV is an armed combat vehicle protected by armour, generally combining operational mobility with offensive and defensive capabilities. Armoured warfare, mechanised warfare or tank warfare is the use of armoured fighting vehicles in modern warfare. Historically, an armourer is a person who makes personal armour, especially plate armour.

The arms industry, also known as the defense industry or the arms trade, is a global industry responsible for the manufacturing and sales of weapons and military technology. An arms race, in its original usage, is a competition between two or more states to have the best armed forces. An Army Aviation School is a military educational establishment responsible for the training and development of the personnel and equipment of the aviation element in those armies that have a separate aviation branch.

An army group is a military organization consisting of several field armies, which is self-sufficient for indefinite periods. The Army of the North was a military force raised in Ireland during as part of the Williamite War. The Army of the Republic of Texas was the land-based component of the armed forces for the Republic of Texas. Arnold Ehret 29 July October was a German health educator and author of several books on diet, detoxification, fruitarianism, fasting, food combining, health, longevity, naturopathy, physical culture and vitalism.

Arnold Field is a municipal public-use airport located two miles 3 km northwest of the central business district of Halls, a town in Lauderdale County, Tennessee, United States. Arpin Group, Inc. Arthur Andrews Collins b. Arthur Schmidt 25 October — 5 November was an officer in the German military from to An artillery brigade is a specialised form of military brigade dedicated to providing artillery support.

Arturo Rawson June 4, — October 8, was an Argentine politician, military officer, and the provisional President of the Republic from June 4, to June 7, The Ashanti Empire also spelled Asante was an Akan empire and kingdom in what is now modern-day Ghana from to Asher Ben-Natan February 15, — June 17, was an Israeli diplomat and a key figure in the country's defense and diplomacy fields.

The Asheville-class gunboats were a class of small military ships built for the United States Navy in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ashok Leyland Defence Systems is a Hinduja Group company involved in manufacturing military trucks such as the widely used Stallion troop carriers. The Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, or ATSD PA , is the principal staff advisor and assistant to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense for public information, internal information, community relations, information training, and audiovisual matters in support of Department of Defense activities, leading a worldwide public affairs community of some 3, military and civilian personnel.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN is a regional intergovernmental organization comprising ten Southeast Asian countries that promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic, political, security, military, educational, and sociocultural integration amongst its members, other Asian countries, and globally. Astra Linux is a Russian Linux-based computer operating system developed to meet the needs of Russian army, other armed forces and intelligence agencies.

The position of at attention, or standing at attention, is a military posture which involves the following general postures. ATA Airlines, Inc. Atec, Inc. The Atlantic Wall Atlantikwall was an extensive system of coastal defence and fortifications built by Nazi Germany between and along the coast of continental Europe and Scandinavia as a defence against an anticipated Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe from the United Kingdom during World War II.

Atlanticism, also known as Transatlanticism, is the belief in or support for a close relationship between the United States, Canada and Europe regarding political, economic and defence issues, with the belief that it would maintain security and prosperity of the participating countries and protect perceived values that unite them. Atmel Corporation is an American-based designer and manufacturer of semiconductors, founded in The Atomic Energy Act of , 42 U.

Audrain County is a county located in the central part of the U. Augusta, officially Augusta—Richmond County, is a consolidated city-county on the central eastern border of the U. Aurangabad Cantonment Chawni , is a cantonment town in Aurangabad district in the state of Maharashtra, India. The Australian Defence Movement was a minor Australian political grouping that ran candidates for the federal election.

The Australian Maritime Defence Council is a policy and stakeholder advisory body in the defence portfolio of the Government of Australia. Constitution Alteration Industrial Employment was an Australian referendum held in the referendums which sought to alter the Australian Constitution to give the Commonwealth legislative power over the terms and conditions of industrial employment but not so as to authorise any form of industrial conscription.

Constitution Alteration Organised Marketing of Primary Products was an Australian referendum held in the referendums which sought to alter the Australian Constitution to remove restrictions in Section 92 of the Constitution which limited Commonwealth power to make laws with respect to the organised marketing of primary products.

The Australian War Memorial is Australia's national memorial to the members of its armed forces and supporting organisations who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia. The Austrian Armed Forces Bundesheer are the military forces of the Republic of Austria and the main military organisation responsible for the national defense.

Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms. This is a list of Authorities from the ''V'' science fiction franchise. Autobots are a team of sentient mechanical self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms from the planet Cybertron led by Optimus Prime, and the main protagonists in the universe of the Transformers, a collection of various toys, cartoons, movies, graphic novels, and paperback books first introduced in Automation bias is the propensity for humans to favor suggestions from automated decision-making systems and to ignore contradictory information made without automation, even if it is correct.

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has its own complex system of awards. Aztec warfare concerns the aspects associated with the militaristic conventions, forces, weaponry and strategic expansions conducted by the Late Postclassic Aztec civilizations of Mesoamerica, including particularly the military history of the Aztec Triple Alliance involving the city-states of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, Tlacopan and other allied polities of the central Mexican region.

Back to Bedlam is the debut studio album by the English singer-songwriter James Blunt, released on 11 October through Atlantic Records. A backpack — also called bookbag, kitbag, knapsack, rucksack, rucksac, pack, sackpack or backsack — is, in its simplest form, a cloth sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but there can be variations to this basic design. A badge is a device or accessory, often containing the insignia of an organization, which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath e.

The Bahraini uprising of was a series of anti-government protests in Bahrain led by the Shia-dominant Bahraini Opposition from until Baker Island is an uninhabited atoll located just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean about southwest of Honolulu.

Bakouma is a sub-prefecture in the prefecture of Mbomou in Central African Republic. The Baku—Rostov highway bombing was an incident which occurred near the village of Shaami-Yurt in Chechnya, on October 29, Ballistic shields are protection devices deployed by police and military forces that are designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier.

In the late s, an independence movement was founded in Mindanao, the Philippines to separate the Muslim majority-Moro areas from the rest of the Philippines. A banner can be a flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message.

A barrack or barracks is a building or group of buildings built to house soldiers. Barrie Wallace Zwicker born November 5, is a Canadian alternative media journalist, documentary producer, and political activist. Basalt fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, which is composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine.

The bascinet — also bassinet, basinet, or bazineto — was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet. A baton charge is a coordinated tactic for dispersing crowds of people, usually used by police or military during public order situations. A battle is a combat in warfare between two or more armed forces, or combatants. Battle command BC is the art and science of visualizing, describing, directing, and leading forces in operations against a hostile, thinking, and adaptive enemy.

A battle lab or battle laboratory is a capability enabled by a set of means premises, teams, operational equipment or operational platforms, hardware, software, IT infrastructure, processes, guidelines to analyze or assess impacts that could be induced by changes in a military realm. The Battle of Abu Ghraib was an April 2, attack on United States forces at Abu Ghraib prison, which consisted of heavy mortar and rocket fire, under which armed insurgents attacked with grenades, small arms, and two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices VBIED.

The Battle of Jaji occurred in April , during the first stage of withdrawal of Soviet forces from their war in Afghanistan. The decisive Battle of Kunersdorf occurred on 12 August near Kunersdorf Kunowice , immediately east of Frankfurt an der Oder the second largest city in Prussia.

The Battle of Mobei was a military campaign fought in the northern part of the Gobi Desert. Battleplan is a military television documentary series examining various military strategies used in modern warfare since World War I. It is shown on the Military Channel in the U. Battlespace is a term used to signify a unified military strategy to integrate and combine armed forces for the military theatre of operations, including air, information, land, sea, cyber and space to achieve military goals.

A beachhead is a temporary line created when a military unit reaches a landing beach by sea and begins to defend the area while other reinforcements help out until a unit large enough to begin advancing has arrived. Bead Game French: Histoire de perles is a animated short film by Ishu Patel, created by arranging beads into the shapes of real and mythical creatures, who absorb and devour one another, thus, evolving into scenes of modern human warfare.

The Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing is an American biplane with an atypical negative wing stagger the lower wing is farther forward than the upper wing , that first flew in The BNR existed from to Belden Gerald Bly Jr. September 29, in Everett, Massachusetts — November 3, in Wakefield, Massachusetts was an American teacher and member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives for 16 terms from to , representing Saugus, Massachusetts. The Benelli M3 Super 90 is a dual-mode both pump-action and semi-automatic shotgun designed and manufactured by Italian firearms manufacturer Benelli Armi SpA.

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, the junior United States Senator and former Representative from Vermont, began with an informal announcement on April 30, , and a formal announcement that he planned to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States on May 26, , in Burlington, Vermont. Betavoltaic devices, also known as betavoltaic cells, are generators of electric current, in effect a form of battery, which use energy from a radioactive source emitting beta particles electrons.

Big stick ideology, big stick diplomacy, or big stick policy refers to U. William H. Craver June — June 17, was an American Major League Baseball player from Troy, New York who played mainly as a middle infielder, but did play many games at catcher as well during his seven-year career.

William Randolph Marshall 31 August — 15 July , better known as Billy Marshall Stoneking, was an American-Australian poet, playwright, filmmaker, and teacher. Bintang Dharma dharma which means law, goodness, justice is a medal of honor bestowed on members of the military who have served and devoted time to the nation and the country beyond the call of conscription and also to the members instead of the Armed Forces as a reward for outstanding services for the advancement and development of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia.

Biocomposite from Greek alive is a composite material formed by a matrix resin and a reinforcement of natural fibers. The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited BSA was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process. Black reconnaissance or BRCON is a term describing military deep penetration reconnaissance of a completely covert nature.

Blackout lights are head and tail lamps that are equipped with special lenses that are designed to cast a diffused horizontal beam of light for the driver of the vehicle to navigate with, and drivers of other vehicles to spot the vehicle with. A bladder tank is a large, flexible container used to store many types of liquids. A blank is a type of cartridge for a firearm that contains gunpowder but no bullet or shot.

A blanket party is a form of corporal punishment or hazing conducted within a peer group, most frequently within the military or military academies. Blott on the Landscape is a novel by Tom Sharpe which was first published in Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. BSMA , is a private nonprofit organization in the United States that provides support for mothers who have sons or daughters in active service in the U.

Armed Forces. The Bluey Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation in Australia and calls upon national Police, Ambulance, Fire and Emergency Services as well as the general community to raise funds to support children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Blunt trauma personal protective equipment PPE protects the wearer against injuries caused by blunt impacts.

BMI Research is a research firm that provides macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, covering 24 industries and global markets. Bob Clarke, born in Scarborough in is an English archaeologist and historian. Powell July Retrieved on September 23, Note: at the Lambiek Comiclopedia erroneously gives death date as Oct. Body worn video BWV , also known as body cameras and body-worn cameras, or wearable cameras is a wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system.

A bodyguard or close protection officer is a type of security guard or government law enforcement officer or soldier who protects a person or people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences. Boeing Black is a secure Android smartphone built by Boeing and BlackBerry Limited, targeted for United States government and military defense communities, and people "that need to keep communications and data secure".

Bombardier Inc. Bombardier started as a maker of snowmobiles, and is now a large manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, mass transportation equipment, and a provider of financial services. Bomber Command is an organisational military unit, generally subordinate to the air force of a country. A bombing range usually refers to a remote military aerial bombing and gunnery training range used by combat aircraft to attack ground targets air-to-ground bombing , or a remote area reserved for researching, developing, testing and evaluating new weapons and ammunition.

Bonnee Buttered Beef Steaks were the flagship product of the Bonnee Frozen Products Company, which also produced frozen tamales and cubed steaks. Boot Camp is an American reality competition television series that aired for one season on Fox starting March 28, The Bor is a Polish bolt-action 7. The Bora-class hoverborne guided missile corvette of the Russian Navy, also bears the NATO class name Dergach, is one of the few types of military surface effect ship built solely for marine combat purposes, rather than troop landing or transport.

Bradford Kelleher July 31, — October 31, reinvented the Metropolitan Museum of Art's gift shop and merchandise marketing program in the s. A braiding machine is device, which interlaces at least three strands of yarns or wires to form a rope reinforced hose, covered power cords, and some types of lace. Brazil and Ukraine are strategic partners and cooperate in trade, space technology, education, energy, healthcare, and defense.

Breakdown is a book by Bill Gertz arguing that U. Breed is a squad based, science-fiction video game developed by Brat Designs and published by cdv Software Entertainment. Bremach is an Italian manufacturer of tactical trucks specializing in the manufacture of military vehicles and 4WD fire engines.

A bridegroom often shortened to groom is a man who will soon be or has recently been married. Brighton Racecourse is an English horse racing venue located a mile to the northeast of the centre of Brighton, Sussex owned by the Arena Racing Company.

Brinkmanship also brinksmanship is the practice of trying to achieve an advantageous outcome by pushing dangerous events to the brink of active conflict. Bristol Uniforms is a British clothing company that specializes in the manufacture of modern-day safety and fire protective clothing.

The British Expedition to Abyssinia was a rescue mission and punitive expedition carried out in by the armed forces of the British Empire against the Ethiopian Empire. The British space programme is the UK government's work to develop British space capabilities. The British standard ordnance weights and measurements for the artillery were established by the Master General of Ordnance in , and these were not altered until when the metric system was additionally introduced.

Broadcast engineering is the field of electrical engineering, and now to some extent computer engineering and information technology, which deals with radio and television broadcasting. The Bronze Head of Queen Idia is a commemorative bronze head from mediaeval Benin that probably represents Queen Idia, who was a powerful monarch during the early sixteenth century at the Benin court.

Brownie points in modern usage are a hypothetical social currency, which can be acquired by doing good deeds or earning favor in the eyes of another, often one's superior. Bulling, Bull polishing, spit polishing or spit shining is a term commonly used by soldiers and refers to a method for polishing leather products in such a way as to give an extremely high shine effect. A bulldozer is a crawler continuous tracked tractor equipped with a substantial metal plate known as a blade used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material during construction or conversion work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device known as a ripper to loosen densely compacted materials.

Bulletproofing is the process of making something capable of stopping a bullet or similar high velocity projectiles e. A bunker buster is a type of munition that is designed to penetrate hardened targets or targets buried deep underground, such as military bunkers. Burkhard Heim February 9, — January 14, was a German theoretical physicist. The Burma Digest is a weekly bilingual online journal, published by the Democracy for Burma Alliance, a web-based campaign group set up by Burmese refugees and human rights activists worldwide.

A bus archaically also omnibus, multibus, motorbus, autobus is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers. Bush carpentry is an expression used in Australia and New Zealand that refers to improvised methods of building or repair, using available materials and an ad hoc design, usually in a pioneering or rural context. A business jet, private jet, or bizjet, or simply B.

Bustec is a company that designs and manufactures instrumentation for high-performance data acquisition and instrument control. Charles Adelle Lewis Totten February 3, — April 12, was an American military officer, a professor of military tactics, a prolific writer, and an influential early advocate of British Israelism.

The Cabinet of Shehu Shagari formed the government of Nigeria during the presidency of Shehu Shagari between and , after the return to civilian rule with the Second Nigerian Republic. Cadet College Swat is an established military prep school and college located in Swat, Pakistan.

Caesar Achellam was a major general in the Lord's Resistance Army until his capture in Camel cavalry, or camelry, is a generic designation for armed forces using camels as a means of transportation. CamelBak Products, LLC stylized as CK is an outdoors equipment company based in Petaluma, California, best known for its hydration products, such as hydration packs and water bottles.

Camp follower is a term used to identify civilians and their children who follow armies. Its stated aims were to improve Poland's national defense and to safeguard the April Constitution. The OZN adopted 13 theses on the Jewish question. Modeled after the Nuremberg laws, they labelled Jews as a foreign element that should be deprived of all civil rights and ultimately expelled altogether. However, because the OZN was a political grouping without actual concrete political power, these laws remained theoretical and were never implemented or enforced in pre-war Poland.

In , OZN claimed some 40,—50, members; in , , Camp Ripley is a military and civilian training facility operated by the Minnesota National Guard located near the city of Little Falls in the central part of the state. Campaign Cords or Campaign Hat Cords are decorations generally worn around a variety of types of serviceman's hats to indicate station, unit, rank or history of service. Canada—Caribbean relations are the long established relationships between Canada and the many states of the Caribbean or West Indies.

Capability management is a high-level integrative management function, with particular application in the context of defence. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer's back, arms and chest, and fastens at the neck. Capitalism is an economic system based upon private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Capitalism and Freedom is a book by Milton Friedman originally published in by the University of Chicago Press which discusses the role of economic capitalism in liberal society.

Caprivi Liberation Army CLA is a Namibian rebel and separatist group which was established in to separate the Caprivi Strip, a region mainly inhabited by the Lozi people. In the United States uniformed services, captain is a commissioned-officer rank.

Captain Hurricane was a fictional comic book character in Valiant during the s and s. CaptiveAire Systems is the largest privately held manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems in the U. The company, founded by Robert L. Luddy in , is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. A carcass was an early form of incendiary bomb or shell, intended to set targets on fire. A cargo aircraft also known as freight aircraft, freighter, airlifter or cargo jet is a fixed-wing aircraft that is designed or converted for the carriage of cargo rather than passengers.

Carlos Alberto Lacoste 2 February — 24 June was an Argentine navy vice-admiral and politician who briefly served as interim President of Argentina. Carlos Massot c. Carsten Thomassen 15 May — 14 January was a Norwegian journalist, political commentator and war correspondent for the Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet. Cascade Aerospace Inc. Cashiering or degradation ceremony , generally within military forces, is a ritual dismissal of an individual from some position of responsibility for a breach of discipline.

The Cassiar Country, also referred to simply as the Cassiar, is a historical geographic region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant Ricinus communis. A casualty in military usage is a person in military service, combatant or non-combatant, who becomes unavailable for duty due to several circumstances, including death, injury, illness, capture or desertion.

The Roman Catholic Church in the 20th century had to respond to the challenge of increasing secularization of Western society and persecution resulting from great social unrest and revolutions in several countries. Among the causes of World War II were Italian fascism in the s, Japanese militarism and invasion of China in the s, and especially the political takeover in of Germany by Hitler and his Nazi Party and its aggressive foreign policy.

The Causey Mounth is an ancient drovers' road over the coastal fringe of the Grampian Mountains in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Cavalry from the French cavalerie, cf. Cell is a multi-core microprocessor microarchitecture that combines a general-purpose Power Architecture core of modest performance with streamlined coprocessing elements which greatly accelerate multimedia and vector processing applications, as well as many other forms of dedicated computation. Cellebrite Ltd. Censorship in the United States involves the suppression of speech or public communication and raises issues of freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The Central American crisis began in the late s, when major civil wars and communist revolutions erupted in various countries in Central America, resulting in it becoming the number one region among US's foreign policy hot spots in the s. The former Central Australia Railway was originally a km narrow gauge 3'6" railway between Adelaide and Alice Springs. The Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors CCCO was a United States nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people avoid or resist military conscription or seek discharge after voluntary enlistment.

A Central Military Commission or National Defense Commission is an organization typical of socialist one-party states espousing communism responsible for the ruling party's control of the nation's armed forces. A ceramic is a non-metallic solid material comprising an inorganic compound of metal, non-metal or metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds.

Ceramic engineering is the science and technology of creating objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials. Ceremonial dress is the clothing worn for very special occasions, such as coronations, graduations, parades, religious rites, and trials. In military terminology, a chalk is a group of paratroopers or other soldiers that deploy from a single aircraft. Richard Champion Edmunds, Jr. The Champerret barrack is a building located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, France. Channel Technologies Group CTG is a California-based company that designs and manufactures piezoelectric materials, transducers, turnkey integrated systems and optical solution technologies that support mission critical applications for military and essential commercial market platforms.

Charles Gittins is an American lawyer, who has worked for a number of noteworthy defendants in military courts martial. July 24, — January 25, was a Republican member of the United States Senate, representing Maryland from to In the field of engineering, a chemical engineer is a professional, who is equipped with the knowledge of chemical engineering, works principally in the chemical industry to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products, and deals with the design and operation of plants and equipment.

Chemring Group is a global business providing a range of advanced technology products and services to the aerospace, defence and security markets. A chevron also spelled cheveron, especially in older documents is a V-shaped mark, often inverted.

Canaqueese was a Mohawk war chief and intercultural mediator who lived in the 17th century in the Mohawk Valley, an area of central present-day New York state, United States. The Chief Secretary, Singapore, known as the Colonial Secretary, Singapore, before , and the Colonial Secretary, Straits Settlements, before , was a high ranking government civil position in colonial Singapore the Straits Settlements before between and The Chiefs of Staff Committee CSC is composed of the most senior military personnel in the British Armed Forces who advise on operational military matters and the preparation and conduct of military operations.

Child Soldiers in Africa refers to the military use of children under the age of 18 by national armed forces or other armed groups in Africa. As many as 10, children were used by armed groups in the armed conflict in the Central African Republic CAR between and , and as of the problem persists natiowide. Children in the military are children defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child as persons under the age of 18 who are associated with military organisations, such as state armed forces and non-state armed groups.

China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, also known as China South Industries Group Corporation CSGC is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, firearms, vehicle components, and optical-electronic products and other special products domestically and internationally. Chinese martial arts, often named under the umbrella terms kung fu and wushu, are the several hundred fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China.

Chromatophores are pigment-containing and light-reflecting cells, or groups of cells, found in a wide range of animals including amphibians, fish, reptiles, crustaceans and cephalopods. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE is a neurodegenerative disease found in people who have had multiple head injuries. Charles Robert Palumbo born June 15, is an American mechanic, reality television personality and former professional wrestler. Navy SEAL. Clarence City Council or City of Clarence is a local government body in Tasmania, and one of the five municipalities that constitutes the Greater Hobart Area.

Civil authority or civilian authority, also known as civilian government, is the practical implementation of a State, other than its military units, that enforces law and order. Civil defense or civil protection is an effort to protect the citizens of a state generally non-combatants from military attacks and natural disasters.

A civil enclave is an area allotted at an airport belonging to the armed forces, for the usage of civil aircraft and civil aviation related services. Civil-military coordination is efforts to coordinate activities in peacekeeping or humanitarian assistance missions during United Nations UN operations. Civil—military relations Civ-Mil or CMR describes the relationship between civil society as a whole and the military organization or organizations established to protect it.

A civilian is "a person who is not a member of the military or of a police or firefighting force". A civilian under international humanitarian law is a person who is not a member of his or her country's armed forces. Civilian control of the military is a doctrine in military and political science that places ultimate responsibility for a country's strategic decision-making in the hands of the civilian political leadership, rather than professional military officers.

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